August 30, 2004
"Be yourself! The original is always worth more than a copy!!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.C., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
August 30, 2004
"You were made for a purpose ... if you aren't yourself, then that purpose is lost."
Copyright 2004 Christine Miller

August 25, 2004
"I will not fight for you, but I will protect you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jonathan R., Age 17 --- Ontario, Canada
I said this to my girlfriend, before we were together. She asked if I was willing to fight someone else who wanted to date her. I responded with this quote, meaning that I would not fight to win her, like one would a trophy, but I would do anything within my power to keep any harm from coming to her. I also said it to a friend, in a different context. Basically in that context, it meant that he would have to deal with the consequences of his actions, but if it went beyond reasonable, I would help.
August 25, 2004
"Surprise (me), but don't disappoint (me)."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Cheryn C., Age 18 --- Virginia
After my boyfriend clearly stated that he would come to my last senior year tournament game, I got really excited. But by the time the game started, he never showed up and we lost. And since I'm very superstitious, I believed this was one reason for our loss. This is when I pointed out to my friends that I would rather someone surprise me instead of disappointing me. But this can be involved with other instances, too.
August 23, 2004
"When things get bad, they may get worse; but it is promising that things will begin to get better if someone believes in you-even if that someone is yourself."
Copyright 2004 Crystal McConnell
August 23, 2004
"It's better to live like a lion for a day, than to live like a sheep the rest of your life."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jordan A., Age 17 --- Iowa
I never get picked on, but if I see someone getting picked on... this is what I say to them.
August 18, 2004
"We lose sight of who we really are, and we try to be different people. The moment we try to be different, it's noticed. Be yourself, for it can help your soul."
Copyright 2004 Ryan Barber
August 16, 2004
"Always be confident in yourself, but never expect an outcome, good or bad!"
Copyright 2004 Tommy Morgan
Believe it or not, I came up with that quote on my own by talking to one of my friends. She didn't think she had a chance to go out with the guy she had a crush on but I gave her that confidence and now those two are going out! Go me!

August 16, 2004
"Judgment day is everyday for us. We are judged by each move we make, and together our actions judge us day by day."
Copyright 2004 Huong Nguyen
August 16, 2004
"The moment you say you can do it, You can."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.P., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
August 16, 2004
"It's really tough to get to the TOP but it's much tougher to stay up there."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nirbhik K., Age 16 --- New York
It's truly said...it tougher to stay on the top because today the competition is soooo much..
August 11, 2004
"With each sunset comes a new dawn, as with each failure comes a new chance. Don't let your chances pass you by while you're dreaming of the sunset you will never get to see again."
Written in 2004 by C.D., Age 17 --- Indiana
Sometimes we lose touch of everything life has to offer us without even realizing it. I challenge you to stop and enjoy everything you have to live for not, everything you believe you cannot live without.
August 11, 2004
"To be fantastic you have to be yourself, because if you become fantastic being something you are not, then it is not you that is fantastic!"
Copyright 2004 Keshia Nicolson
I wrote this for my friend when she felt that she could not be herself because of peer pressure. I told her that if in life you want to become something fantastic you have to be yourself, or otherwise that thing that you have built into a fantastic thing will not truly be yours.
August 11, 2004
"When you are really close to someone, whether it be a family member or friend - just somebody you love and care about, hurts you and (they may not have known) it is tough to try and figure out why you feel hurt when you shouldn't feel that way, over something real small. Example: like not getting invited somewhere or getting a phone call.

The only answer, to help get rid of that burden, is to know that God will take that burden away from you. Just pray that everything will be ok and that it was not something on purpose; that they do love you. Just not everything goes your way and you have to live by that. But know God will always be there when you want to talk or if you need him to be around."
Written in 2004 by Kayla P., Age 16 --- Tennessee
I have been real close to my aunt and uncle for about a year now. I love them with everything I have and they left for vacation and never called me or invited me to go. They have always called me before if they were leaving or to invite me. But I have to understand that these things happen and that you will have to get over it and nothing ever goes how you always want it to. But God can make you feel better.
August 11, 2004
"Feelings can fade and people may change so hold on to the memories... because they'll never change."
Written in 2004 by Stephanie S., Age 15 --- Texas
August 9, 2004
"When you get to a point in your life where you feel like you are being forced to choose between GOD and your life, don't stress. This is not really a decision but merely a point in your life where you have to start acknowledging that GOD is your life."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Remagio D., Age 19 --- Gauteng, South Africa
Many teens lose hope when they feel like their troubles are greater than them, and most of us end up blaming GOD and giving up hope. So let this be a reminder that GOD cares and he will never leave you nor forsake you.
August 9, 2004
"Live life without regrets. You only live once but if you live it right, once is good enough."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nicole F., Age 16 --- California
August 9, 2004
"A step to hardworking can lead to a step of a thousand successes."
Copyright 2004 Jennifer Amafibe
I meditate on this quote daily, because I know that success does not take much struggling, but what you have to stand on it.
August 9, 2004
"In 20 years, you will not remember the things you did. You will, however, remember every one of the things you didn't do. Every opportunity you missed. Every moment you wasted."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.M., Age 17 --- Victoria, Australia
I have seen a quote like this somewhere, but adapted it a little.
August 4, 2004
"If there are no changes, there can be no butterflies!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by A. P., Age 18 --- Minnesota
My dad said this one day to my when we were in the car and I was worried about leaving and going to college.
August 4, 2004
"If you aren't willing to risk it all, then you don't want it bad enough."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lindsay S., Age 13 --- Ohio
I'm an athlete and this quote has helped me so many times when I have felt like giving up. Long conditioning practices, tryouts, tourneys... But I have realized that if I want something that bad, I should be willing to give it my all and not worry about the chance of failure.
August 4, 2004
"Use god's gifts to you, to help others."
Copyright 2004 Ashley Frank
I think more people need to know what to do with the gifts god gives to them. We need to make god more active in our world. We can do this by using our god given gifts to help others, the way god intended life to be!
August 4, 2004
"To let a fool kiss you is bad, but to let a kiss fool you is even worse."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Asya A., Age 16 --- New York
This quote is kind of hard to explain, but I'll try. It means what it says. Don't let a fool kiss you. But, if you let a kiss fool you then that's even worse. Never, ever, underestimate the power of a kiss, for it is more powerful than you'll ever know.