JUNE 2005

June 29, 2005
" When it looks like a chapter of your life is drawing to a close, remember all good books have many chapters!"
--- Copyright 2005 Adam Greaves
June 29, 2005
" There is a difference between being broke and being poor: broke is temporary and poor is eternal."
--- Robert Kiyosaki --- Submitted by Ezequiel Urena --- New York
I find this quote quite true, not only on the aspect of money, but in all aspects of life. I find that most successful people have been broke but they also had dreams and hopes for a better tomorrow. They didn't just dream, they made their dreams realities. Unsuccessful individuals are poor, for they gave up on their dreams and hope.
June 29, 2005
" It's the one step you take, when you think you can't but you do, that makes the difference in your life."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by M.O. --- NSW, Australia

June 27, 2005
" Why wish for the privilege of living the past again, when you begin a new one every morning?"
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Striver Achiever --- Pakistan
June 27, 2005
" To relieve from worry, we should have some work to do and something to love. This is the formula to neglect worries."
--- Sukhi Sivam --- Submitted by Ganesh Kumarq --- Tamilnadu, India
The comment needed to present day world.
June 27, 2005
" Happiness is not an accident, nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sundeep Maggu
Hey friends, hope from today forward you always remain happy forever.
June 22, 2005
" I believe that if, in 20 years, I can look back on my life and remember three things that were not important enough to be written down in a journal, or photographed and put in a scrapbook, but were important enough to be cherished through all those years...I believe it is then that I will see what is truly significant in my life."
--- Written in 2004 by T. Hall
So many times in life I tend to put my priorities in the wrong order; I often forget what is really important, and I don't doubt that one day I will finally wake up and see what is significant and it will be too late...it will be gone.
June 22, 2005
" I believe that being successful and finding happiness is one in the same. You find something you truly love to do and become the best you can be at it."
--- Copyright 2005 Paul Morris
June 22, 2005
" Humans are as close to reality as their desire to please people or themselves changes."
--- Copyright 2005 Francisco Leon
I struggle in the quest to find a balance of my reality's own perspective.
June 20, 2005
" If each one of us lit a single candle of Love, there would be no darkness."
--- Copyright 2003 Joan Adams Burchell
June 20, 2005
" Be good to life and life will be good to you."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Gina Neal --- Texas
June 20, 2005
" What we achieve in life, echoes in eternity."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Steven Granite --- England
June 15, 2005
" Your time is limited. Those who want to enjoy the sunlight at midnight must remember that they are in a queue."
--- Copyright 2005 Abraham Attoh
June 15, 2005
" It's not what you want that does you well, it's what you get!"
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by W.H. --- Kentucky
June 15, 2005
" It doesn't matter what you are. The matter is where you are."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Hardik Dalwadi --- India
I realized this when I changed companies. With the previous company I was Chief SysAdmin. In my current company I am only assistant SysAdmin.
June 13, 2005
" A healthy happy mind equals a healthy happy body."
--- Copyright 2005 Carol Lengyel ( BC Survivor )
June 13, 2005
" To merely give light to a goal is not enough. You must have light within yourself to reach it."
--- Copyright 2005 Khushboo Jhala
June 13, 2005
" It is possible that if we stop comparing ourselves to another and their life-styles, we may gain the greatest gift of all....and that is individuality."
--- Copyright 2005 Lori Foster
June 8, 2005
" A single flower can show you just how beautiful and fragile life can be."
--- Written in 2005 by Kimberly Shaw
June 8, 2005
" Great moments are born from great opportunities."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Logan G. --- Pennsylvania
June 8, 2005
" It is not the hours that one puts in the work that counts, it is the work that one puts in the hours!"
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Aditya Tandon --- West Bengal, India
Hi all! This is my favorite quote, hope you all like it.
June 6, 2005
" Survival is instinct; living takes guts."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.G. --- Texas
June 6, 2005
" The difference between a crazy man and a genius... is a very thin line."
--- Written in 2004 by Moises Espino ---- Panama
June 6, 2005
" I think your whole life shows in your face and you should be proud of that."
--- Lauren Bacall --- Submitted by Iso Ansary --- Egypt