JUNE 2003

    June 30, 2003
    Joli Anderson --- Submitted by Taylor M., Age 16 --- Tennessee
    My high school's community service program created this acronym. It's just really neat to try to remember this and live one's life by it.
    June 30, 2003
    "Home is not a mere place. Home is where mommy is."
    Copyright © 2003 Anne Ang
    As kids, we love people and use things. As we grow, we start to love things and use people. Tells us that home is not something materialistic; it's where love lives.
    June 30, 2003
    "Life is like learning to play the piano, If you're patient and keep practicing, you'll hit the right keys and that will lead to a masterpiece."
    Written in 2003 by D.W., Age 18 --- Alberta, Canada
    June 30, 2003
    "Never regret anything that you have done or said. Do not mourn over your regrets. Learn from your mistakes and move on. There will be better days ahead if you're optimistic and you do not dwell upon what you did wrong."
    Written in 2003 by Lindsey S., Age 15 --- New Jersey
    I thought of this quote based upon my own experiences. I've learned never to regret anything, for it will only put a hold on my life, and not allow me to really succeed and see what's going on around me. Learn from your mistakes, it will truly help you to become a better and stronger person.
    June 30, 2003
    "The best of everything does not often come our way, even though we've placed our heart & soul in it; do not concede failure, for a true winner is one that learns & grows from these painful experiences to become a success."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Serene G., Age 17 --- Singapore
    June 25, 2003
    "It's the soul afraid of dying that never learns to live."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lynn R., Age 18 --- Wyoming
    June 25, 2003
    "It's not what you achieve in life...It's how you get there that counts."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Hannah J., Age 18 --- England
    June 25, 2003
    "Even if love leaves out through the door of your heart, keep it open, for love doesn't always knock; it just might want to get in."
    Copyright © 2003 Ruben Sanchez
    I'm a gay teenager just living life every minute of every hour, Be happy everyone and remember to stay together, for we need each other.
    June 25, 2003
    "It's not about being the best, and it's not about winning; it's about belonging, that's all."
    Ms. Joy Button --- Submitted by Kay N., Age 16 --- New York
    June 25, 2003
    Friends are like stars
    Sometimes they're not the brightest,
    Sometimes they seem so far away
    But they're really so close.
    Sometimes you wish things on them,
    And sometimes it comes true.
    But the most important reason they are like stars
    Is because when things are cloudy it seems they are not out,
    But they're always there, even if you can't see them!
    Written in 2003 by Ashlee B., Age 14 --- Iowa
    This is a poem about friends. I like to think of this when I am mad at one of my friends and I thought I could share this poem with you! I know this isn't my best poetry but you have to put it into mind this was off the top of my head!
    June 23, 2003
    "If you're not willing to risk a failure and embarrassment, you're not willing to try."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Alli J., Age 13 --- Connecticut
    June 23, 2003
    "Even one small drop can make a ripple in the water and one small decision can affect your life in the simplest way."
    Written in 2003 by LeeAnn K., Age 17 --- Michigan
    I was sitting by my friend's pool by myself, splashing my feet in the water, and I noticed that even the smallest drop made ripples to even the farthest edge of the pool. I also realized that decisions in life are like that; even the smallest one can reach everybody and everything around you!
    June 23, 2003
    "When you're in love, you feel pain, sorrow, and mixed emotions. But all these feelings are worth the feelings of happiness, joyfulness, and the never stopping smile on your face. To know the one you love doesn't love you, it's not you, it's them; they're blind and cannot see what you have to offer, what you are inside."
    Written in 2003 by Patrick G., Age 15 --- Rhode Island
    June 23, 2003
    "Success comes to those who strive... not to those who slack."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rebecca T., Age 13+ --- Singapore
    June 23, 2003
    "Every now and then you meet someone spectacular, someone that is everything you need. At first, she is just a friend that you wave to when you pass in the hall. Long walks and deep conversations later, she's your best friend and your shining star. Everyday you live to see her face; you go on day after day giving her everything. Your life circles around her, you spend every moment with her, and when you're not you think about her and hope that she's happy. It's people like her that you can never let go of, they are the ones that will always love you, no matter where life takes you or what it throws at you. She will always be there for you, always caring about you. People like her only come maybe once in your life, always tell them how you feel because they are worth living for, worth all the love in the world. "
    Copyright © 2003 Chris Hogan
    I wrote this for Michelle; because she's the most amazing person I have ever met. She brought back everything good in my life by showing me that people care about me. She's the miracle that keeps me alive. I want to thank her for everything she's done and for being in my life, because she's everything to me.
