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Thank you for taking the time to want to share with us.

We are looking to publish stories/poems/essays/articles that are inspiring, motivational or positive in nature.

To insure that your submission is considered for publication, please go through the short checklist first before you email us.

checkmark graphicSubmission Checklist

  • Accepted Formats For Your Submission:

    1. Microsoft Word

    2. Text Documents

  • Maximum Length - 800 - 1000 words.

  • Spell Check and Grammar Check your submission.

  • Ask someone to read your submission before you send it in, for proper use of English.

  • Include type of "Submission" in the email subject line.

    Example - Submission - Positive Story
    Example - Submission - Positive Article
    Example - Submission - Positive Essay
    Example - Submission - Positive Poem

  • Always include the "Author"

    If you are the Author, please include the year you wrote your piece, your full name, email address and one paragraph about yourself,(including a blog or web site address) if you would like a little PR. Also mention if you would like your email address published for possible comments from our visitors.

    If the Author is Unknown - do some research first. See if you can find out additional information. At least send the website address where you found it. Just because it's "Unknown" on one site doesn't mean it's really "Unknown".

    If what you are planning on sending in is copywritten by someone else and you don't have their permission to use it, please don't send it. Try to contact the author - maybe they would like to share and don't know about our website.

  • After your story/poem/essay/article submission is submitted, I will read it as soon as I can, then acknowledge whether or not it will be published. If it is selected, you will be notified by email when it goes live. Waiting time for publication can be 3-4 months, maybe sooner.

Please Note:

Original Authors maintain their own copyright.

By submitting to, you are giving us permission to reprint your submission on the or website and any other method (print or electronic format) without compensation, although we may charge a fee. I warrant that my submission does not violate any copyright laws.

final check  Final Check Before Submitting to our Stories Section:

  • Is your document in a Word document or a text file?

  • Did you spell check and grammar check what you are sending?

  • Did you include your contact information? A little bio?

  • Do you know what to put in the Subject Line:
    Submission: (what it is? story? poem? article? essay?)

okay graphic  While we're working on our new form, please send your story, article, essay or poetry to: submit (AT) motivateus (DOT) com and Attach Your File