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How To Become An Optimist

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Every morning, I look in the mirror and say to myself:
    1. Exercise.

      As you go through your day, tension builds up in your muscles. The tension needs to be released. Exercise releases that tension. It also releases endorphins, the body's natural opiates, into your bloodstream. This leaves you relaxed and happy for hours afterwards.

      If you're not much into exercising, check out my 5 Simple ways to increase your happiness. In there I share a simple way to exercise that takes just 10-20 minutes and requires only a watch.

    2. See the positive aspect of every situation.

      I propose you try this. For seven days straight (starting tomorrow), see the positive side of every situation. Just like Edison and his "successful proofs".

      If you want to make sure you don't forget, I suggest a variaton of a method I got from Tim Ferriss. Wear a rubber band around your wrist. Every time you forget to think positively about a situation, simply switch the band to your other wrist. The proper way would be to take off the band only after you've gone for 7 days straight without switching wrists. But you can simply try it for 7 days.

    3. Think positive thoughts.

      In one experiment, the researchers took 3 clinically depressed people. A psychologist then took over, making some changes in their daily routine to get them thinking positively (one of the changes was daily exercising). At the end of 30-day experiment, the subjects had been transformed into some of the happiest people you've ever seen.

      One of the things the psychologist did was to have them place colored stickers around their house and workplace. Then, whenever they saw one, they had to think of something that made them feel happy. Try doing the same thing (possibly using something else instead of colored stickers).

      This exercise will literally hardwire your brain to think happily and positively. By reinforcing the neural pathways of positive thought, you will make it easier to think positively in the future. You will achieve more and be happier.

    4. Hang out with positive people.

      When you spend time with people, their characteristics start to rub off on you. You might start using some of the same gestures, or think some of the same thoughts. You can't help it. It's a natural process to help us bond together. The good news is, you can use this to your advantage.

      David Deangelo, from Double Your Dating, said he had been researching the topic of women and dating for two years without much success. Then he started to hang out with the "naturals" - guys who were naturally successful with women. That's when he really started to "get it". Today, he is the most successful author of programs that help men improve their dating skills.
    You can use the same effect. By spending time around positive, optimistic people, you will naturally become more like them. You might take on some of their gestures, or patterns of thought. Learning from real-life examples is the fastest way, so use it.

    If you want to make friends with optimistic people, just go and talk to them. They're open to making new friends.

    Vlad Dolezal --- Submitted by Lauren C. --- New Jersey
    Vlad Dolezal writes a blog about psychology, self-improvement and Linux. For more fun, step-by-step ways to improve your life, subscribe to his RSS feed. Or check out his article for practical tips to immediately improve your body language.
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