APRIL 2004

April 28, 2004
"Sometimes people put up walls, not to keep others out, but to see who cares enough to break them down."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by C.B., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
I think this is just a very true and meaningful quote and I think it is a good message to send out to people.
April 28, 2004
"With age comes maturity, maturity comes with experience, and experience comes with age."
Matt Kramer --- Submitted by Melissa G., Age 18 --- Georgia
Matt said this in our 10th grade English class 3 years ago, and I have never forgotten it. It's a thinker! And once you understand the correlations, it makes growing up a little easier to figure out.
April 28, 2004
"My friend and I have had some hard times. We always get through them and this quote, "Always prepare for the worst, but expect the best", helps out a lot. We know what the worst can be, but we know the best too. Thinking positive gets you to expect the best. There is good in every situation, you just have to find it."
Written in 2004 by L K, Age 14 --- North Carolina
April 28, 2004
"When a guy hurts you, I know you will hurt, especially when it's your first love. It's a very hard time and you know you shouldn't be with a guy that just uses you or plays you. Be Stronger and just say to yourself, " you have to move on no matter how bad you may still like him". If you stay positive and don't worry, I know eventually you will find someone else that will be better."
Written in 2004 by Kayla P., Age 16 --- Tennessee
I am trying to get over a guy I still like, even though he uses me or just plays me. But it's complicated when sometimes they may really like you and you see them almost everyday at school. But I know with the help of your friends and keep praying, you may sooner or later get over him and have the strength to just not fall into it anymore. But I know it's hard because it is hard for me. I keep making mistakes but you've just got to be strong.
April 28, 2004
"Never lower your standards. Always keep them high and go for your dreams."
Written in 2004 by Ashley H., Age 17 --- Utah
Often people lower their standards to fit in. In the long run, it's not worth it. Your eternal happiness isn't worth your temporary happiness!

