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Do You Have Self-Confidence?

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It is true that there is a positive correlation between success and self-confidence. If you have more confidence, your success rate will increase. See, an infant baby tries to stand up and walk but fails. Even in many failures the baby doesn't lose confidence. Finally the baby knows how to stand and walk without parents support. It could be possible through self-confidence.

In this fierce competitive world, students have many academic challenges to survive so they need confidence to achieve their goals. Confidence is one's own capabilities, combined with sincere efforts, which help them to reach unthinkable heights.

If you put all your strenuous efforts without self-confidence, you may not succeed. So, impact of confidence is much on your efforts and results. Self-confidence is a natural medicine, which cures your inferiority complex. Solve all your problems and crisis with self-confidence. So, be confident, it makes you efficient.

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Assistant Professor, K L University Business School
Guntur District, Andhra Pradesh, India

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