Lost Sunshine

Could a childhood memory of a star and three wise men bring it back?

She lost her sunshine one day, and with that, her smile. Her eyes succumbed to a great flood that left her sight dull. Sadness seemed to roll in over her like the clouds over a stormy sea.

Too many months went by and too soon another Christmas season was upon her. She remembered a story she once heard as a little girl; Three Wise Men on a journey, carrying gifts, lost, kind of like her. She remembered the gifts she once held; the gift of laughter, love, joy and so many smiles. Priceless gifts like the ones those wise men were carrying that night, only they didn't lose theirs.

Holding a star in her hand, meant to put atop the Christmas tree she was decorating, something suddenly hit her. Those three wise men were looking up high into the sky at a most bright star and it was leading them like sunshine to their destination.

And so she wondered if she too could look up and once again find her way, her sunshine, her joy, love and maybe even peace.

With a small glimmer of hope, she walked out into the cold of night, climbing the mountain behind her home, higher and higher, until on her tiptoes she could see above the looming cloud cover.

It was there, above the storm clouds, she found her star glistening in the sky. It held her sunshine, her joy, her love and too many smiles to count! It all began to slowly fall down upon her, like a fine glitter, covering her until she once again shined so bright! A soft smile encompassed her face along with the warmth of her sunshine.

In the end she realized that once she looked above the storm, there her sunshine lived. It had never left and was always there waiting; waiting for her to claim once again.

Loss hurts; the loss of loved ones, the loss of friends, the loss of even ourselves. Somehow we must look above the storms of life and embrace the gifts we sometimes lose along the way; the gift of ourselves, the gifts of memories, love, joy, forgiveness and all too often, peace.

During this season, may you give yourself the priceless gift of you.

Copyright 2016 Theresa Gober
I wrote this short story last Christmas,2016, during a time of great sadness. The holidays are not always easy. The term Christmas Miracle is often used loosely, but on this night, in my story, I truly found my Christmas miracle; I found me again.

I have been writing for over ten years now. I love to encourage others, helping them to see that we are never alone in our struggles. I hope my children's books will be an inspiration to moms, dads and all the incredibly special children of this world.Happy Holidays to all.

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