January 30, 2002
"Have you ever noticed, day by day, nothing ever seems to change,
But pretty soon everything's different?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Theresa, Age 15 --- Michigan

January 30, 2002
"Once you have chosen what you cannot complete alone, you are no longer alone."
A Course in Miracles --- Submitted by Christy D., Age 16 --- Australia

January 30, 2002
"If you're good in life, life will be good to you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tina P., Age 16 --- Athens, Greece

January 30, 2002
"Be careful what you accuse people of. Chances are you've done it before, you're doing it now, or you'll do it soon enough."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.W., Age 16 --- New York

January 30, 2002
"It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities."
J.K. Rowling ( Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets )
--- Submitted by Elisabeth, Age 13 --- Virginia

January 28, 2002
"Yesterdays are over even though the hurting's not.
Nothing lasts forever; you must cherish what you've got."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tasha W., Age 17 --- Utah

January 28, 2002
"And this world will bring you down...everyone will tell you that you don't matter at all. Stand strong, stand strong my friend. Rejoice! Rejoice! You will get through this test, leaving stronger than you were before."
Copyright © 2001 Dan Salvo

January 28, 2002
"It's not where you're from; it's where you go. It's not what you drive; it's what drives you. It's not what's on you; it's what's in you. It's not what you think; it's what you know."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Theresa H., Age 15 --- Qld Brisbane, Australia

January 28, 2002
"To be armed with no armor is a true gift, not to use strength and body but mind and soul."
Written in 2002 by Aarika N., Age 15 --- Illinois

January 28, 2002
" Success is being happy with who you are and where you are in life. It is knowing that you can do anything you put your mind to. It doesn't mean that you have the most money or the nicest car. It means that you appreciate what you do have and realize you could be less fortunate. Success is loving yourself and the people around you, no matter what."
Written in 2002 by Rebecca G., Age 17 --- Georgia

January 25, 2002
"The road is smooth.
Why do you throw rocks before you?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Saira A., Age 17 --- New Jersey

January 25, 2002
Thank you my friend!
Sometimes love can cause you pain.
Sometimes you feel like everything is wrong.
Sometimes the world gets you down.
Sometimes you feel like throwing in the towel.
Sometimes you feel like you never will succeed.

But through those sometimes we will find,
That a true friend is always there,
To mend your heart,
To make everything right,
To pick you up when you are down,
To ring out the towel and push you to continue,
And to show you that you have succeeded.

For all those times, for all those sometimes,
Thank you for always being there.
Thank you for the tears you wiped away.
I will always love you deeply;
A place in my heart is where you'll stay!
Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.M., Age 17 --- North Dakota

January 25, 2002
" When you love someone, love them with all you have.
Then, even if your heart gets broken, it's worth it."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Katie R., Age 16 --- Minnesota

January 25, 2002
"Ain't no chance if you don't take it."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kendall S., Age 16 --- Washington

January 25, 2002
"Your life is what you make it, so don't try and blame your misfortunes on others. Never give up, just keep trying. Even when you fail one step, you've still passed others. If you keep trying, you're closer to your goal."
Copyright © 2001 Sigrid Shelton

January 25, 2002
"Sometimes when you look back on things that you once thought would never end, you feel as if the world stops in that one moment. You are stuck in a time where you were once happy, a time that will never be again, because it was split apart by foolishness. But after being saddened by such, you have to overcome it. And after the fact is faced, you must look at what is in front of you, whether it be a good future or bad. That is your decision and your decision only."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.N., Age 15 --- Virginia

January 23, 2002
"People don't realize the impact they have on others.
A simple word could destroy a life.
A simple action break a friendship.
A simple expression ruin some one's day.

No matter how low you may consider your self,
There's always some one lower looking up at you,
Wishing they could be that high.

We get so caught up in our lives we don't realize the impact we have on others.
Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses,
But we spend so much time perfecting our weaknesses
That we do not even acknowledge our strengths.

