Be Proud Of Who You Are

I have had many emails asking how to fight the fight from within, and what can be done. I wrote something that pertained to many years of my life. It has many truths of my personal struggles in life. God Bless.

I Am Me

I am me. I have always been me, but for some reason or another I want to be someone else.

Why is it when I look in the mirror, I see someone that I do not like? Someone in fact, I loathe sometimes.

Do I not love myself?

Am I not good enough?

Did I do something wrong in life that has made me feel this way, or was something done to me to make me feel like this that is buried under years and years of hiding from it?

Maybe I should search the depths of my soul and reveal this pain inside and deal with it. Hmmm... that is a good idea.

I need to find myself and learn to love me for who I am and not the way someone else wants me to be. I am a great person, but never show how good I am because I am always trying to impress people into thinking I am who they think I am.

When will I stop settling for things that make me happy on the outside, safe and comfortable things, where I do not have to stretch and grow and become who I was meant to be???

I know I am fighting a never-ending battle with my inside on a daily basis. My heart tells me to do one thing, but my outside cowardly person tells me another.

The inside is the most important, right?

The opinion of the heart should win this all the time, right?

I know this will be uncomfortable for me, but that is where I will grow. I need to feel the pain of letting go, so I can truly enjoy my future.

When will I break out of this bubble that is surrounding me and sucking me in, and scream out to the world I AM ME?

The time is now!

It is time to reveal the truth about how you feel, on the inside! Stop listening to that person that has their foot on you while you are down, never letting you stand tall and be you... You can, and you will.

That is how I have gotten through many struggles in my life. Dealing with everything and stop running from it.

My struggle from addiction lasted too long. It was not until I heard that saying, "You can, and you will", did I start my life over. Many doorways opened; I have dreams now and never had them before.

My dream is coming to fruition. I speak to people in South Africa and India as well as all over the states.

I am me and I have a dream.

My dream is to touch as many people in this world as I can.

Do you have a dream?

How are you working on making it come true??

Copyright 2010 Rich Barnes

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