October 29, 2003
    "Live life to the fullest because one day you might not have that life to live."
    Copyright © 2003 Jenna Smith
    I thought of the quote right after a good friend of mine died. She was 17 and I knew that she lived her life to the fullest and she really wanted other people to also.
    October 29, 2003
    Look Into Me

    My trembling smile is no longer real,
    My eyes disguise the way that I truly feel.
    Who can I trust when I long for a friend?
    Who will be there when my world is at end?
    The honesty is lost in all of their eyes,
    The tears that I cry are drowning in lies.
    Where do I turn when I can't find the light?
    My reflection is shattered by the darkness of night.
    I'm left all alone, secrets hidden inside,
    I want to emerge, but they force me to hide.

    I'm sick of repetition day after day,
    Not knowing whom to trust, being wary of what I say.
    False friends who I loved for all of these years,
    Cut me the deepest by causing these tears.
    I can hear whispers; I feel your stare,
    But straight to my face, you wouldn't dare.
    Don't give me a smile when I know it's an act,
    When I turn my head, don't plan an attack.
    If I made a mistake, why can't you forgive?
    I refuse to regret the way that I live.
    I want to fit in, but what's there to see?
    Please look past my shell, and look into me.
    Copyright © 2003 Neena Amarnani
    October 29, 2003
    "You are free to choose, but the choices you make today will determine what you have, what you will and what you do in the tomorrow of your life."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by D.R., Age 16 --- QLD, Australia
    This is not only true but means a lot to me as it is encouraging. I used this quote in my School Captin Speech.
    October 29, 2003
    "Go by what is instead of what ifs."
    Copyright © 2003 Anthony Colby
    October 29, 2003
    "It's always too early to quit."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Alex M., Age 13 --- Indiana
    October 27, 2003
    "If one can't be proud of their own achievements, why should anyone else?"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Carly I., Age 18 --- NSW, Australia
    October 27, 2003
    "When you're right, no one remembers. When you're wrong, no one forgets!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.S., Age 15 --- Kansas
    October 27, 2003
    "You only trip over obstacles when you take your eyes off your goal!!!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Aliya G., Age 13 --- Alberta, Canada
    October 27, 2003
    "Don't be afraid of shadows. It merely means that there is a light somewhere."
    Written in 2003 by Snoopy Paco
    October 27, 2003
    "Think before you perform your actions, so you will not regret what you did for not thinking."
    Copyright © 2003 George Washington
    October 22, 2003
    "If life was meant to be easy, then what would you learn?"
    Copyright © 2003 Kim Graham
    October 22, 2003
    "If you make life boring, it will be boring. If you make it fun, it will be fun! Life is just what you make it!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Makenzie H., Age 17 --- Minnesota
    I was told this quote from a friend when I was getting sick of school and everything else. When I stopped to really think about it and tried to make life/school fun, it worked!!
    October 22, 2003
    "All actions have consequences- so if you are willing to do something that may result in a negative consequence- be prepared to deal with it and not complain endlessly about how unfair it may be."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by C.G., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    October 22, 2003
    "Life is like a house of cards. You have to be careful with the moves you make, being careful not to have it all fall down. But the beauty of it is, that no matter how many times you make a mistake or how many times the house may fall down, you can always start over and rebuild it."
    Copyright © 2003 Gabe Techera
    October 22, 2003
    "Don't think about the people who've forgotten you, think about the ones that will never forget you."
    Written in 2003 by Mandi W., Age 16 --- Washington
    October 20, 2003
    "We never realize the power of single human being until one comes along and conquers our heart."
    Written in 2003 by Amy B., Age 17 --- Florida
    October 20, 2003
    "I gave all I had today, what I kept I lost forever."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by J.P., Age 14 --- Washington
    This is a great quote for sports!!
    October 20, 2003
    "Instead of dealing with things of the past, deal with what's going on now. Because what is already done is done, there's no going back, and what's going on now is more important."
    Written in 2003 by Emily K., Age 15 --- Ohio
    October 20, 2003
    "When you take the mask off, that's when you begin to realize that even though what was on the outside obviously changed, what was on the inside had always been the same."
    Copyright © 2003 Ashlee Mundy
    October 20, 2003
    "Count your friends as infinitive numbers, like lasting numbers, like lasting friendships, for they will always be a part of you."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Huong N., Age 15 --- Louisiana
    October 15, 2003
    "What's so great about normal?"
    From the television show Roswell --- Submitted by Laura L., Age 15 --- California
    I think it's a quote everyone should live by. I mean why should we spend time trying to be like other people when we could be spending time discovering ourselves? If everyone did that then no one would feel weird or alienated because everyone would be their own unique selves. There would be no cliques. Everyone would probably get along because everyone would have a different common interest that they could share with others. I hope you take the time to really ask yourself what's great about normal because it will change your perspective on life. I know it did me.
    October 15, 2003
    "Don't live your life in someone else's dream."
    Copyright © 2002 Prudence Childers
    I wrote this after going through a hard time with my family and friends about a decision I had made. It was through this that I learned that I must live my life to make myself happy and not live it in the life they dreamed for me.
    October 15, 2003
    "You must not allow yourself to be chained to fate, to be ruled by your genes. In order to survive you must choose life, and then LIVE."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Marie U., Age 15 --- Wellington, New Zealand
    This is from a game that I played. It's a very realistic game and I strongly believe in this quote.
    October 15, 2003
    "If something happens you cannot control, then life isn't going to wait for you to catch up; you just have to keep on moving with life. If it's a boyfriend problem, then think, I'm worth way more then all this. I'm going to make it and life goes on."
