JULY 2001 - SEPTEMBER 2001

September 28, 2001
"Times change, people change, and its darn easy to take things for granted. So be aware of what you have, and thank God for it daily."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Libby S. --- New York

September 28, 2001
"The Power of One - one heart, one mind, one plan, one determination."
--- Bryce Courtenay --- Submitted by Gajan Krishna --- Ontario, Canada

September 26, 2001
"I love the deep quiet in which I live and grow against the world, and harvest what they cannot take from me by fire or sword."
--- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe --- Submitted by Joseph Beaudry --- Arizona

September 26, 2001
"Regret is a useless emotion. You cannot change the past. The future is always bright and everything negative can be turned into a positive, if you believe that it can and will."
--- Written by Ryan H. --- New York

September 24, 2001
"Always take calculated risks;
It's better than being rash."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dr. Preminder Jit Singh --- Punjab, India

September 24, 2001
"I came, I saw, I conquered."
--- Julius Caesar --- Submitted by Dansel Valdez --- New Jersey

September 21, 2001
"Great spirits have always found violent opposition from mediocre minds. The latter cannot understand it when a man does not thoughtlessly submit to hereditary prejudices but honestly and courageously uses his intelligence."
--- Albert Einstein --- Submitted by Leah H. --- New Jersey

September 21, 2001
"There is no other moment so profoundly amazing than to look deeply into your child's eyes... and see yourself."
--- Copyright © 2001 Joanne Cameron

September 19, 2001
"Take into account that great love and great achievements involve great risk."
--- The Dalai Lama's Instructions for Life --- Submitted by Julie Hood --- Georgia

September 19, 2001
"Silence, the loudest words ever spoken, a nation whose heart has been broken, but miles away in the bright light of day the flags, low to the ground, do fly. But tomorrow as the sun rises to a new day, cast all your fears away. Open your heart to a new beginning, fears of what may happen will not bring a winning, but more pain. But most importantly know that your loss could be your nation's gain!"
--- Copyright © 2001 Erica Coughlin
I am a thousand miles away from all the destruction that happened in New York, but my heart is with your nation.

September 17, 2001
"Judge each day not by the harvest you reap
But instead by the seeds you sow."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Michael Burgon --- California

September 17, 2001
"When nothing is clear in life,
Look inside yourself to find clarity."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.L., Age 16 --- New York

September 10, 2001
"Those who expect recognition of a good deed, have not given a good deed, but are waiting payment for a service rendered."
--- Copyright © 2001 Scott Cookman

September 10, 2001
"Truth is the only safe ground to stand on."
--- Elizabeth Cady Stanton
--- Submitted by Cheryl Jean --- Western Australia, Australia

September 7, 2001
"Tomorrow's destiny is nothing more than the outcome of today's actions."
--- Copyright © 2001 Brandon Weekes

September 7, 2001
"Never complain about what you permit!"
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Randy M. --- New Mexico

September 5, 2001
"Life is like snowboarding;
You must get up every time you fall.
Once you stop falling You then begin to enjoy it.
If you stay down,
You will never see why people
Love it so much."
--- Copyright © 2001 William Nepe

September 5, 2001
"Real victory belongs to those who believe in it the most."
--- From the movie Pearl Harbor --- Submitted by Katie and Shannon

August 31, 2001
"Growing old is mandatory.
Growing up is optional."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jean M. --- Nebraska

August 31, 2001
"The people you meet in life who walk all over you, are only the people who don't know how to treat and respect themselves, thus not knowing how to treat and respect others."
--- Copyright © 2001 Janice Barker

August 29, 2001
"In the battles of life, we fight to win not to lose. However, not all successes are victories and not all failures are defeats. Use the experience from your first defeat to prepare for your next fight. Never underestimate an upcoming battle because of you past glories."
--- Kwasi Ahiagble --- Submitted by Astus Royal --- Kumasi, Ghana

August 29, 2001
"To believe in something and then not to live it is dishonest."
--- Mahatma Gandhi --- Submitted by Shannun Beeharry --- United Kingdom

August 27, 2001
"Happiness is a direction not a place!"
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Julie Y.H. --- Ontario, Canada

