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Self Confidence Helps YouControl Your Life

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Sometimes it sounds foolish or frustrating to think positive when times are really bad and a few people make it worse for you, doesn't it?

But just tell me, if I call you tomorrow morning, while you are still in bed and say, "You are an Angel for me and I'm blessed to have such a good person in my life. May God bless you".

Won't it be a great feeling and a great way to start a fantastic day?

Next morning I again call you but this time I say, "You Rascal! You are the dumbest and most foolish person on the earth I've ever met. You screwed me and you will be screwed...etc".

Of course it would be a frustrating day, with a sad feeling, because you heard all the crap in the morning while you were still in bed!

Now answer my question - Before you were born, God put in nine months of effort to create you. Would anyone waste nine months intentionally? NO... NEVER. He made you for a 'Purpose'.

Instead of saying "Take Care", say," Take a chance, Take charge and create an opportunity", as obstacles are only illusions!

Shiv Khera and Dr.Robert Schuller
--- Submitted by Mandar C. Jambotkar --- India

Just think of yourself; this happens many times. People talk bad about us and we take it personally. If you try to give me $50 but I don't take it, with whom does that $50 lie? YOU! Apply this same principle to whatever negative or bad you come across, as it is NOT for why bother about it?

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