God Is There For You

How Does God Show Up?

People ask me how does God show up
When He can't be seen?
Facetiously I reply "How does God show up?
Whatever do you mean?"

Let me sit you down
And talk to you
Let me pull you 'round
And walk you through

How God shows up - He does it through people & situations
In which He uses them as vivid illustrations
Of His handiworks
How His Plan B lurks
When man besmirched Plan A
And the planet is in disarray

We are drowning - so He sends a boat our way
We say "That's okay, I'm waiting on God to show up"
We sink deeper so we pray
Then He sends a plane that day
Again we say "I'm waiting on God to show up"

We drown we die we're in Heaven now
And we ask the Father "Why'd you let us down?"
"Father we called out your name
We cried for you and you never came!"

God replies "I saw you, so I sent a boat
You didn't board it, you just let it float
I heard you, so I sent a plane
You ignored it and you drowned in vain

I showed up in paragon skies
In a twinkle in children's eyes
I showed up in a stranger who brought a meal
And in the danger I did not let you feel

Even when you did I was there
I was a paramedic in urgent care
That's how I show up, through people & situations
In villages, cities, throughout all nations
You kill, you lie & you blow up
Still I live, I love & I show up"

Copyright 2010 Tony Haynes
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