August 27, 2001
"Don't look at the gray in my hair;
Look at how much fun I had putting it there!"
--- D. Allen --- Submitted by Emily K. --- Georgia

August 24, 2001
"Look not back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around you in awareness."
--- Ross Hersey --- Submitted by Kirk G. Scherz --- Washington

August 24, 2001
"Hard right over the Easy wrong!"
--- Copyright © 2001 Tariq Galloway

August 22, 2001
"Sometimes the best wisdom is not only offered by the old & experienced but from the innocent & naive. I learned this valuable lesson one day when my five year old son finally caught my attention by shouting "You always say you'll have time for me tomorrow, but one day I won't have time for you!" This motivating moment of advice has stayed with me because it is so genuinely true. I now realize how precious and fleeting time spent with our children is... who knows how long they're going to want to hang out with Mom?"
--- Copyright © 2001 Joanne Cameron / Brody Genereaux

August 22, 2001
"Life is short. Share your smiles. Forget your grudges. Respect and cherish everyone you see today. Remember tomorrow may never come!"
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by S. Wiesner --- British Columbia, Canada

August 20, 2001
"Without the benefit of doubt, a statement of grandeur may become a statement of slander."
--- Copyright © 1980 Dennis Shirley

August 20, 2001
"As long as I am alive, I am eligible."
--- Copyright © 2001 Gabe Montalvo

August 17, 2001
"Today I look in the mirror and say, "I love myself. I am my best friend." Today I tell another person of his or her kindness. Today I speak words of encouragement to three people. Today I remember an old kindness and say "Thank you again". My thought for today is "Unconditional Love". I think that thought often. Today I smile at a stranger."
--- Copyright © 2000 Annita Merriweather

August 17, 2001
"Get up and get moving. You'll feel better."
--- Mom --- Submitted by Bruce Navratil --- California

August 15, 2001
"If you think you have someone eating out of your hand,
It's a good idea to count your fingers."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lacey Schell --- Missouri

August 15, 2001
"I wouldn't wish endless love onto even my worst enemy, for love must always come to an end. It is in times away from love that we grow to appreciate the true effect love has on one's soul. Love is meant to be appreciated and embraced, not measured nor compared."
--- Copyright © 2001 Robin Agnihotri

August 13, 2001
"A key to success in business is to live by The Platinum Rule:
Do unto others as they would have done unto themselves."
--- Copyright © 1981 William Michael Windsor

August 13, 2001
"There is nothing more dangerous to your health than the fear of losing it."
--- Copyright © 1998 Mike Moore

August 10, 2001
"What do I think? What do I believe? What do I know?"
--- Submitted by Peter K. Huthwaite --- Michigan

August 10, 2001
Just remember that the darkest night did not turn out all the stars."
--- Louis L. Mann --- Submitted by T. Gulliver --- New Brunswick, Canada

August 8, 2001
"Education is the great engine to personal development. It is through education that the daughter of a peasant can become a doctor, that the son of a mine worker can become the head of the mine, that the child of farm worker can become the president of a great nation. It is what we make of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another."
--- Dr Nelson Mandela, Long Walk To Freedom
--- Submitted by Busi Xhalabile --- Western Cape, South Africa

August 8, 2001
"The most precious "things" in life are not "things" at all."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jamie White --- Idaho

August 6, 2001
"Don't ask; "where am I going when I die?"
But "where am I going when I live?"
For where you go when you live
Determines where you go when you die."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by William Mounts --- Texas

August 6, 2001
"To wear your heart on your sleeve isn't a very good plan;
You should wear it inside, where it functions best."
--- Copyright © 2001 Milad Nowrung

August 3, 2001
"The reason why we criticize and condemn other people
Is that their methods of sinning are different than ours."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jurgita D. --- Helsinki, Finland

August 3, 2001
"A box with the beautiful wrapping might contain a worthless gift;
A small, plain box might contain a gift one will treasure for life."
--- Copyright © 2001 Rebeca Lopez

August 1, 2001
"As marketing makes things happened,
Management makes things efficient."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Thez Aviles-Abdon --- Manila, Philippines

