January 31, 2005
"God brings men into deep waters not to drown them, but to cleanse them."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Edwin Mensah --- Kumasi, Ghana
January 31, 2005
"The substance of a "dream" is really what is known to us, from reality. To experience the "dream", live the dream through reality; it is, your dream!"
Copyright 2004 Donna Avvento
Your advantage is "only you" hold the key to unlock your dreams and let go!
January 26, 2005
"Tears will not erase your sorrow; hope does not make you successful; courage will get you there."
Copyright 2004 Johni Pangalila

January 26, 2005
"Life is struggle. The one who enjoys this struggle is the real winner."
Copyright 2004 Anupama Kamble
As far as I'm concerned, since my teens, I have faced lots of difficulties in my life. But from this I learned a lesson: If you face the problems with confidence and make a decision that I CAN, nothing is impossible. Yes, miracles do happen but only if WILL Power is there. I would end my topic with a sentence which I feel everybody should follow in his or her life. If you think you can do a particular task go ahead without thinking, "Will I be able to?", because miracles are gifts of GOD.
January 26, 2005
"Need and struggle are what excite and inspire us."
William James
January 24, 2005
"I am one person who is very negative and critical about myself and very difficult at the same time. It has caused me to be inactive. And now, every moment and every day, I practice to be active. At times, it's very frustrating but I am up to it. I keep trying, no matter how difficult because I am faced with unfounded fears. Every moment I try to face these fears and am glad to be alive at the end of each fear. Yes, I do believe that there is a lot of power in the words, "I can", and it takes a lot of effort from me to say it. I am walking very tiny steps; I am practicing!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bilwa Iyer --- Delhi, India
January 24, 2005
"Lord, help me to admit when I've done wrong and to be easy to live with when I've done right."
Copyright 2004 Mary Ann Herman-Bogle
January 19, 2005
"Always remember who you are, and you will always know where you are going."
Copyright 1997 Stephanie (Worcester) Duxbury
While writing my farewell speech as Miss Maine-USA 1997, I wanted to leave a simple message that expressed truth and knowledge of self. I came up with the above quote, and have only shared it with a handful of people. For some reason, I did not want someone else to receive the credit for a saying that was so personal to me. Now that I have had the opportunity to "live" the quote and find my path, it needs to be shared with more people; especially those who feel lost. Peace, faith, and love always.
January 19, 2005
"There may be a lot of hurdles, like the stars, but there is only one thing to overshine them, like the sun, and that is courage."
Copyright 2004 Shakeel Mohammed
January 19, 2005
"When you begin to touch your heart or let your heart be touched, you begin to discover that it's bottomless, that it doesn't have any resolution, that this heart is huge, vast, and limitless. You begin to discover how much warmth and gentleness is there, as well as how much space."
Pema Chodron
January 17, 2005
"When you are falling apart, open you heart and reach out. Somebody will definitely catch your hand and pull you together again."
Copyright 2004 Ida Hartina Ahmed Tharbe
January 17, 2005
"Believe that God is in all of us. We are all a part of God. Look not to the deities in the sky, but in yourself for help. For only then will you receive God's true aid. Look in your children's eyes and remember that all is not lost. Remember to be like a child when everything else is just too much. Play, dance, and laugh with children and you will feel God's arms around you."
Copyright 2004 Kjersti Leasum
I try to remember this when I become desperate and need some inspiration. Playing with my 3 year old always gives me clarity and focus for what really matters in life.
January 17, 2005
"Sometimes, there are no words; only shoulders to lean on, hands to hold onto, and hugs to comfort you as best they can."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by K8 P. --- Texas
This quote is especially true to me. I have a best friend who can say nothing, but sitting silent on the phone with him when I am really upset makes me feel SOO much better. Just having a friendly person close helps.
January 12, 2005
The Gifts from God
Every sunrise is a Gift from God,
Every sunset is a Gift from God,
But what lies in between, is what we make of it.
Copyright 2003 Jose Navarro
I have many more of my own poems and quotes. The Gifts from God was already published, and I am going to start writing my poems and quotes in a book they gave me.
January 12, 2005
"Life is all about thanking God every minute, enjoying it and helping people."
Copyright 2004 Sujan T.V. Parthasaradhi
January 12, 2005
"I believe there are no efforts without errors, that is what makes us humans. But our ability to correct them is what makes us beings."
Copyright 2004 Festus Ehinome Ayemere
January 10, 2005
"Sometimes, the winds of time change, maybe people in your life will leave, go on to a better place, whatever it may be, no matter what, great memories are the key things to our lives. We live to fight to hold on to them and those memories are what keeps us going."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Steve Modrzynski --- New Jersey
January 10, 2005
"God blesses us so that we will bless others."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Catherine Nolasco --- Cavite, Philippines
January 10, 2005
"Problems are not obstacles as they seem to the unvisionary minds, but are simply raw materials needed for making the visionary mind attain his destiny and fulfill the mission that has been divinely assigned unto him. For the only way a man gets to be a hero is by overcoming hardships intended to debar him from achieving his aspiration. So when things go wrong, as they sometimes will, put your trust in ALMIGHTY GOD for your breakthrough and HE will surely be very glad to pull you through."
Copyright 2004 Adenuga Ajaye Gbenga --- Nigeria
Thank you LORD JESUS for dying in my place to give me the eternal life I've so much desired. To all the members of my family, I say thank you and God bless. To all my friends in Badia Ijora, I wish the best all the time.