God Is Always With You

God's Love Surrounds You

When you are down and out
Lost, and filled with despair
Know that God's love surrounds you
You're safe in His special care

When people taunt and abuse you
And leave you feeling low
Look to your Creator and Saviour
Let His Love surround you in its Glow

When you need to ask for forgiveness
And are hurting deep inside
Approach Him with an open heart
And let Him touch your life

When your situation seems hopeless
All you need is a friend and guide
Look to Him and seek His help
Hand held, he'll walk by your side

Just welcome Him into your heart
Make Him the center of everything
You will find an amazing transformation
As His love envelopes your being

Copyrght 2010 Sharon Pires
This poem is based on some of my experiences when God's love has helped me through difficult and trying times.

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