April 26, 2004
"Every experience is a lesson learned. Every lost moment is a regret earned."
Written in 2004 by J. R., Age 17 --- Ontario, Canada
I wrote this while thinking of friends who never do anything new, and all seem to be fairly bitter people. I realized that it's because they regret what could have been, and that they didn't do it. So, I made this quote to remind me that regrets come from not doing, because every time you do something, you learn something new, and you will never regret learning that.
April 26, 2004
"To continue to live you have to open your eyes."
Audrey T. --- Submitted by Emylie L., Age 16 --- Quebec, Canada
It's from one of my friends and she said that to me when I was not so far from suicide myself and ready to give up everything. And with this sentence, I'm alive...
April 26, 2004
"Every once in a while you hit a bump in your life and fall... that's why it's nice to have someone to fall with."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Oussama H., Age 15 --- Quebec, Canada
If you still don't get what I mean, here goes nothing: Many times in your life when you walk, you trip, you fall and it really hurts. So it's nice to have someone with you to break your fall. This applies to every situation in life.
April 26, 2004
"When you wake up in the morning and you fear to face the day...Yesterday has come and gone, though through the thick and thin, you just need friends to help you along."
Copyright 2004 Kaleb Trail
Life isn't going to be easy. Live with one thing in mind and that's your friends can help you through any obstacle you come across in life.
April 26, 2004
"What's the meaning of impossible?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kent H., Age 16 --- Oregon
April 26, 2004
"If you believe enough to not believe, then really, truly, you believe."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.S., Age 18 --- Illinois
Think about it...
April 21, 2004
"Don't live life wondering, live life knowing!"
Copyright 2004 Molly Miller
If you want to do something and your scared, just do it! Don't live every day saying, "what if I had done that?"
April 21, 2004
"Laugh, dance, run, and be yourself! Just have fun, cause when you are in the worst of pain, you can look on these moments AND SMILE!"
Written in 2004 by Chelsea A., Age 13 --- Connecticut
April 21, 2004
"To be better than the best you have gotta be different from the ... rest!!!"
Copyright 2004 Ankeeta Sausan
I wrote this quote after coming from college one day. Somebody had badmouthed me and it really hurt me, as I always maintained a warm attitude with everybody. But then I realized that I was merely impressing people by always being warm. I cannot always remain in single mood of being happy always. Then I realized that I will no longer try to be MISS POPULAR like everybody else and will be "MYSELF". I already feel like a winner .. as I'm not in the RAT RACE like everyone :)
April 21, 2004
"Life sucks sometimes... but it can be sucked away at any time... so suck it up this time."
Written in 2004 by Kelly H., Age 15 --- Texas
April 21, 2004
"To influence one, to have an impact on one's life, that that one will continue what I have started, only then can I rest."
Copyright 2004 Josh Clough
For some, it is not enough to do nothing. To greatly influence others is to turn nothing into something, and then I can feel worth of my life.
April 19, 2004
"Different viewpoints may be but the two views through opposite ends of the same lens."
Copyright 2004 Xingyuan Wang
April 19, 2004
"Anything worth having takes hard work to get!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Raven W., Age 18 --- Texas
This is great advice, my dad gave it to me and he's a very wise man!
April 19, 2004
"We are not the same person this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by E.K., Age 19 --- Wisconsin
This is just something I always think of. College can change a lot of people. Just remember that those people are still the friends that helped you make through every joy and sorrow of high school. They are the ones that will love you no mater what.
April 19, 2004
"Too often we get distracted by what is outside our control. You can't do anything about yesterday. The door to the past has been shut and the key thrown away. You can do nothing about tomorrow. It has yet to come. However, tomorrow is in large part determined by what you do today. So make each day a masterpiece. You have control over that."
John Wooden --- Submitted by Becky L., Age 17 --- Florida
This quote is so true- you can't change yesterday, and you can't decide what will happen tomorrow, so make TODAY the best it can be. Who knows, it may be the last day you will live. Make it count.
April 19, 2004
"If you find that you want to know everything about your friends' lives, tune out of their personal conversations. Don't listen to what they talk about, and then you don't have to worry about snooping in their lives when they don't want you to. Sometimes, ignorance is bliss."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tai S., Age 16 --- Queensland, Australian External Territories
I used to be someone who wanted to know everything about everyone, so I just took this advice and it made me a lot happier!
April 14, 2004
"May you walk the road of life in style and grace because in the end, you will have to love the journey. And that the whole time you were traveling, your path wasn't a dirt road but a highway. And at last, the only guarantee that you have is today. So live it like it is your last."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Chelsea A., Age 13 --- Connecticut
This quote is so true and helped me get through a very tough time in my life and helped me discover why I was meant to live.
April 14, 2004
"Embrace life, grab it with two hands, and revel in who you are."
Written in 2004 by D.W., Age 15 --- British Columbia, Canada
Life goes by too fast to waste time being sad about who you are. Accept yourself; it's the best thing you can do for yourself!
April 14, 2004
"For you it maybe nothing, but just saying 'Hi' can make someone's day!"
Written in 2004 by A.T., Age 15 --- Victoria, Australia
Nothing beats saying hi to someone, because just being noticed can make their day!!
April 14, 2004
"You're not supposed to walk backwards for a reason: it's easier to fall. Sure, going ahead you could stumble, but you would only see what's before you, and not what you left behind."
Copyright 2004 Stephanie Saffle
April 14, 2004
"There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart's desire. The other is to gain it."
George Bernard Shaw --- Submitted by Caitlin R., Age 15 --- California
I thought that this was pretty true.
April 12, 2004
"Bad todays make you appreciate tomorrow."
Copyright 2004 Cate Carroll
I wrote this when I was having a really bad day. I started to think about the next day because I had some things planned that I was a little excited about. That's when I realized that having a bad day that day made me so much more excited about the next day!
April 12, 2004
One door may close,
One door may open,
Don't be blinded,
Don't be broken,
Keep your eyes,
On the door that opens.
Author Unknown --- Submitted by M.E., Age 19 --- Montana
April 12, 2004
"A friend isn't someone that will play with you. A friend is someone that will pick you up when you fall."
Copyright 2004 Josh Campbell
I wrote this because I've had some major problems with my choice of friends. But I learned that when you are truly in a time of need, you will know who your real friends are.
April 12, 2004
"It is a little known fact that the wrong decision will always be easier to make now, but harder to deal with later. Even lesser known is that the right decision will always be more difficult to make now, but later, the effects of the decision will be much easier to deal with."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.A., Age 15 --- North Carolina
I have thought about this a lot and still haven't found a time when it is not true.
April 12, 2004
"Wanting to make a difference is great...but having the courage to do so is a miracle."
Copyright 2004 Molly Miller
If you want to make a difference to someone, GO FOR IT! Don't live saying "what if".
April 9, 2004
"I can't describe perfection, for I feel I have not seen it. I can't describe imperfection, because who can say something/someone is imperfect? I'm not one to judge, so is everything imperfect or perfect? Or is it all in the eye of the beholder?"
Copyright 2004 Christopher Insall
This is just something I thought about in my Government class, and I though I would share it with everyone... Basically we might be perfect or imperfect, depending on how we look at it...
April 9, 2004
"Everyone wants to be different, but in the same way."
Copyright 2004 Camille Redmon
April 9, 2004
"Never regret something that once made you happy."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lindsay S., Age 14 --- Ohio
April 9, 2004
"The best way to compete is to compete with yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by D.L., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
April 9, 2004
"What might mean the world to you today, will be something you would rather overlook, tomorrow."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Samyuktha R., Age 17 --- Tamil Nadu, India
April 5, 2004
"Courage is the will that moves you forward, Bravery is the confidence in each step, and Strength is the skill of not turning your head to look back."
Copyright 2004 Jack Warner
April 5, 2004
"I never wanted to be different; I just wanted to be me."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kitty L., Age 14 --- Washington
April 5, 2004
"Say what you mean and mean what you say."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Chris H., Age 16 --- Texas
Don't ever settle for saying "I don't know" when you're trying to explain something, always say what's on your mind. Most of the time it will begin to make sense as it comes out. But always mean what you say, empty words can only hurt people. When you tell someone you love them, please mean it.
April 5, 2004
"Whatever happens, happens for the best."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Divya S., Age 16 --- KA, India
This philosophy has helped me in all the bad situations I've had in the past few years. Everything has a reason and it is for the best!

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