December 22, 2004
"Desire comes from within to do what you want to do and to be who you want to be. Dedicate yourself to better not only your life, but also those around you. Discipline yourself to understand that with hard work, you will have no regrets."
Butch Kirkie Jr. --- Submitted by Maria Kirkie --- South Dakota
I remember hearing my father say this in one of his basketball practices. My dad passed away, April 28th, 1996. I forever remember these life changing words. They are my inspiration. They are my encouragement not only when I need to hear them but everyday because I live by them.
December 22, 2004
"When a dream ends with disappointment and sorrow, it is as if a part of you has died. It takes time to heal from. It is a daily struggle to overcome. But overcoming is possible. The way to acceptance and the road to happiness begins and ends with God."
Written in 2004 by Shelby V. --- Michigan
This quote was written when a dream I had cherished for six years ended with this dream not coming true. It was the biggest disappointment I have ever had in my life, and it has hurt me more than I want to admit, but I know that my faith in God will get me through this- even if it takes a while.
December 22, 2004
"You cannot have God's backing and be beaten in life."
Copyright 2004 Olugbenga Adeleke
God is the alpha and omega.

December 20, 2004
"To inspire is to know the power of your own words."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kayli S. --- Michigan
I believe in this quote with all of my heart and always fall back on it when I need to help someone out!!

December 20, 2004
"God wants our availability, not just our ability."
Copyright 2004 Valerie Filipowicz
December 15, 2004
"We never know what miracles are right in front of us! Remember, often times, things are not as they seem to be. Things can change instantly with a 'change' of perception."
Copyright 2003 Michelle W. Seamons
December 15, 2004
"Strife is present when God is absent."
Copyright 1991 Roge Abergel
December 13, 2004
"Love always in all ways."
Written in 1990 by Joseph Novak --- Ohio
1990 was the year my wife died. It was then I had the above quote put on my tombstone.
December 13, 2004
Love is a gift from heart to heart,
And it's not restricted to those who are smart,
Because only when you are in love you can
Act like a fool without giving a d*mn.
Written in 2004 by Katrina H. --- Amman, Jordan
December 8, 2004
"Have faith; you are capable of the greatest things."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brooke Randall --- Victoria, Australia
December 8, 2004
"In your journey in life, the word of God is your map and the Holy Spirit is your compass. And when you face battles, let the word be your sword and let love be your armor."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Karl M., Age 17 --- Philippines
Love is the greatest armor we have.
December 6, 2004
"We must not work God into our lives but work our lives into God."
Copyright 2004 Emily Hess Haynes
December 6, 2004
"Fear not the places that I have been or where I am going, for it merely takes an open mind, and I too shall take you there with me."
Copyright 2004 Ronald J. Champion
December 1, 2004
"There are many changes that a human being goes through in the short span of time in which we are on this planet. We see heartache, pain, and frustration. We also see happiness and all other form of emotions that are designed to lift us up.

Some people always want the emotions that lift us up, to be on a high for their whole life. But you cannot have life without the low, low and high go hand in hand; they never walk alone.

The one thing we can do to help the low is to be there and walk hand in hand with the person experiencing that low; two steps in front of them, to clear the way, but at the same time one step behind, to catch them if they fall."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Thea Blaise --- Australia
December 1, 2004
I was once told, that if ever I needed strength, look to the Lord.
If ever I needed bread, look to the Lord.
If ever I need a friend, look to the Lord.
I found all the answers by looking to the Lord.
Copyright 2004 DeMetria Moaning