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I'm Marlene Blaszczyk, Editor, Publisher and Chief Encourager to millions around the world. Since October 1997, from one web page to now over 2500, we are the collective positive energy of the world sharing quotations, stories, articles, poems and essays to uplift and encourage one another.

Hand picking the best insights from famous speakers and philosophers of the past and some by great thinkers of today - including visitors to - our hope is that these insights will help you to feel motivated, inspired and empowered; and that as a result, you will learn how to think and feel better about yourself and others.

We also provide you with the best products and services to positively impact your business skills and your personal growth.

I am personally committed to helping you be successful in life.
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Marlene Blaszczyk, Editor, Publisher, Motivating Moments

Marlene Blaszczyk,
Editor & Publisher
Motivating Moments

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