    June 18, 2003
    "Give your best to the world and the best will always come back to you."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Saz H., Age 14 --- England, United Kingdom
    This is one of the truest quotes I have ever heard. I always gave 110% in all my friendships and when I was betrayed by someone I considered a true friend- I lost it. I was really upset and couldn't see a way out. I read this quote and put it into practice- like I had always done before- and the best did come back. I found true friends who will stick by me and vice versa. You are NEVER alone for long, so HOLD ON and wait. What you NEED will ALWAYS come your way.
    June 18, 2003
    "A best friend is someone who is not only there when you need them to be, but when you don't need them to be."
    Written in 2003 by Amy H., Age 16 --- Washington
    It's easy to think about several people who will "be there" for you when times are bad. What everyone really wants, is a friend who will be there without being asked. Someone who will be there before you need them...and after. (dedicated to my best friend Kell)
    June 18, 2003
    "When it rains it pours, but through every cloud you will find the sun."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Megan M., Age 17 --- New York
    June 18, 2003
    "Wherever you go, go with all your heart."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Cameron H., Age 16 --- Sydney, Australia
    This really means that if you put your mind to, something it will happen.
    June 18, 2003
    "Never give up and always remember those who were there when you needed them and never forget them because those people will be the ones who mean the most and are the hardest to leave."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Amanda D., Age 18 --- Iowa
    June 16, 2003
    "The dynamics that are required to make any relationship work: Just keep putting your love out there."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by L.T., Age 17 --- Texas
    June 16, 2003
    "There are only three times you will ever be truly loved in your entire life: Past...present...and future."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rain A.K.A. Pixie Deathrose, Age 17 --- Oregon
    Someone loves you...24/7!
    June 16, 2003
    "Too much of anything can make you an addict, thus one should not do something with either a tendency to do it with more than enough and/or less than enough....always stick to what is asked for."
    Copyright © 2003 Sammy Farahzad
    June 16, 2003
    "Although it seemed as if my father carried the weight of the world on his shoulders, he always had room upon them for me."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Krystal F., Age 17 --- Florida
    June 16, 2003
    "Don't ever be kidding if you say you hate someone. That person may believe you!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ashley G., Age 15 --- Utah
    Try not to say you hate someone at all. Just say you dislike them. Hate is too strong of a word!
    June 11, 2003
    "Once we made a promise, we swore we'd always remember,
    PHS RAM TRACK TEAM --- Submitted by Stefanie S., Age 15 --- New Mexico
    June 11, 2003
    "While you are sitting here reading this, someone is out practicing.
    And when you meet him, he will beat you."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jenn S., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
    This is SO true...so get up...turn off your computer and go practice!
    June 11, 2003
    "Sometimes the best way to find out who you are, is to go to that place where you don't have to be anyone else."
    Copyright © 2003 Maria Scinico
    This quote means a lot to me. It shows that you don't need to be with people all the time. It shows that sometimes you find yourself just by being by yourself and alone. In my opinion, being alone means that you find out things that you never thought possible. You find likes and dislikes about yourself. Some other people think that being alone is a bad thing, and that being with other people makes you happy. Yes, that is true... in a way. I find being alone ... amazing and it makes me think about my life and how I am living it. Don't be afraid to be alone, it could be the best thing in the world for you.
    June 11, 2003
    "If you ask God, it will come!!"
    Copyright © 2003 Amanda Potts
    I thought of this when I was sitting at my desk. I was about to get my Driver license and I found out that I had to take my test again. I cried and thought about it even more, then I came up with this quote.
