Don't Forget About Your Dreams - You Can Do It! Go For It!

Sometimes It's Good To Think Like A Child (Part 1)

Hey there y'all.

Have you ever wondered why so many people never follow their dreams? Have you ever looked around you when you are on the bus, waiting in line at the bank or grocery store or even just around in the street?

When you were a kid... You had dreams... you wanted to be a Fire fighter... an actor... a pilot... a billionaire... Spiderman!!! There were no limits to what you wanted to become.

Who remembers that jar of cookies on top of the refrigerator... the jar that you could not reach? And do you remember doing everything you could to reach that jar?

I still remember thinking... " I want the cookie no matter what". I remember grabbing a chair.... books... stacking them all up one on top of the other... until I could climb up all the way and get the cookie. I did not think about the difficulties or how high the chair was getting as I was stacking the books.

As a child, the notion of fear is non-existent, and we think anything we want is achievable.

What happens to our dreams, as we grow old? So many people around us say "NO"... that we get used to that "NO" and we let that word affect the way we think.

Why is it that the little boy who wanted to be a fire fighter ends up being an accountant? The little girl who wanted to be a Ballerina ends up being a schoolteacher?

We let the people around us influence our decisions. We forget our goals and follow what we think everyone else wants from us.

We must each write our goals and dreams and have them near us each day. If you do not have a goal or plan of where you want to go in life, you will usually not like where you end up.

What you have done up until now... up until 10 seconds ago... is GONE! You cannot change it! But what you can do... is change what you do as of Now... this minute... this second.

Lao Tzu said... " When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be".

Let go of the past... think of who you want to become and don't let other people tell you otherwise. Keep focus and remember how driven and courageous you were as a kid... never forget that feeling.

Copyright 2008 Elise Quevedo
Elise is a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach who understands how easily it is to let people around you influence the way you think, behave and act. Personal Development is a must for anyone wanting to get to the next level. A positive mental attitude is something we can all work towards to help us achieve our goals. Visit her website at :

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