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The Size Of Your Goals DeterminesThe Size Of Your Life

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So I'm talking to a friend of mine and I'm asking him what he had been up to over the weekend. So you guys know... about a week prior to having this conversation, I had given him a great book about fear and positive thinking from one of my mentors.

My friend says, " I have a great story for you Elise!" and the story goes something like this...

My friend has a 4-year-old daughter and as any parent, he is very protective of her. He was at the park with his daughter and she was about to climb up a very high net climber. He immediately ran to her to stop her and say, "NO!! Don't go up there! It's too dangerous!!"

But then, just as he is about to talk to her, he remembered what he had learnt whilst reading the book. And instead of telling her no, he changed it to, " Be careful as you climb up. Watch your step ok? I'll be right here."

He then told me that she had climbed up the net climber and nothing had happened. She was safe, she was happy and there was no danger.

A child does not see difficulties as adults do. Children think a lot more positive and with a better attitude than we do!

Why was it that my friend ran up to his daughter when she was going to climb up the net climber? Because as adults, we see the difficulties first. We go into panic mode without reason over the tiniest little things in life. His daughter did not see that. She just saw this fun climber and wanted to go up on it. It was not a difficulty; it was a fun challenge she wanted to do.

She went on it and nothing happened. She was safe, she was smiling.

Wouldn't it be great to be able to think like a child once in a while, when we are dealing with daily challenges? People like myself, Entrepreneurs, fall flat on the floor a lot of times! But guess what? We get up again!

I always tell people I'm like a bouncy punching boxing ball., you guys know the one I'm talking about! That little upright boxing punching ball that you can punch as hard as you want but it always bounces back up!! That punching ball has a spring that keeps it coming back up no matter what. It's always thinking positive, if you know what I mean.

That is the way I like to see life. Some people see the glass half empty,others see it half full and I see it FULL; half full of water and half full or air!!

It is all down to our way of thinking, and we can all learn to think more positively. Remember in part one, when I said you cannot change what you did 10 minutes ago, 1 minute ago, 10 seconds ago? Well you can't!

Make it a great day y'all!!

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