December 22, 2004
" Sometimes you have to take a leap at life and build your wings on the way down."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Omar Abdulla --- South Africa
December 22, 2004
" There are no real strangers, just family members we have not met yet."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.M. --- Michigan
December 22, 2004
" Do not think of dying, if you still cannot think of the reason why you are living."
--- Copyright 2004 Jeaneth Solomon
We should not wish to die if we still cannot find the reason or explain why we are given life by God. We all have a mission in life, but the sad fact is, when problems come, some of us easily give up and just wish to die and end being in the world. But the question is; do we already know our purpose in this world?

December 20, 2004
" Read, observe, and analyze, then plan and take action."
--- Copyright 2004 Professor Dan Yovich --- Michigan
I call it "The Entrepreneurs Credo"
December 20, 2004
LIFE to me means:
L-lake of happiness, joys and sorrows
I-industry where we mold and cut our character, personality and give a definition to our names
F-farmhouse build among the greenery of different human natures
E-etch something good on another's heart so that even the maker is proud of you
--- Copyright 2004 Suman Kuamri
December 15, 2004
" Remember, people, this IS the job."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by G. H. --- California
A few years ago I was working in a terribly negative environment. On a day that was a particularly stressful for the entire office, our happy-go-lucky IT contractor stopped on his way out the door, turned and uttered this phrase. It was profound in the moment, and these words live in my head. If you don't like what you're doing when you're doing it, do something else.
December 15, 2004
" IBMEUBU (I be me you be you). There is a reason for everything."
--- Written in 2004 by Kari Phillips --- New Mexico
Be yourself, you are who you are.
December 13, 2004
" Some painters transform Sun into a yellow spot; others transform a yellow spot into Sun."
--- Pablo Picasso --- Submitted by Chetan Verma --- Uttar Pradesh, India
December 13, 2004
" Think of life as a great road trip. If you spend too much time looking back at where you've been, you'll miss what's ahead."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jay Ennis --- Ontario, Canada
December 8, 2004
" When in doubt, do without."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Michelle Faircloth --- North Carolina
My father used to say this to me all the time when I was wrestling with a tough decision. It can cover so many areas of life and it is so true.
December 8, 2004
" It doesn't matter whether or not you have won the race, as long as in your heart, you know you have done your best."
--- Tawny --- Submitted by Sheila May dela Torre -- Philippines
December 6, 2004
" To be early is to be on time. To be on time is to be late. To be late is unacceptable."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by Justin La Rocco --- Kentucky
December 6, 2004
" Never forget where the best days of your life took place and where your heart lives on."
--- Copyright 2004 Daniel Moorefield
December 1, 2004
" Unexamined time is wasted time."
--- Author Unknown --- Submitted by William McGrath --- Cork, Ireland
This quote was in the opening address of a R/C missioner at the Parish of St Patrick's, Cork Ireland, about 15 years ago. To me this meant that every minute was precious and we are accountable for how we live each day.
December 1, 2004
Life begins
Worm-like crawling caterpillar
Eating, growing and molting
By and by, it withdraws
Encloses itself completely in silky cocoons
In solitude it reforms itself
In shape and form
Adorn with wings
Cocoon splits
--- Jeremy Lum --- Submitted by Alvin Chan --- Singapore