    Copyright © 2003 Alyse Rossiter
    October 13, 2003
    "There's a point in your life when you realize who really matters, who never did, and who always will."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.S., Age 16 --- Indiana
    October 13, 2003
    "Saying hello for the first time is hard, but saying goodbye for the last time...that's the hardest thing in the world."
    Written in 2003 by Marisa M., Age 13 --- New Jersey
    I was really upset one day after another death of a close friend...I was thinking that, even though it may be kind of hard to say hello to someone for the first time, it's extremely hard to say goodbye when you know it's the last time you'll ever see them. *SPT* - my angel
    October 13, 2003
    "Don't let your past dictate who you are, but let it be part of who you become."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Chasity H., Age 16 --- Kentucky
    I used to not let myself be the person that I want to be because of a few little mistakes that I had made in the past. You shouldn't let your past dictate who you are on the inside. Learn from your mistakes and move on with your life. When I heard this quote it changed my whole outlook on life. Now I'm letting myself be the person that I really want to be.
    October 13, 2003
    "Your cut-downs and rude remarks are the things that motivate me in life."
    Copyright © 2003 Kirk Sampson
    To all the people that get made fun of: Take what people say about you and remember that. When someone says you can't do something, take your fuel (rude remarks) and use that energy.
    October 13, 2003
    "Through song, the power of speech is doubled."
    Copyright © 2003 Johnny Blair
    October 8, 2003
    "The difference between holding on to a hurt or releasing it with forgiveness is like the difference between laying your head down at night on a pillow filled with thorns or a pillow filled with rose petals."
    Loren Fischer --- Submitted by Elise S., Age 16 --- Minnesota
    October 8, 2003
    "Lessons in life will repeat to you in different forms until you have learned them. When you have learned them, you can then go on to the next lesson."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.F., Age 17 --- New York
    October 8, 2003
    "I am God's angel and that's all I need to assure myself I'm someone's angel."
    Written in 2003 by Amber N., Age 14 --- Georgia
    October 8, 2003
    "Fear is nothing but the anticipation of pain, be it physical, mental, spiritual or emotional."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Emily J., Age 18 --- Florida
    This is a great quote that just makes you put all your fears into perspective. When I thought I couldn't do something, I would recite the quote in my head and apply it as needed.
    October 8, 2003
    "In Math there are Positives and Negatives, the same as in life. If you wish to be positive, hang with positive people. But if you're positive and surround yourself with negatives, you will become a negative."
    Written in 2003 by Eryn A., Age 15 --- Ontario, Canada
    I was thinking this in the middle of math class because one of my friends was being really negative and she was bringing me down with her.
    October 6, 2003
    "Individuality is the salt on common life!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sarah F., Age 13 --- Texas
    I always remember this when I feel like I stand out and I feel I am alone! So I hope you will treasure this quote!
    October 6, 2003
    "If you are in a relationship that is causing you more pain than happiness, GET OUT. It's not true that love should never hurt but it is true that love should not ALWAYS hurt. Don't sacrifice your happiness in the name of love."
    Copyright © 2003 Dinah Hanson
    I just got out of that kind of situation and it was tearing me up and I'm sure there are others like me who feel the same way. You need to simply GET OUT. You may feel that love makes the difference but sometimes you need more than just love.
    October 6, 2003
    "Everyone makes mistakes...but if you hurt someone, and say you're sorry that's all you can do...because if they don't forgive you, THEY'RE making the biggest mistake of all."
    Copyright © 2003 Alexandra Fox
    October 6, 2003
    " People you meet along the way are just people, you have to live with yourself forever."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Marcie L., Age 16 --- South Dakota
    My sister told me this quote and I'm not sure if she wrote it or not. It helped me get through tough times in my life, especially when I was feeling down on myself.
    October 6, 2003
    "Letting go doesn't mean giving up... it means moving on. It is one of the hardest things a person can do. Starting at birth, we grasp on to anything we can get our hands on, and hold on as if we will cease to exist when we let go. We feel that letting go is giving up, quitting, and that as we all know is cowardly. But as we grow older we are forced to change our way of thinking. We are forced to realize that letting go means accepting things that cannot be. It means maturing and moving on, no matter how hard you have to fight yourself to do so."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kei J., Age 17 --- New York
    October 6, 2003
    "Whatever is going to happen is going to happen. So why be afraid?"
    Bob Dole --- Submitted by Chris H., Age 15 --- Texas
    October 1, 2003
    "Who we are makes a difference, but only a difference can make who we are."
    Written in 2003 by CaBrie C., Age 16 --- Iowa
    This is one of the main quotes that I live by!
    October 1, 2003
    "What you practice is what you perform."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.C. --- New York
    My social studies teacher told me this a few years ago. It doesn't just relate to sports but also to life. If you slack off your whole life, then you get into the real world, you're not going to know what to do.
    October 1, 2003
    "The same things that you are trying to protect yourself from are the things that will set you free!"
    Anthony Robbins, Get The Edge --- Submitted by Sachin S., Age 19 --- Auckland, New Zealand
    For example if deep inside you, you always wanted to ask the prettiest girl out, but as soon as you thought about doing it your old beliefs take over; then the next time just do it. No matter what the result, it will set you free! When we try to resist ourselves we suck the life out of us.
    October 1, 2003
    "To be the best you have to beat the best. There is only one way to do that... practice."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jillian V., Age 14 --- New York
    October 1, 2003
    They tell me I'm something I'm not
    They are wrong, I am what I am
    It is they who think they are something
    They could never possibly be
    Copyright © 2003 Malia Moriarty

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