Why spend so long on perfecting something when nothing's perfect
And the frustration we get rubs off on others?
After one failure we give up and say it's the end
But it's not;
There is no end."
Copyright © 2001 Sara Rubin

January 23, 2002
"You must not look for love or try to search your mind for someone you think loves you, but you must wait patiently, as hard as it is, for someone to come along. Let love find you."
Copyright © 2001 Hope Plummer

January 23, 2002
"Love is like life. It is not always happiness, it brings a little pain, but when we do not stop living, why should we stop loving?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Aviendha V., Age 18 --- Sel, Malaysia

January 23, 2002
"If you don't want something bad enough to risk losing it, you don't want it at all.
If the risk of having something is greater then the reward, then you don't need it."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Carrie S., Age 14 --- Texas

January 23, 2002
"Live life like there is no tomorrow.
Only then will you see how valuable time is."
Copyright © 2001 Ryan Webster

January 21, 2002
"Compromise is always wrong if it means sacrificing your values."
Written in 2001 by C.L., Age 17 --- Victoria, Australia

January 21, 2002
"Life is yours for the taking. Take on each day to it's fullest."
Copyright © 2001 Ann Burnett

January 21, 2002
"The key to life is balance."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Camille A., Age 17 --- British Columbia, Canada

January 21, 2002
" Friends are like four-leaf clovers; hard to find and lucky to have."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by M.M., Age 16 --- North Carolina

January 21, 2002
"There is nothing to fear except fear itself."
Franklin D. Roosevelt --- Submitted by A.M. --- Pennsylvania

January 18, 2002
"The reason your eyes were put on the front of you head and not the back,
Is so you can see where you're going and not where you have been."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brandi G., Age 19 --- Mississippi

January 18, 2002

Into a box of friendship
To insure that it is strong
First a layer of respect
On the bottom does belong

Then to the sides attach
In the corners where they meet
Several anchors full of trust
Devoid of all deceit

The height of friendship can be measured
By the sides of four
So make them all a larger cut
And the box will hold much more

Now fill it up with courtesy
Honor and esteem
Understanding, sympathy
And passion for a dream

Add to that your honesty
Emotions, joy and love
And since they're so important
Place them up above

But leave the box wide open
So all can see inside
So you can share the love inside your box
With everyone worldwide!!
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kayla S., Age 15 --- Missouri, United States

January 18, 2002
"If it's something that time or money can't solve,
Then it isn't worth worrying about."
Dad --- Submitted by N.P., Age 19 --- Ohio

January 18, 2002
"Choose Your Destiny."
Mortal Kombat --- Submitted by Tony H., Age 18 --- Wisconsin

January 18, 2002

I have no idea why we do the things we do.
I don't know why we dismiss all ideas that are new.
I don't know why people tear each other apart.
I don't know how we could have the guts to break somebody's heart.

I don't know why we allow life to slip away.
I don't know why we waste our time each day.
I don't know how people can make each other cry.
I don't understand why people have to die.

I don't know why we waste food all the time.
I don't know why we "can't" spare a dime.
I don't know why some people don't care.
I don't know why people wear what they wear.

I don't know how others find pleasure from pain.
I don't know how some people stay sane.
I don't know why we are so afraid, Of all the enemies we have made.
The fear inside us is powerful and strong,
and we are the only ones who can undo the wrong.
The time has come
To make a choice:
Will you play dumb?
Or use your voice?
Copyright © 2001 Amanda DelaCruz

January 16, 2002
"What's the purpose of living if you don't go after your dreams?"
Copyright © 2001 Samson Reiny

January 16, 2002
"Your future lies before you
Like a shining path of snow,
Be careful how you treat it,
For every step will show."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jessica G., Age 15 --- Virginia

January 16, 2002
"Don't let the loftiness of your dreams extinguish the will power that made them."
Copyright © 2001 Brandon Bonwell

January 16, 2002
"Life goes by fast, so savor every moment you can!"
Copyright © 2001 Crystal White

January 16, 2002
"Life is like a roll of toilet paper.
The closer it gets to the end, the faster it goes by."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Angie R., Age 18 --- Kansas

January 14, 2002
"In life, many people see challenges as problems; I don't. When adversity is established, make it an opportunity rather then a dilemma. Never take the road most taken, for that will lead to what is already known. Create a path with your own will, be bold, and make a road for those who dare follow."
Copyright © 2001 Keenan Klett

January 14, 2002
"When you judge others you don't define them, you define yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kathleen T., Age 15 --- New York

January 14, 2002
"You have to wake up with determination to be able to go to bed with satisfaction."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by C.D., Age 14 --- Missouri

January 14, 2002
"Yesterday was yesterday.
Deal with tomorrow, tomorrow.
Live today for today."
Copyright © 2001 Cynthia Morisset