    June 11, 2003
    "Death is an absolute. And with each moment that passes, we grow nearer to our ultimate fate. Understand that life is slipping away from your hand. And you never know when tomorrows will run out. So learn to love the life you've got. Accept the inevitable truths that so often society teaches us to deny and ignore. Go out and live without your list of things to do tomorrow, and for one day live as if it were your last... Because before you know it, that day will be your last."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by E.H., Age 17 --- Colorado
    June 9, 2003
    "Live your life for yourself, only yourself, and nobody else."
    Copyright © 2003 Sara Whalen
    Don't live your life how other people want you too. Don't give into peer pressure because YOU are the one who has to face the consequences and do what you want to do with your life despite what other people may think, it's your life, not theirs! ;-)
    June 9, 2003
    "There are two types of people: Those who come into a room and say 'well, here I am!'
    and those who come in and say 'AH, there you are.'"
    Frederick Collins --- Submitted by Megan A., Age 15 --- Manitoba, Canada
    June 9, 2003
    "The only way you can truly control how you are seen is by being honest all the time."
    Tom Hanks --- Submitted by Jackie K., Age 14 --- Georgia
    June 9, 2003
    "If you are weak, fight to become strong.
    If you are strong, fight to help and protect the weak."
    Copyright © 2003 Chris Hogan
    June 9, 2003
    "God put the moon in the sky to remind us that our darkest moments can lead to our brightest."
    Lynne Ewing --- Submitted by Keshan L., Age 15 --- Florida
    June 4, 2003
    "Contentment comes from the willing help of others. Peace comes from the inner beauty within yourself."
    Copyright © 2003 Krystina Blacksmith
    This quote came to me while I was searching for peace with friends, family, and other relationships. Turning to others only brings as much as satisfaction, but if you look deep into your own self, you realize the peace you need ... comes from you.
    June 4, 2003
    "The best mistake I ever made was falling in love."
    Copyright © 2003 Bre Coffey
    Love was definitely a mistake worth making. Even though sometimes love can seem like your worst enemy, it could be the best thing that's ever happened to you. I know it was for me.
    June 4, 2003
    "Lying is like digging a gigantic hole. The more you dig, the harder it gets to get out of it. Like lying, the more you lie the harder it gets to get out of the lie. Then all of a sudden you can't get out of the hole unless you tell the truth and get out of it with help."
    Copyright © 2003 Edith Gillespie
    June 4, 2003
    "If God can work through me,
    He can work through anyone."
    St. Francis Of Assisi --- Submitted by C.M., Age 15 --- Ontario, Canada
    June 4, 2003
    "Believe, Believe, Believe!"
    Dominque --- Submitted by B.T., Age 16 --- Massachusetts
    A senior, on my track team, told this to me when I was thinking I would do bad on a race. She told me this and I did believe I could do it and I did it.
    June 2, 2003
    "Often I ask myself, what's wrong with me? And then, as I gaze upon my looks, I wonder...what's wrong with them?"
    Written in 2003 by ShS, Age 16 --- Quebec, Canada
    You are beautiful, no matter what they say, no matter what they think. You're not here to please them, but only to please yourself. Don't take their side, you're beautiful, and you know it.
    June 2, 2003
    "It doesn't matter what you have in life, but who."
    Jess Rieken --- Submitted by Kristin T., Age 15 --- Illinois
    This is a quote written by a girl in my school, it was published in our yearbook her senior year with a picture of her and her friends at Prom!
    June 2, 2003
    "No person is your friend who demands your silence, or denies your right to grow."
    Alice Walker --- Submitted by Heather S., Age 18 --- Ohio
    June 2, 2003
    "You are blessed with every star all your life, just blow out the candles of uncertainty and look up!!!"
    Copyright © 2002 Kimmy Cai
    June 2, 2003
    "I've learned that things change, people change, and it doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means that you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn't mean giving up, it means accepting that some things weren't meant to be. You don't ever stop loving someone; if you do... you probably never REALLY loved them. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what's going to happen next. TAKE CHANCES; life is no fun without them! If you screw up at least you learned something."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shannon M., Age 16 --- Ohio

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