Our Global Community

As our global community is becoming more fully aware of the urgent cry for help from Haiti, together with many other areas in desperate need, the following message is offered:

A New Direction

Has the time come to reach out in a common effort to re-unite as one people... joining together to form a common thread of cooperation that will serve to enhance all lifestyles?

Are we now at a point where to continue on the same path is perilous and to do nothing will perpetuate our suffering?

Is it now clear that a new direction is needed to move forward in the evolution of our species?

Dare we hesitate any longer enacting what we know to be truth?

... so what will be our decision?

If your answer is: "itís time for a positive change", then let us now do what we are able to support our common world community... and in so doing, create a more solid foundation paving the road towards greater cooperation and trust for all!

And so, let's keep in the forefront of our minds a sense of urgency to act together... to keep our world from collapsing into the darkness that has kept us trapped for far too long by inaction!

So, what will bring us back into the light?

Faith is the first step... that is possible to become as one people. We are divine creations that have assumed a separation due to an alienation from our true source. We will again re-unite when it becomes common knowledge that separation does not serve our highest purpose.

Through a common love of all we will again turn our hearts and our minds towards what works. We have spent a long time in separation not due to a lack of deep knowing rather by our thought that we were somehow better served in that manner.

Yet, over the ages, we have all observed that traveling down the worn road of separation does not serve us. So to move forward, we now realize the need to take a higher path towards our salvation.

By joining hands in a common purpose of unification, we will then start to believe what we have always known... that this is the only way that serves our best interests.

Yes, for many generations we have been asleep in a dream of self-servance, which has kept us all apart. Yet now, we can no longer hold apart our common ancestry, a tying together of our legacy.

As interconnected people, every action that we take impacts us all! So, herein rests a cornerstone in our common salvation... the critical need to include all peoples. Indeed, all need be invited into our global community!

So, as a first step, let us turn inwards to ask what we can do in our own personal worlds that will help the greater One.

In our governance, accountability and transparency will be crucial in matters that involve the welfare of all inhabitants on this planet earth. The realization that we are all individuals, yet interconnected parts of a greater whole will serve as a guiding light when reaching important decisions along our common path towards salvation.

It is essential that all peoples feel that a new direction will benefit their interests: Instinctively, we all realize that matters that only provide rewards to a select few will fail to generate the support of the many... and, for those of us that currently hold wealth and power a greater awakening or knowing that our true long term peace and happiness will only be fully realized by following a Way that supports all peoples. And so, in giving we receive... attracting into our lives all the love and support that we have always desired... and a knowing in our hearts that we have left a humane and nurturing place for our children and for their future generations!

A faith in the goodness of mankind will allow our grand re-union to germinate and fully blossom. Yes, we have all gained painful experience from living separated lives... BUT, we can now choose to act in concert to allow a spirit of cooperation that will only fully exist when we are united in our actions.

So, let us now make a fresh start and forgive our common sins of the past! Yes, there will be obstacles to overcome. Yet, our strength of belief in others will help us to endure and prevail in these challenges. We can now rejoice in knowing that we have come to a point in our journey where there will be no turning back as the seeds of hope have been firmly planted and have instilled in us all the promise of a much better world!

Brothers and sisters we are now on the verge of an inspired future as ONE people, and so, we can all feel comforted that a new beginning is before us.

So yes, we can all make a positive change; starting with a knowing in our hearts together with Inspired Action calling on us all to create a much better tomorrow!

Copyright © 2010 Edward and Livia Drennan
We are very grateful for the helpful comments and encouragement from Marlene Blaszczyk in the creation of this important message.