"Short Positive Thought For The Day"

"If you have faith and hope, you will remain positive and there will be no room to worry. Remember, life has more to offer you and you have the ability to be strong."
Written in 2014 by Jesse Marie Kavumpurath --- Connecticut
During very difficulty times, we tend to forget that life has its ups and downs, causing us to lose ourselves in the process. It is completely okay to feel upset, but during those times we have to remember to search for the voice inside that tells us that we can and will survive through anything.

"I hear what I need to hear when I take a moment to listen to silence within me."
Written in 2014 by Lou Rivera --- New Jersey

"Tranquility is a Choice. So is Anxiety. The entire world around us may be in Turmoil. But if we want to be Peaceful within, WE CAN."
Written in 2014 by RVM --- India

"One should prefer to suffer the scar of a broken heart than suffer the scar of regret."
Written in 2014 by Robert Moore --- Massachusetts

"It is not how CLEVER you are, what really matters is how CLEAR you are in expressing your thoughts and ideas."
Written in 2014 by Sandeep Kumar ---United Arab Emirates

"Your heart is your engine, literally and figuratively; it keeps you going in good times and bad. It is where love and hope spring from."
Written in 2014 by Lucky Angelidis --- Pennsylvania
I came up with this recently. I was born with Cerebral Palsy, and although I have limitations, I've never let them stop me. I used to run 10K's and I've been a Professional Wrestler for 13+ years (Cripple H). I try to be an inspiration for others to follow.

"Either chase your dreams or chase someone else's - the choice is yours!"
Written in 2014 by Johnnie Ivery --- Illinois

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"Everything is possible under the sun if we just put our cares away and really start living. A lot of time will be saved by conscientiously doing things that make us productive in every way."
Written in 2014 by Leandro Pasamba --- Philippines
Be like a farmer who sweats it out at the crack of the dawn. Expecting a bountiful harvest for all his efforts, he heartily laughs in sheer contentment.

"There's no need to be perfect to inspire others. Let people get inspired by how you deal with your imperfections."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Maritoni Llorca --- Philippines

"Success in life is a function of your willingness to accept change."
Written in 2014 by David Williams --- Tennessee

"Yesterday has been washed away by the sea of time but today is pliable to our thoughts, today is moldable to our will, today will surely determine tomorrow."
Written in 2014 by Olateju Rahman --- Nigeria

"Choices, not Chances, are responsible for the quality of our Life. Spend time to Think, Reflect, Introspect and then Choose."
Written in 2014 by RVM --- India

"If our lives scream out, "love, kindness, joy, hope, forgiveness" they will definitely be echoed back. So, go ahead and live out loud and bring back a beautiful echo, echo, echo."
Written in 2014 by Caroline Naoroji --- Virginia

"Sometimes, it's not the pain that makes you suffer; it's your own negative thoughts that make things seem worse."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Warren Counts Jr. --- New Jersey

"As nature unfolds itself daily, suddenly it dawns upon me the valuable lessons it teaches us: that to a man looking for wisdom unlocks a lot of precious gems to be mined freely. Observe how a bamboo reacts under a tempest: pliant yet sturdy. Study how a rice stalk after an honest labor finds itself filled to the brim yet bows down quietly."
Written in 2014 by Leandro Pasamba --- Philippines
While reflecting on this, I found out that there is a whale of difference between two attributes: endearing character and trait unbecoming. Haughtiness by its very nature, spells insecurity while humility manifests strength. A humble person is unobtrusive in his ways. For unobstructed growth, associate with the latter.

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"Each choice we make causes a ripple effect in our lives. When things happen to us, it is the reaction we choose that can create the difference between the sorrow of our past and the joy in our future."
Bradly Whitford --- Submitted by George Wachirah --- Kenya

Forget the day that has been cut off from thy existence.
Disturb not thyself about tomorrow which has not yet come.
Rest not upon that which is no more.
Live happily one instant and throw not thy life to the wind.
Omar Khayyam --- Submitted by Jagdish Kaviraj --- India

"Don't set your eyes on the past. Don't focus your thoughts on past achievement; achieve more. Take your mind off the hurts and pain of the past. Whenever you want to look back, remember Lot's wife turned to a pillar of salt trying to do that. There are always blessings ahead of you. Forge ahead."
Written in 2013 by Smek Uwakina --- Nigeria

