Do You Want World Peace? What Are You Willing To Do?

The Delivery of Worldly Peace

In a sort of an unjustifiable method, the world of hope remains stringent upon the epiphany of Peace to our worldly society in more than one way. As time seems to be moving backward in human evolution, we actively destroy the concept of future intelligence based on the new way that could be solely described as technological human breakdown.

We actively deny ourselves of the crucial barrier between you and who you want to become by furbishing anti-action consumable products. It is apparent that the human species is doing less as a species. We've handed over our God given right to attain by succumbing to the information age and it's lack of real active human intelligence.

Should a device or a product that stimulates ease drive your success?

As our wages get cut and we hand over our rights to a technological device, the standpoint of a forward moving society is ludicrous.

Have we let the corporate demon overrule us?

Are we handing the reigns to technological devices and the cancers fed to us?

Although the world keeps pushing us away from ourselves, we still have the opportunity to, create, build, and attain our desires. To say that all devices are limiting our evolution would be absurd, but it is through the psychological persuasion that these products become a must have in our eyes as a society.

As the media and the news fuel the worldly and societal fear, a misrepresentation of truth is being conveyed. Only the controversial and wrong make the news. It's apparent that the more fear related story makes the corporate media companies more money.

What part of this do you want to play?

Do you want to be cuffed to the societal fear or unhindered by the false pretense of reality?

This is the choice of all, and we must choose to live for one another in a unity based world or we will surely perish in the bout of our own creation.

We can only prosper as a species if we grow. Growth is something we do as individuals and justifiable growth is only done through goodness and kindness.

Don't die with the world, live on and prosper with goodness and faith prescribed by the Gods; it's our only hope.

Copyright 2009 Will Barnes