February 28, 2005
" Success is not measured by awards, medals, or trophies. Success is measured by the difference between what you're capable of and what you actually achieve."
--- Copyright 2003 Jeff Koenig Jr.
February 28, 2005
" Enjoy this moment...for this moment is your life."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Molly M. --- Oklahoma
February 28, 2005
" The more time you spend thinking about things that could make you happy, the less time you have to actually do the things you already know will make you happy."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Orondaste Martinez --- Georgia

February 23, 2005
" Change brings change."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ronnie Collins --- Texas
February 23, 2005
" Your confession at the time of your confusion is the conclusion of the condition. Always remember to speak the positive at all times."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Adewale Olufemi - Scotland
February 23, 2005
" People almost always do great things without knowing how to do them, and are quite surprised to have done them."
--- Bernard De Fontenelle
February 21, 2005
" Courage does not mean you do not have fear. Rather you have the knowledge that something else is greater in life than fear."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bridget H. --- Georgia
I was afraid to do something one day and a friend of mine told me this quote. I thought about it, and I was able to face what I was afraid to do.
February 21, 2005
" What is worse than being blind? Having sight but no vision."
--- Helen Keller --- Submitted by A.G. --- United Kingdom
--- Author's name provided by Alan Butler --- United Kingdom

February 21, 2005
" Prophets, mystics, poets, scientific discoverers are men whose lives are dominated by a vision; they are essentially solitary men . . . whose thoughts and emotions are not subject to the dominion of the herd."
--- Bertrand Russell
February 16, 2005
" You only live once, don't hesitate; you'll miss your chance."
--- Written in 2005 by K.L. --- Texas
Sometimes you're given an opportunity to get everything that you've ever wanted in someone, like me, I didn't want to screw anything up, I wanted to wait for the perfect time. Since I hesitated, I lost her. You only get a limited amount of chances at these things, take them as they come and don't look back.
February 16, 2005
" He who has nothing to die for, has nothing to live for...think about it."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Greg Berkley --- Marine Corps
In this quote lies the key to happiness and the story of our lives.
February 16, 2005
" You can't win if nobody catches the ball in the outfield. You are only as good as the team you have behind you."
--- Jim Palmer
February 14, 2005
" Will we ever understand the price of ambition, or ever apply our heart to life with submission?"
--- Copyright 2005 Francisco Leon
Nature seems to remind the world how humans carelessly live.
February 14, 2005
" Man cannot continue to stand strong if he focuses primarily on his weaknesses."
--- Copyright 2000 LaTasha Gordon
February 14, 2005
" Don't let your emotions ruin your plans and vision."
--- Dr. Letecia Ferriol --- Submitted by Jeric Dela Cruz --- Philippines
February 9, 2005
" Life is a matter of moments of time."
--- Copyright 2005 El Hamidi Mahmoud
February 9, 2005
" Coincidence is fate breaking a lock so you can open a door."
--- Copyright 2004 Louise R. Taillefer
February 9, 2005
" We have learned to fly the air like birds and swim the sea like fish, but we have not yet learned the simple art of living together as brothers."
--- Martin Luther King
February 7, 2005
" Living a life is easy; it's the options in life that makes it difficult."
--- Copyright 2004 Robert Villanueva
February 7, 2005
" When change occurs within our life, we can choose to become better, or bitter."
--- Copyright 2003 Michelle W. Seamons
February 7, 2005
" Remember, when money talks it drowns out all other voices."
--- Copyright 2005 Kenneth Ross
As a warning to people on how money can make people do things that they normally may not do.
February 2, 2005
" Every human life has meaning because of the value that he is able to add to everything that he does and every relationship he is involved with. Values are the natural power of good within each one of us. Values form the basis of our relationships and growth. We enrich our own lives and the lives of those around us when values come into play. Focusing on these positive qualities/values helps us to transform old attitudes, to gain fresh perspectives and find unexpected answers. They free our path from obstacles and make clear life's opportunities."
--- Copyright 2005 Mitesh Vageriya
February 2, 2005
" It's easy to find fault...We have to look much closer to find the good in things."
--- Copyright 1999 James Sperbeck
February 2, 2005
" Be of Love just a little more careful... than of everything else."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jo Ellen Adelman --- California
I have lived by this quote for over 30 years.