September 26, 2007
"This world is full of happiness and there are many people enjoying their life and wasting a lot. In contrast, there are many people full of sorrow and misery. Those who live in the darkness suffer for every split second, but there is no one to give them hope. Stop all nonsense such as dreaming and lend them a hand. They need a brighter world and are waiting for your help. Think carefully before you want to throw away your food and drinks. Think carefully before you sit on the sofa and dream about nothing; and think carefully before you complain about what you have."
Written in 2007 by Sherilyn W., Age 15 --- Malaysia
I wrote this because I wish that more people would join charities to help those who are suffering. If everyone could help each other in every moment, there will be no more quarrels, wars and sadness. Peace and harmony will stay with us forever.
September 26, 2007
"Language exerts hidden power, like a moon on the tides."
Rita Mae Brown --- Submitted by Joseph T., Age 19 --- South Africa
September 26, 2007
"If you had one short, one opportunity to sizzle all you ever wanted, would you capture it or let it slip? Every moment is another chance; don't miss yours!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Michael R., Age 19 --- South Africa
Opportunities never inform any one, so when they come, beware, never get caught with your pants down. Be ready to take it and use it; don't miss out.
September 26, 2007
"Keep moving forward..."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jemma E., Age 16 --- United Kingdom
I live by this quote. It's my motto and it's helped me get through a lot - no matter what happens, it always inspires me to just let go of the past and move on...the past is over and done with, we can't change it so why waste time worrying about it? Essentially we need to "keep moving forward..."

September 24, 2007
"Be yourself. Originality is the greatest form of beauty."
Written in 2007 by Ashley C., Age 14 --- New Jersey
One day I just got so sick of people trying to fit in and be someone they're not that this just came spilling from my mouth. It's true, to me at least. Original people are so beautiful because they're themselves and don't care what anyone else has to say.
September 24, 2007
"There are gold ships and there are silver ships, but the best ship is friendship."
Written in 2007 by Lauren E., Age 16 --- Connecticut
September 24, 2007
"Don't look back on those who've left you. The past is just that, the past. Keep your head high in anticipation of who you'll meet in the future."
Written in 2007 by Jessica W., Age 16 --- Alabama
September 24, 2007
"People who know, teach. People who don't, learn."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jalesa W., Age 18 --- Mississippi
September 19, 2007
"Life's a journey. It doesn't matter how much time you spend on the road, but how much impact is felt on your departure."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nkechi U., Age 17 --- Nigeria
Most times people think that life is a measure of how long you live, but this is saying that the measure of a successful life is based on how well you are able to live a good legacy for others to follow. A man who has spent over 100 years without anything to show for it will never be remembered, but that which has spent 10years and has made a difference will always be remembered for good.
September 19, 2007
"Be yourself. Everyone else is taken."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Gina L., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania
This quote has a lot of meaning to me because I think it is very important to be yourself and it is true everyone else is taken. You are all that you've got!
September 19, 2007
"You have your own personal song. It's your life. So as long as your living, you better sing your song with all your might because you never know when someone will try to steal the words to your song."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.W., Age 14 --- North Carolina
People try to control other people's lives with bullying, blackmail or things and I'm tired of hearing it and seeing it.
September 19, 2007
"Just because something is hard doesn't mean you shouldn't try; it just means you should try harder."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kate F., Age 16 --- Wisconsin
September 17, 2007
"Everyone is a stranger at first, but the only people that remain strangers are the ones we refuse to acknowledge."
Written in 2007 by Kenzie B., Age 14 --- Washington
I have just realized this while I was answering a question.
September 17, 2007
"Everyone deserves their own rights and for their voice to be heard, no matter the age."
Written in 2007 by Lindsay D., Age 15 --- Canada
September 17, 2007
"You know I could be totally down feeling, like I could die, and then you're there --- you help me through --- so I want to say thank you."
Written in 2007 by Brandi H., Age 18 --- Georgia
There are times when that one person shows you the light when you only seem to see the dark.
September 12, 2007
"Jealousy is simply and clearly the fear that you do not have value. Jealousy scans for evidence to prove the point - that others will be preferred and rewarded more than you. There is only one alternative: self-value. If you cannot love yourself, you will not believe that you are loved. You will always think it's a mistake or luck. Take your eyes off others and turn the scanner within. Find the seeds of your jealousy, clear the old voices and experiences. Put all the energy into building your personal and emotional security. Then you will be the one others envy, and you can remember the pain and reach out to them."
Jennifer James --- Submitted by Deepti P., Age 17 --- India
September 12, 2007
"Wishes may break hearts, but dreams make them stronger."
Written in 2007 by Jessica F., Age 16 --- Missouri
It's the truth...
September 12, 2007
"If you end up in third place, it wasn't because you were worse than the other two; it was because you were better than the other ten."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by TJ L., Age 16 --- Oregon
September 12, 2007
"Understanding students is one thing teachers, more oft than not, do not do. Which is all the more the reason why we should appreciate those few teachers who do come down to our level and truly empathize with us!"
Written in 2007 by Anindita M., Age 15 --- India
This is for those teachers who have made a huge difference in my life. I've been really lucky to have two of these amazing teachers in my life, and this is an acknowledgement of all that they have done for me. Words can hardly express what they mean to me, but all I can say is that I'm truly grateful to Renu Aunty and Plaboni Aunty for always having been there and helping me out, and of course - for being amazing teachers at the same time!! Love you forever!
September 10, 2007
"If you love someone and that person rejects you, don't curse your fate. It's their bad luck they didn't love the most beautiful person. That's YOU."
Written in 2007 by Nikita T., Age 13 --- India
It reminds me that there's someone more lucky in the world, who deserves my love.
September 10, 2007
"Life is not always fair, but this is no reason to give up. We should strive to make it as close to fair as we can."
Written in 2007 by Eric B., Age 15 --- North Dakota
September 10, 2007
"Becoming an adult is a journey. It takes strength and courage."
Written in 2007 by Madison G., Age 13 --- Australia
September 5, 2007
"Your heart's desires and aspirations, what it wishes for and what you long for, all you can do in your life makes you like a caged dove. It's beauty is only seen when it's set free!"
Copyright 2007 Josh Perez
I thought of it because it's something I included in my essay I submitted to the college I hope to enter... it makes me feel as if what I said can inspire others to go for what they want and strive for what they're heart is asking for... and since I never do, it makes me feel like inspiring others may inspire me to follow my own advice.
September 5, 2007
"The thoughtful heart may choose to see the joy in another's soul; the pure mind may choose to see happiness in another's heart; but the joyful soul has no choice but to see the beauty and purity in another's life."
Y.W. --- Submitted by K.C., Age 15 --- Illinois
September 5, 2007
"Life gives you a beginning and an end; it is your responsibility to fill in the middle."
Written in 2005 by Jen W., Age 16 --- Illinois