Practice Forgiveness For A Healthier Life

Forgive And Forget

Nearly every day in our lives, if we are out and about, we will run into people who are unpleasant, obnoxious and downright nasty. It could be on the road, in the supermarket, in the workplace or any other location were we come into contact with people with differing views.

Perhaps those people see us as unpleasant, obnoxious and downright nasty and maybe sometimes we are, knowingly or unknowingly, the agitators.

If we hold on to the nasty comments of other people or our own, over time, it will swell into a river of negative thoughts. Therefore, it is best to forgive and forget any past unpleasantness.

It is also very important to forgive ourselves for any transgressions our emotional ego's may sometimes commit. Both forms of forgiving (self and other people) are very important if we are to remain healthy and disease free.

A mind filled with resentments and hates will fill the body full of cancer, heart failure and other debilitating illnesses over a period of years ... Hence, forgiveness is a powerful medicine and sometimes may be a hard pill to swallow.

My Jewish name is Menacha, which means to forgive. I may kid around with negative people and sometimes speak my mind about their negative approach but I wish them all well and they should all live a prosperous life in love and joy despite their inner Goliaths.

When anger or resentments come into our mind towards others, who have done us a disservice, we should learn to turn their insults into creative ideas from our heart and soul. In other words, turn a negative remark from others into a positive idea that can produce great results for future prosperity.

Enjoy each moment on earth and don't allow other peoples negative comments to steal the joy of the moment.

Copyright 2009 Michael Levy
Michael Levy is the author of nine inspirational books and an international radio show host. Michael's poetry and essays now grace many web sites, newspapers, journals and magazines throughout the world. He is a prominent speaker on health maintenance, stress eradication, wealth development, authentic happiness and inspirational poetry. His new book-Paradise Graces A Simple Mind - is available at all good book stores and Michael's web site: