Do You Want To Be Right Or Effective In Relationships?


Each and every one of us have people in our lives that can be difficult, and sometimes even hard to be around. It could be a spouse, a friend, or a child, a brother or sister, or even a co-worker.

Relationships are hard at times, and sometimes very complicated and hard to maintain happiness and structure. They have their ups and downs just like anything else, but it is the way you choose to approach the difficult situation that will define its outcome.

It is all about how you choose to react. Every emotion that you throw into the mix is your choice. If you want to be mean and resentful or even hurtful in this sensitive situation, then that is your choice... I am not sure if it is a very good one, but never the less, it is your choice.

You can also approach it with kindness and understanding. You do not always have to have cement shoes on and stay steadfast on your position. You may not agree with the other person, but a calm, soft approach is always better than being the aggressor.

If people would just listen more and try to be understanding to the other person's point of view, there would be a whole lot less controversy amongst people, and the world would be at peace.

Copyright 2010 Rich Barnes

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