August 1, 2001
"If you have a problem and it has a solution,
Don't worry about it, it'll be solved.
If the problem doesn't have a solution,
Then it can't be fixed, so why worry about it?"
--- Copyright © 2001 Mohamed Rashad

July 30, 2001
"Love unrequited is no less love."
--- Copyright © 2001 Sunny Thayaparan

July 30, 2001
"Confession is possession."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Benje Dario --- Philippines

July 25, 2001
"There are many more people trying to meet the right person
Than to become the right person."
--- Gloria Steinem --- Submitted by Becky Summer --- Montana

July 25, 2001
"Progress always involves risks;
You can't steal second and keep your foot on first."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Stacia Davis --- Tennessee

July 23, 2001
"An authentic vision does not pursue greatness.
An authentic vision pursues after a world contribution."
--- Copyright © 2001 Alton White

July 23, 2001
"Anger is just a cowardly extension of sadness.
It's a lot easier to be angry at someone than it is to tell them you're hurt."
--- Author Unknown ---- Submitted by Jenna V. --- Michigan

July 20, 2001
"Truth which is not debatable is half truth."
--- Copyright © 1982 Jeelani Shaik

July 20, 2001
"Revolution begins with changes in the individual."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Eric Ext --- Ohio

July 18, 2001
"Those who do not know how to weep with their whole heart,
Do not know how to laugh either."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bri R. --- Utah

July 18, 2001
"If I lose the light of the sun, I will write by candlelight, moonlight, no light. If I lost paper and ink, I will write in blood on forgotten walls. I will write always. I will capture nights all over the world and bring them to you."
--- Henry Rollins --- Submitted by Alissa C. --- Illinois

July 16, 2001
"Blaming people, circumstances or the weather for your under performance gives a falsified sense of self-approval - but doesn't put bread on your table."
--- Copyright © 1999 Andrew Obara

July 16, 2001
"Some people say that we must move on and wipe our slate clean. Well we can't. I compare our heart to a dry erase board. Many words are written on the board each day. No matter how many times you scrub, wipe, or clean there is always proof of the words written. The words fade, but will never be gone. The heart is the same way, imprints are made by people that will never be forgotten; faded, but never completely erased."
--- Copyright © 2001 Sara Brandes

July 13, 2001
"Wisdom is knowing what to do next; virtue is doing it."
--- David Starr Jordan --- Submitted by Chen Fawn Meng --- Malaysia

July 13, 2001
"Knowledge is power. Taking action is powerful."
--- Copyright © 2001 Marsha Beckford

July 11, 2001
"A leader is one who must command a certain number of people and take them to a certain goal. A writer is like a commander of his existence. He not only feels, sees, hears, and acts, but he knows how to color those things with words. He not only can analyze and epiphanize his emotions but he can tell others about it using a language they can digest one way or another. This is where writing can come to the fruition of changing the world. Because by delineating such things through writing others can have their own discoveries. And right there, the world has become a new and different place forever."
--- Copyright © 1998 Jonathan Keys

July 11, 2001
"If you like someone, show them. If you appreciate someone, tell them. If you enjoy someone's company, invite them. If a friend has a problem, lend an ear. If your friend wants advice, give to them helpfully. If you think the world of someone, treat them that way!"
--- Copyright © 2001 D. Kanous

July 9, 2001
"There are no such things as problems,
Only temporary situations without solutions."
--- Copyright © 2000 Dan Spoerel

July 6, 2001
A Letter To My Child

I can teach you things but I cannot make you learn. I can allow you freedom but I cannot be responsible for you. I can teach you to share but I cannot make you unselfish. I can tell you about kindness but I cannot make you gracious. I gave you life but I cannot live it for you.
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Busi Xhalabile --- Western Cape, South Africa

July 6, 2001
"At every opportunity, jump at the sun. You might not land on the sun, but at least you'd get off the ground!"
--- Zora Neale Hurston --- Submitted by D. Kayler --- Indiana

July 2, 2001
"The art of deceiving others, is mastered through much practice on one's self."
--- Copyright © 1995 Scott Johnson

July 2, 2001
"I let compliments go to my head and criticism go to my heart, instead of the other way around."
--- Ben T. Gibson, III --- Submitted by Preston Gibson --- New Jersey