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November 30, 2009
" If you think holding an office is going to get you some honor or respectability, it is not worth the trouble. But if your being in the office is going to bring honor to the office, take it."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Anu G. --- India
I came across these valuable words when I was reading an interview conversation in the reader's digest (India) site. These words were uttered by one of the Justice's father.

November 30, 2009
" Be the man everyone wants, then everyone remembers you; Don't be the man everyone wants to be, and on a fine day someone will replace you."
Written in 2009 by Sunil Reddy --- India
It is my experience.

November 30, 2009
" The sum and substance of the matter is that our firm remains in a prosperous condition."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kelly Lopez --- Canada
This quote reminded me of the on I read by you. Divide each difficulty into as many parts as is possible and necessary to resolve it.

November 25, 2009
" Most of us, swimming against the tides of trouble the world knows nothing about, need only a bit of praise or encouragement -- and we will make the goal."
Jerome P. Fleishman

November 25, 2009
" The six most important words: I admit I made a mistake.
The five most important words: You did a good job.
The four most important words: What is YOUR opinion?
The three most important words: If you please.
The two most important words: Thank You.
The one most important word: We.
The least important word: I."
Author Unknown

November 25, 2009
" Appreciative leaders bring the gift of new eyes, penetrating and positive. They hone in on capacities. They lift every voice. But most of all they are agents of knowing life-generating alternatives, lifting up options for better living, and creating webs of inclusion that serve to enlarge our world-making potential at its healthiest."
D.L. Cooperrider

November 23, 2009
" It is the positivity, creativity and persistence of oneself that promotes success."
Copyright © 2007 Vicky O'Donnell
I wrote this after I started my own business in 2007...Passion Transportation, Inc. Having dedicated my heart, soul and "passion" to another company that brought much success to both of us, I was told I was making too much money and they were going to change my commission structure. I was devastated and hurt but determined to turn a very challenging time in my life into a new beginning...I am a 100% Woman-Owned 3PL Corporation and I thank GOD for my ability to prevail.

November 23, 2009
" Lower risk sacrifices higher gain."
Written in 2009 by Mohamed Elgendy --- Egypt

November 23, 2009
" Great hopes make great men."
Thomas Fuller

November 18, 2009
" If you want something different, DO something different. Without change, progress is impossible."
Written in 2007 by Steve Maraboli --- New York

November 18, 2009
" Every morning the only thing you have to pay is attention. And, if you pay attention today, tomorrow you will be able to pay your own way."
Genevieve A. Shepherd --- Submitted by Michael Scullin --- New York
She is the principal of a magnet school in Leimert Park, CA. This is what she tells her students, according to the Los Angeles Times. To me, this is the essence of learning, and applies at every level, all your life.

November 18, 2009
" Achievement always comes to the person who is looking for it but not to the person who is just waiting for it."
Written in 2009 by Johni Pangalila --- Australia

November 16, 2009
" There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else."
Sam Walton

November 16, 2009
" No matter what you're doing, try to work at that task like it's your dream job."
Russell Simmons

November 16, 2009
" Never hire or promote in your own image. It is foolish to replicate your strength and idiotic to replicate your weakness. It is essential to employ, trust, and reward those whose perspective, ability, and judgment are radically different from yours. It is also rare, for it requires uncommon humility, tolerance, and wisdom."
Dee W. Hock

November 11, 2009
" Be firm on principle but flexible on method."
Zig Ziglar

November 11, 2009
" The worker is not the problem. The problem is at the top!  Management!"
W. Edwards Deming

November 11, 2009
" I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity."
John D. Rockefeller

November 9, 2009
" An error doesn't become a mistake until you refuse to correct it."
Orlando A. Battista

November 9, 2009
" Integrity is a disease that not all businessmen suffer from."
Copyright © 2009 Jason Pichette

November 9, 2009
" Next to knowing when to seize an opportunity, the most important thing in life may be knowing when to forego an advantage."
Benjamin Disraeli

November 4, 2009
" The great leaders are like the best conductors - they reach beyond the notes to reach the magic in the players."
Blaine Lee

November 4, 2009
" Leadership is the process of persuasion and example by which an individual (or leadership team) induces a group to take action that is in accord with the leader's purpose, or the shared purposes of all."
John W. Gardner

November 4, 2009
" Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with the important matters."
Albert Einstein

November 2, 2009
" A true leader has the confidence to stand alone, the courage to make tough decisions, and the compassion to listen to the needs of others. A true leader becomes one by the quality of their actions and the integrity of his or her intentions - compilation."
Written in 2009 by Marita M.D. --- Illinois

November 2, 2009
" If we are together, there can be wonders. If we are alone, there can be blunders."
Written in 2009 by Keshav Goel --- India
I wrote this quote as I feel it will help to improve teamwork in organizations.

November 2, 2009
" Instead of being more organized or controlling in your approach, allow for serendipity. Happy accidents happen when you look side to side or up, not always forward. Don't stop planning. Rather step out of the tunnel. Put yourself in situations that allow for the unexpected. Life is situationally driven. Learning happens in context. Be ready when opportunities arise. The more space you've cleared in your life for something new, the more right things will happen. More or less."
Marcia Conner --- Submitted by Lauren Covington --- New Jersey


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