"Love never ends and if it ends, it's not love. In a true love, there is no rejection and if there is, it's not love...it's a big lie. Be big enough not to believe such lies and please don't sacrifice a real love for a false lie."
Written in 2014 by Neda Smaeeli Far --- Iran

"No task or mountain is insurmountable. Yes you heard me right, it takes just courage/faith/patience/persistence/perseverance to surmount any of the above."
Written in 2014 by Emeasoba George --- Nigeria

"Love is just a word until you put it into action. Then it's the Healer of the world, the clue that holds us together."
Written in 2014 by Janice Harris --- Florida

"Criticism promotes debate, debate creates understanding, and understanding inspires solutions. Do not be afraid to stick your head above the parapet as someone might recognize your intent as noble rather than blinkered mischief making."
Written in 2014 by Gary Stewart --- Scotland

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"Procrastination is a killer of dreams, you keep saying I will do, I will do, but you never start. Take the step and start. You are the author of your life and only you can change your situation."
Written in 2013 by Bridget Benya --- South Africa

"The heights of your achievements are determined by the depth of your self-belief, the strength of your resolve and the intensity of your efforts."
Written in 2014 by Dr. Roopleen --- India

"As intelligent as a person may be, lacking humility can make them imbecilic. Growth requires patience, reflection, accountability and quite often SILENCE as we need to LISTEN to those who came before us, to learn from their wisdom as well as their mistakes."
Written in 2014 by Erica Brown --- Michigan
Sometimes people get so wrapped up in titles that they forget that someone held the position before they did. We need to be humble and take guidance from others not only for a better outcome, but out of respect for the person who opened the door for you to walk through.

"If you don't control what goes on within your mind, your life will be a total wreck; even when in reality, it's not."
Written in 2013 by Pete C. Zafra --- California
The quality of our life purely depends on the type of thoughts we entertain in our minds. Our inner thoughts create our outer world.

"Be in Moment and you will not miss encountering real life."
Written in 2013 by Dinesh Ramkrishna --- India

"Mental anguish is only that of which I allow it to be. I refuse to stand immersed in darkness; instead I fearlessly stand taller than my own shadow savoring the elegant light that I emit."
Written in 2014 by Joseph Torres --- Pennsylvania
You don't always have to feel like you need to push through difficulties, when instead you can stop being hard on yourself and allow your mind to be free.

"Today, I will look around and enjoy all the beautiful things that are around me rather than yearn for things that are beyond my control and become miserable."
Written in 2013 by RVM --- India

"Instead of putting up fences, build bridges. Build bridges to each other with no physical obstacles. One must build a human structure that will connect us with our fellow man to span across all boundaries and help all mankind. This is what we must do."
Written in 2013 by Miles Patrick Yohnke --- Canada

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I am the New Year ...
I am an unspoiled page in your book of time.
I am your next chance at the art of living.

I am your opportunity to practice
what you have learned about life
during the last twelve months.

All that you sought
and didn't find is hidden in me,
waiting for you to search it out
with more determination.

All the good that you tried for
and didn't achieve is mine to grant
when you have fewer conflicting desires.

All that you dreamed but didn't dare to do,
all that you hoped but did not will,
all the faith that you claimed but did not have -
these slumber lightly,
waiting to be awakened by the touch of a strong purpose.

I am your opportunity to make all things new.

I am the New Year!
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lauren Covington --- New Jersey

Don't look at things as a problem. Look at them as a challenge, an opportunity and an experience.

"Learned that you can't change mistakes made with people in the past, but you can change the outcome of those mistakes at any time by taking responsibility for them. Do what is right to best correct them and accept them so that you can be forgiven and forgive yourself. Most people usually have already forgiven you; they are just waiting for you to forgive yourself so that you can both move on."
Written in 2013 by Matt Price --- California

"Life is like a puzzle. Everything that happens to us is just a piece of it. We may not seem to understand where to put it, but one thing is sure, it will make us whole."
Written in 2008 by Julius Lagcao ---Philippines

"If there is no one who is perfect then there is no one better than you."
Written in 2013 Mohammed Sekouty --- Egypt

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