Heart Of Motivateus

The “Heart of MotivateUs” represents the main web pages where we like to feature the MotivateUs community’s submitted quotations.

Since we started publishing in 1997, we’ve used a reverse chronological order so we always have our newest submissions at the top of the page (kind of like a blog post, though blogs weren’t around quite yet).

This method provides you with something fresh to read so you don’t have to guess if everything is the same. Then, at the beginning of the next month, these words of wisdom are moved to a new, permanent page so your submissions are can live forever.

The process allows us to delivery quality, family safe quotes, stories and publications to read and enjoy.

These main quotation pages change on a regular basis; they grow throughout the month. Please enjoy pages that make up “The Heart Of MotivateUs” and let their messages be part of your everyday positive life.

Our Latest Publications – The Heart of MotivateUs

Note: Depending on where we are in the website migration process, you may see the page in its original skins or its new format either alpha or beta release. Please be patient as we put our new system in place and excuse our dust.

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