Have You Done Your Best Today?


It is time for bed... I need to get on my knees and thank the Lord above for another day. I humbly thank Him for being such a big part of my life and walking with me on my journey of self-exploration.

As I put my head on my pillow for another night's slumber, I ask myself... Did I do everything I could today, to make this day the best one yet??

Did I react to every opportunity to do a good deed, as to let someone go in traffic while others lay on their horn in disbelief that I should let the person take their left turn in front of me?

Did I act ethically in every aspect of life today?? Did I help another human being with their taxing issue and put them in a better place??

Did I hold the door for the old man that was behind me and that had two boxes in his arms, right after the door was not held for me and literally slammed on my face??

Did I smile at the woman that cut me in line to get a carriage in the grocery store, who just spilled her pocketbook while looking for a pen to cross off the broccoli she just put in her carriage off of her list?

Did I offer to help her pick up her belongings or did fear of helping someone riddle my body?? No, I helped her, because fear stops people right in their tracks and lives in people's minds... I do not let fear live in me.

Did I kiss my daughters goodnight and was I the best Daddy I can be to my children??

Ok, I think I can go to bed now because I answered, "yes" to all of my questions.


Copyright 2010 Rich Barnes

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