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Serious Laughter

If we are to take life seriously then we should be able to handle all things seriously, especially laughter. Studies have shown many times over that laughter has many healing effects. Laughter releases endorphins, relieves stress, and teaches us how to find the humor in our challenges, strife, and even in the mundane.

In my 35 years I have been most noted for my sense of humor, my ability to laugh at myself, find the funny in life's seeming hardships, and make others laugh at themselves, and me, of course. I take funny very seriously.

Then something happened within the past year that I stopped taking my own prescription for perpetual happiness. I started getting too serious about life, work, my new marriage, kids, and most of all, me.

I thought for certain the clowns of the world had run out of their own funniness and stole my funny bone while I was sleeping. They happy danced away with my best coping mechanism. You would think thieves with such big feet and noisy horns would make more noise as they made off with my most cherished trait.

It's kind of like standing in the middle of the desert with an Antarctic chill; it just doesn't make sense. I look like me but my temperature dropped dramatically.

Then Reiki comes in, what a blessed gift. I think the Laughing Buddha himself must have visited my recent Reiki Share, divinely cast my funny bone and reminded me that life is only as serious as we let it be.

"Let it be", "it is what it is", "this too shall pass", "this is only a test", all of those adages, songs, and anecdotes flooded through me. With it brought a tidal wave of laughter and hope that made me hop on my metaphoric surfboard and ride the tide back in to find my sense of humor waiting on the shore building purple sand castles and making hammocks out of seaweed and sand dollars.

It had occurred to me that I was hosting my monthly shares more out of duty than from the very passion that first prompted me to begin them in the first place. After this last share however, the women, and my now husband and 'twin flame' Hans, my laughter finally returned. I remembered that I could laugh, and I remembered that I had a certain God given talent for bringing laughter to others.

I am chagrined to say, it began with the infamous and rather blasphemous four letter "F" word, that mouths that mothers kiss their children with should never say. For whatever reason it came up, I know it brought back the "F" into my "UN." And I was FUN again!

I began my own personal journey with Reiki in 2005 after a 14 year marriage ended, leaving me alone with my two children and my very optimistic and (so I thought), funny, self. Since then I have become attuned to the Reiki/Master level by way of a very special and dear friend of mine, Audrey. She herself possessing pictures with William Rand himself leaving me in awe that there was an entire "institution" somewhere bringing life, light, and hope to so many. I have been more inspired, captivated, driven and passionate than the 31 years before and felt a calling to bring Reiki to as many lives as I've touched with laughter. (Hopefully that would be more than one or two.)

A new gift to share! And oh, how did I learn to blend the two. It has allowed me to joke about life by "chakra." I frequently refer to control issues as "chakra two issues." I more often than not will put Sam's "root" chakra on our monthly healing list and have giggled my way through a series of sometimes emotional and deep soul recovery sessions. I have allowed myself to take myself lightly and see myself in the light by way of the light.

As it turns out, Reiki has helped me to open and embrace many other gifts that while innately a part of my makeup, were partially dormant and somewhat unbeknown to me. I've even managed to find the humor and irony in being highly clairvoyant yet having to wear contacts to see the physical world. I however, need no lens to see the energy moving within the world in a series of glittery and strobe light like light shows that never cease.

I see auras of any noun in my line of "sight," and some that are not. People, places, things, even the actors on television cannot act their way into a different hue than what their blessed with at that very moment.

When I close my eyes at night, I am often spending my nights either astral traveling, receiving messages from those that have crossed over the veil, or having precognitive dreams, so much so it's a miracle I am rested enough to take on the waking world.

During Reiki sessions my sight, feelings, and knowingness help me bring to the forefront many issues past, present, and even future life for myself and others and we've shared many a lives and laughs at our own expenses. By virtue of the confidentiality of those sessions, I am not obliged to share names but can attest there may be an "un-virgin" Mary or two in our group and a few light fingered pirates.

Most fondly, a constant in our sessions is a VERY serious, (but funny to us), guide, Edward. I cannot however take credit for being his protege; he belongs to another dear friend of mine. While constant in his advice and direction, he is often impatient with our quickness to take so many things lightly.

The truest irony is that it is a rare occasion that Edward isn't the funniest of us all. A tall, educated, serious, and extremely dry master/teacher, he has brought many of us to some serious conclusions via tears of true laughter.

It is safe to say that I could probably share a full novel's worth of stories and personal insights that capture how much Reiki has changed my life and way I am in the world, but I must conclude.

Brevity has never been a skill of mine, but perhaps God willing, and with the synchronistic and miraculous discovery of some publisher in dire need of a little comic relief in the metaphysical world, I can share the rest of my story later! In the meantime, "Be the 'laughter' you want to see in the world."

Copyright 2010 Samantha Storsberg
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