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The Heart of MotivateUs.com is where the MotivateUs community stories, quotes and papers are first published. These pages are where many of your works have been brought to the World. The process that we have been using, since 1997, allowed us to delivery quality, family safe quotes, stories and publications to read and enjoy.
  • We receive a quote, story, article or some other type of writings through our Submission System
  • Every week we review and choose which of your writings will be published and insert it on one of the pages below.
  • At the end of each month we take that month’s featured writings and create a new page so your writings can live forever.
These pages change on a regular basis, they grow throughout the month. Please enjoy pages that make up "The Heart Of MotivateUs" and let their messages be part of your everyday positive life. Note: Depending on where we are in the website migration process, you may see the page in its original skins or its new format either alpha or beta release. Please be patient as we put in place our new system, and excuse our dust. If you don’t see something you like, you can view our Growing Navigation System to assist you in navigating the site.
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