Manifesting One's Desires

A True Manifestation

Do you sometimes read the manifesting testimonials and get a little frustrated because the details are lacking?

I sometimes get a little frustrated because after reading a nice manifestation story, I get the impression the author made the story a little too simplified. I'm not calling the author a liar, but more of a detailed reductionist.

Here's my personal story about how I manifested a year of rent/mortgage free living- all legal and in one of the most expensive areas of the country (the Silicon Valley of N California.)

In July of 2008, I was getting ready to live with my significant other, Jessica, and also coming to an end of a year paying $1000/mo for rent (that's a whole other manifestation story in itself.)

I was upset about the rent prices in the area. It's not that the prices are too high, but more of the value being so low for the amount of money paid for rent. For $1000/mo, I was living in an apt that had old carpeting, appliances, windows, doors, etc. (and my place looked newer than a lot of other places in the area.)

In a conversation with Jessica, I told her that I was DONE paying rent in the Silicon Valley! Ideally, I wanted to move, but Jessica had one more year of graduate school, and moving out of the area wasn't a legitimate option. I expressed to her (with strong emotion) that the cost of living in the area is ridiculous and it upsets me.

Jessica, being the beautiful soul she is, began to ask questions for how the two of us could live rent free in the Silicon Valley. This was the original thought that started our manifesting process. We logically came up with the idea of house sitting.

Since we had our idea, we knew we needed to take some action. Taking action lets the Universe know that you are serious about your manifestation idea and your really want what you are asking for. Jess and I crafted a friendly and inviting flyer, and distributed them on church bulletin boards, handed them to real estate brokers, architects, and pet boarding businesses.

We made extensive efforts marketing our services to facilities who we thought would have a need. We then declared our intent and let it go.By letting it go, I mean we went about our daily business. We planned for an alternative, we played volleyball and had fun, we ate out, we slept (I think you're getting the point.)

Here's a part of the story that is really cool!

A couple named Paul and Jackie were at their church, attending a service. After service was over, Jackie told Paul to hang out for a minute while she used the restroom. Paul, not being the most patient person, walked over to the community bulletin board to browse. He looked up and saw a picture of two young and friendly looking people on a flyer, asking to take care of a house.

Jackie approached the board and Paul said, "Honey, look at this. These two are looking to house sit. Have you seen them here?" Jackie said, "No, but this would be perfect for us. Let's go ask Reverend David if he knows who they are." They found Reverend David and asked about Jessica and myself. Coincidentally, Reverend David did know us. I had led a few meditation groups at the church.

Paul and Jackie got a good testimonial from Revered David and decided to call us. We had a nice conversation and decided to meet and talk more in person.

Now, this is a pure coincidence that we found each other- specifically from a realistic perspective. But it is also a manifestation. From each of our intentions, the Universe did respond, and by matter of circumstances, we met each other.

Jessica and I house sat Paul and Jackie's dog and house while they played on their boat in Europe. We stayed there for a total of eight months. We arranged a barter and everything went well. Jessica and I took wonderful care of Paul and Jackie's dog and house. Paul and Jackie gave us a gift for living in a beautiful home, rent free.

This was one manifestation that truly worked out!

Most people think manifesting is magic and they get skeptical and bitter toward the concept. These people are right about manifesting being magic. The thing is that manifesting requires the use of your imagination, which in my opinion, is magic in and of itself!

Copyright 2009 Reid Peterson
Reid Peterson likes to help people believe in themselves. He uses audio affirmations and guided meditation technology to help people manifest more positive emotional experiences.