Suggestions For Building Self-Confidence

Positive Strokes- Boosters Of Personality Growth

Every action of a human being calls for a reaction, either in the form of a comment or a compliment. Since man (also woman) is a social being, human interactions play a vital role in the growth of an individual. The growth process (personality growth) starts from the childhood of a person.

According to child psychiatrists, kids need to be nurtured in a positive way. Dismissing them off and admonishing for small mistakes makes them develop a complex and makes them grow as individuals with lack of self confidence.

When a child comes up with a smart piece of action, draws a small picture, sings a song or a rhyme, he/she needs to be appreciated and encouraged. This boosts their confidence and paves the way for healthy growth.

Likewise, when children are learning to climb the steps and walk, they have to be guided to be safe but at the same time should be given the right amount of freedom to practice and master the activity which builds self confidence. Their small achievements need to be celebrated with a round of applause. This will work as a catalyst for better results in an incredible way in the future.

The same approach is to be adopted between couples (husband and wife), at the work place, in schools, colleges etc. We all crave attention and appreciation for our achievements and accomplishments. The boss needs to pat on the back of his subordinates and colleagues when they achieve something (eg. Target).

Hence positive strokes are the confidence boosters in individuals and dictate the course of their growth path, as career seekers and individuals. But at the same time, discipline need not be sacrificed. If somebody commits a mistake, they need to be cautioned and alerted in a polite and courteous way in order to make them realize the mistakes and learn from them.

Copyright 2009 BVS. Prasad
Faculty, Cygmax Institute of Management Studies
Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, India