"THOUGHTS OF THE DAY"<br />FEBRUARY 2003 | Motivating and Inspiring


February 28, 2003
" While failure is an orphan, success has many fathers."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Deepak Vijay --- India

February 28, 2003
" Life moves forward not backwards. It cannot move back and you cannot go back. It is like time. It is time. Do not let words or judgments that people put on you stop you from moving forward. You have no time to waste to allow anyone to push you back. You must move forward to keep up with who you are and what you want in life. Moving back will only slow you down. Only listen to and let things that push you forward affect you. That is all you need and nothing more."
--- Written in 2001 by Sonja H. --- California

February 26, 2003
" Adversity Breeds Character."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jillian M. --- Iowa

February 26, 2003
" Invincible ignorance is sincerely bliss."
--- Copyright © 2002 Brook Benedetti

February 24, 2003
" No mater your belief system, take a moment each day to say 'Thanks', for you did not do yesterday yourself."
--- Copyright © 2003 Steve Henthorn

February 24, 2003
" Someone you found in the past, that perhaps might share your present, is not enough.
Someone who life chooses, to share your future, will truly be the one."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ursula B. --- Florida
It's hard to decide between the past and the future. It's even harder to choose the person to share it with you.

February 21, 2003
" Men don't cry, humans do."
--- Written in 2003 by Georges S. --- Lebanon

February 21, 2003
" We are all like children; we don't want something until it is taken away."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by R.B. --- Georgia

February 19, 2003
" Tears are unspoken words."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Megan A. --- Canada
Life is full of hard times. Talking about it is the hardest part. Don't hold back your feelings; let them show.

February 19, 2003
" Life is not what you get; life is what you negotiate."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nikita Kumari --- India

February 17, 2003
" The man, who says that he will work only when the world has become perfect and then he will enjoy bliss, is as likely to succeed as the man who sits beside a river and says, 'I shall cross when all the water has run into the ocean.'"
--- Swami Vivekananda --- Submitted by Bandana Karki --- Nepal

February 17, 2003
" There is no shortage of good days. It is good lives that are hard to come by."
--- Annie Dillard --- Submitted by Jackie K. --- Georgia

February 14, 2003
" If the hard times are good, the good times are better."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Marvin Yap --- Malaysia
Be persistent and keep going through the hard times. Your success will be two fold during the good times.

February 14, 2003
" Infinite energy is the birthright of every man."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lakkoju Goutam --- India

February 12, 2003
" Sometimes it's necessary to take a big leap; you can't cross a chasm in two small jumps."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by E.W. --- Australia
My teacher had this printed on the back of our school work books and it made me realize that we all need the courage to take a big leap once in a while.

February 12, 2003
" Some of our best teachers are our worst examples."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rebekah B. --- Georgia

February 10, 2003
" People are like mirrors. You can see in everyone you meet, a different reflection of yourself."
--- Copyright © 2003 Simon Heighwaya

February 10, 2003
" Do not try to tell a person what is good and what is bad. Instead, share your wisdom with him if you can and then let him decide the good and the bad. Let him be his own judge."
--- Copyright © 2002 Istiaq Ahmed

February 7, 2003
Remember, Remember

Remember the sun when laughter now still is lowered, in darkness six-feet...
Remember the gone before and remember the soon-to-follow...
Do not shrug the weight of memory
Do not say: Happened long before, and with me, noth to do.
Remember, when words dry up
Remember, when silence cries out...
--- Copyright © 2000 Willem Pretorius

February 7, 2003
" A tree is always known by its fruits."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nitish Karnanda --- India
The tree represents an individual...the fruits represent his character, behavior traits, etc.

February 5, 2003
" We will better tomorrow - because we know we can be."
--- Copyright © 1997 Terry Litwiller

February 5, 2003
" When I wake up in the morning, I realize it is going to be a great day. Why will it great? Because I woke up and I'm alive."
--- Copyright © 2003 Greg Rosenberg

February 3, 2003
" You don't have to go to prison to do time, you can do time in your own mind."
--- Copyright © 1998 Lou Rivera

February 3, 2003
" If you never do anything (in reference to taking chances), nothing bad will ever happen to you."
--- Irene Vorhes --- Submitted by Susann Heft --- Illinois
The Author of this quote is my maternal grandmother, age 86, who lives in rural Northern Iowa. Her generosity to her family and community is insurmountable. This quote characterizes my grandma perfectly - smart, but to the point.