January 14, 2002
"If you want it that bad, don't give up; in the end you will realize why you didn't. And regardless if the outcome is good or bad, a lesson will always be taught to you in the end."
Copyright © 2001 Brandi Campanaro

January 11, 2002
"Sometimes there is no choice but to do what must be done."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by En, Age 17 --- Singapore

January 11, 2002
"The most beautiful smile is the one that struggles through the tears."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tara R., Age 14 --- New York

January 11, 2002
"Remember, no man is a failure who has friends."
Clarence - "It's A Wonderful Life" --- Submitted by Rich B., Age 19 --- West Virginia

January 11, 2002
"How can people find time to hate when the life is too short to love?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Adnan K., Age 17 --- Sindh, Pakistan

January 11, 2002
"If I fell of a cliff and all that was under me was water,
I wouldn't ask God not to let me fall,
But to either give me wings to fly or fins to swim."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tiffany B., Age 13 --- Arkansas

January 9, 2002
"Never give up, but remember this one thing:
All you can do is all you can do,
But all you can do is enough."
My Dad --- Submitted by Haylee S., Age 16 --- Oklahoma

January 9, 2002
"In dreams and love there are no impossibilities."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.A., Age 17 --- Arizona

January 9, 2002
"Life's music is forever changing, and it's never easy reaching for dreams. But those who dream, walk on stardust and dance to the rhythm of the heart."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Meghann H., Age 15 --- Ohio

January 9, 2002
"Just because it's never been done before doesn't mean it's impossible.
That just means no one else was willing to take a chance."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rachel B., Age 16 --- Ohio

January 9, 2002
"A friendship without love and trust, is not a friendship at all."
Written in 2001 by Kaitie W., Age 13 --- Kentucky

January 7, 2002
"Anything worth doing is worth doing right."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by M.O. --- Idaho

January 7, 2002
"When you think to the future, do not be sad because everything will be different.
Be happy because you'll experience new with the unyielding support of the old."
Copyright © 2001 Laura E. Nagurney

January 7, 2002
"If one must look back, don't regret, just learn and when one looks forward.
Don't predict, just believe and dream."
Copyright © 2001 Hilarie Barrett

January 7, 2002
"Dreams are only good thoughts waiting to be fulfilled."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Darius S., Age 14 --- California

January 7, 2002
"Best friends are siblings God forgot to give us."
Written by Jamie C., Age 11 --- Ohio

January 4, 2002
"Laundry should be the only thing separated by color."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Erin V., Age 14 --- Wisconsin

January 4, 2002
"You will never find the strength inside of you, until you are put on a path that you would not have chosen yourself."
Copyright © 2001 Anna Kramer

January 4, 2002
"Winning doesn't happen with ability or strength.
It happens with determination and heart."
Written in 2001 by M.J., Age 14 --- Illinois

January 4, 2002
"Knowing what you stand for limits what you'll fall for."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lindsey E., Age 17 --- California

January 4, 2002
"In a recent song I was listening to the singer said, "Long after the thrill of living is gone, life still goes on." I think this is important to remember. Being only a teenager, I realize that this is difficult for me to understand. I still have so much to discover and learn, (it would help if I had my license), but it makes me realize to live now while I'm given the opportunity. God permitting, I'll be sitting in a rocking chair sixty years from now and not regret a single thing from my youth. I'll have seen almost everything. And when I have learned all I will ever learn, I will pass on."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Luke W., Age 15 --- Colorado

January 2, 2002
"We don't have problems...we have inconveniences."
My Very Close Friend - Bethie ---Submitted by Gracie O., Age 16 --- Michigan

January 2, 2002
"Never run from a dog,
Never run from a man,
Never run from life."
Copyright © 2001 Ilen Bell

January 2, 2002
"When your friends are acting like jerks, just smile and go on with it and be there for them, because we must remember that we can be jerks also and we expect them to act the same way to us."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by L.B., Age 17 --- Tennessee

January 2, 2002
"Life's a garden....so dig it!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shane G., Age 18 --- Texas

January 2, 2002
"When I was younger, I never thought I would see the day my friends and I would part. At graduation I'm going to cry my eyes out. I know deep down that they will always be somewhere. But now that my graduation comes close I wonder, where? To those of you graduating in the class of 2002, good luck in college and best wishes from me to you."
Lindsey E., Age 17 --- Florida