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September 26, 2012
" No one knows what he/she can do until they try."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ethel P., Age 14 --- Maryland

September 26, 2012
" If tomorrow is my exam, I am not afraid of it because a piece of paper cannot judge my future."
Thomas Alva Edition --- Submitted by Purna P., Age 17 --- India

September 26, 2012
" Who never made a mistake never made a discovery."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Sruthi, Age 14 --- India

September 24, 2012  Life Quotes for Teens
" If you want to succeed in life, always think - if others can, then why can't I? But after success be humble enough to say that if I can, then who cannot?"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Purna P., Age 17 --- India

September 24, 2012  Quotes for Teens
" Beauty is not in the physical appearance but in the attitude."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ethel P., Age 14 --- Maryland

September 19, 2012
" Whatever level you reach, the eagerness of getting better never stops."
Written in 2012 by Mukesh D., Age 14 --- Nepal

September 19, 2012
" Those that cannot endure what God is taking them through cannot enter where God is taking them to."
Author Unknown -- Submitted by Samuel P.O., Age 17 --- Nigeria

September 19, 2012
" I understand that many of us don't take action because they believe one person will not make a difference. But, if we all think that way, then we all think there are other people trying to change the world. Really, there aren't as many as there could be. One person can make a difference and many, many people don't understand that and they need to."
Written in 2012 by T.P., Age 14 --- Ohio

September 19, 2012  Quotes for Teenagers
" To be honest, I may not be able to help you but I have ears; ears that are always ready to listen to what you have to say and a heart that is willing to cry with you. I would do anything to see you smile again."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Judith C., Age 16 --- Massachusetts

September 17, 2012
" You can achieve your dreams only if you believe in yourself and think positive."
Shaktimaan --- Submitted by Ashish P., Age 18 --- India
It's inspiring.

September 17, 2012
" The root to education is bitter but the fruit is sweeter."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shivannah S., Age 14 --- Guyana

September 17, 2012
" The best thing in the world is the best you, but don't think of yourself as a thing; assume yourself as a king and you will be."
Written in 2012 by Daniel N., Age 16 --- Ethiopia

September 12, 2012
" Try to Lead, not be led."
Written in 2012 by Avinsa H., Age 13 --- Indonesia
This is meaningful!

September 12, 2012
" Go for it today, life is too short to wait!"
Written in 2011 by Surjit S., Age 17 --- India

September 12, 2012
" When one speaks of love, one must not immediately equate it to romantic love between two partners. Love is beyond that. Love is affection. Love is caring for another. Love is the general concern and care for another person. To those in the 'friendzone' who were seemingly placed there by the ones they truly loved, do not weep, nor stammer, nor criticize love itself in blind anger. Rather, try to understand. The reason he or she may have placed you there was because he or she saw the un-readiness for the relationship. He or she might fear the other getting hurt. He or she might have done so due to social schisms, despite really wanting to. He or she might have done so because he or she loves you too. And love does not always mean 'yes'."
Copyright © 2012 Joshua Flores

September 10, 2012
" A small sentence but rich in meaning: Always think all you speak but never speak all you think."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Purna P., Age 17 --- India

September 10, 2012
" Each tear brings you closer to your dreams. Do not give up!"
Written in 2012 by John N., Age 15 --- Kenya

September 10, 2012
" I write, not to just see what is kept in my mind, or to practice my penmanship, but rather to help teach others the necessities of life before they make mistakes that they could regret living with for the rest of their lives."
Written in 2012 by Morgan M., Age 16 --- Vermont
I wrote this quote one day, while trying to explain to a community of teenagers that you do not need to continuously make mistakes, but to learn from the mistakes of others.

September 5, 2012  Life Quotes for Teens
" Man is great by his Heart, not by his caste."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ritik K., Age 16 --- Nepal

September 5, 2012  Life Quotes
" Don't tell me I've changed when in reality I've just stopped living life your way."
Written in 2012 by Nina N., Age 16 --- Montana

September 5, 2012  Quotes for Teens
" No one will ever know you like you know yourself so don't let people tell you what you can or can't do. Don't allow people to just jump right into your life and start telling you where you can or can't reach, who you are and who you will be because there are things in your life that only YOU went through so YOU'RE the one that knows what you're capable of."
Written in 2012 by Judith C., Age 16 --- Massachusetts

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