APRIL 2006

April 26, 2006
"Sometimes the answer to all your questions is right in front of you, but you're just looking at it, not actually seeing it!!"
Written in 2006 by Aysha KJ., Age 15 --- Bahrain
April 26, 2006
"I've never made a shot I didn't take."
Michael Jordan --- Submitted by A.T., Age 14 --- Utah
You can't accomplish anything if you pass up the opportunity to try.
April 26, 2006
"Concentrate on what you do have, not what you don't have!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Verity H., Age 13 --- Australia
April 26, 2006
"Failure is just a way of helping you set yourself up for even bigger success."
Written in 2006 by A.W., Age 16 --- Iowa
April 26, 2006
"Never make someone a priority in your life, if they only make you an option."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by O.V., Age 16 --- South Africa

April 24, 2006
"People can forget to acknowledge you but you cannot fail to acknowledge yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Yvonne L., Age 18 --- Singapore
April 24, 2006
"If you think of letting go, just remember all the reasons you held on in the first place."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Hallie C., Age 17 --- Indiana
This has helped me through some very difficult times in my life. I've always tried to think of the good things in my life and this quote has helped me along. I'm not sure I would still be here if it hadn't been for this quote. I don't know who wrote it, but whoever did is to be commended. You saved my life. I hope this will mean as much to someone else as it has to me.
April 24, 2006
"Every time you think the world has turned it's back on you...remain true to yourself and remember, maybe it's you who turned your back on the world."
Written in 2006 by Stevie S., Age 17 --- Oregon
April 24, 2006
"Live life the way you want to live it because if you don't, you will never get anywhere in life."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Katie H., Age 16 --- Maine
This quote helped me get through some of my tough times in life.
April 24, 2006
"Running away from problems will only lead you to running into other problems."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lydia Y., Age 17 --- Singapore
At first, I found this quote hilarious, but it is very true. How often do we avoid reality and end up with worse problems, feeling more depressed? It just takes a little courage to hold your ground, then you'll slowly realize that you can do it. Do the impossible. :)
April 19, 2006
"If you want to accomplish something, don't let others change your dreams. Dream your dream, not someone else's."
Written in 2006 by Laura G., Age 17 --- PEI, Canada
April 19, 2006
"First you must question why you are alive, and then you must spend your life living the answer."
Sheldon Imperio --- Submitted by Dianne E., Age 19 --- Philippines
When he was a kid, Sheldon had an accident and almost died. He came up with this because now that he is living his second shot at life he wants to know the reason why he got that chance.
April 19, 2006
"Focus your energy on building a credible character. If what others say about you will aid this effort then listen. If not, then ignore."
Written in 2006 by Julie L., Age 16 --- Trinidad and Tobago
April 19, 2006
"It's so nice to hear of your friends being happy and having things go right for them. Makes up for whatever might not be going according to plan in your own life."
One of my friends --- Submitted by R.P., Age 15 --- Australia
April 19, 2006
"Your life is your greatest work of art; live like you are creating every moment."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Tiffany G., Age 14 --- North Carolina
This quote motivates me every morning to get up and live while I can live for the time I have. I hope this quote motivates everyone else like it does me.
April 17, 2006
"You are your own biggest fan."
Written in 2006 by Natalie T., Age 14 --- California
I want to be famous. Every time I tell someone this, they sigh and tell me how hard it is, which is a polite way of saying they don't think I can do it. This always left me feeling discouraged and angry. Then I thought of this quote, and realized I can't depend on other people to boost me up, I need to do that for myself. Now I use their negative remarks as inspiration and it makes me want to prove them wrong. Don't let what others say get to you, because you truly are your own biggest fan.
April 17, 2006
"Through life people will come and go. The ones you remember will be the ones who made you laugh, cry, and love. So even in the hardest times, when you're disappointed in a friend, just remember, that years from now a part of them will still be with. Don't waste a great friendship, for they will be the ones helping you through life."
Written in 2006 by Dawn M., Age 15 --- Maine
I thought of this quote when I felt really sad about something on of my friends did, however, I saw that if I didn't accept changes that I would lose what might be the great friendship in my life.
April 17, 2006
"I saw a girl; she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She opened her mouth and spoke; she bitched and swore and was immature. The same girl is the most ugly girl I have ever seen. I saw a girl; she was an ugly duckling girl. She opened her mouth and spoke; she laughed and was happy and she lit up the room. The same girl is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. You are what you make yourself."
Written in 2006 by Ruthie W., Age 15 --- United Kingdom
If you think you are ugly, banging your head again a brick wall won't make you pretty. Your personality will.
April 17, 2006
"You may think you know the pain of soar muscles working to the extreme. You may think you know the beat of your pulse, pumping deep in your chest and pushing you forward. You may think you know the breaths that your lungs are straining to take in. You may think you know the excitement, the adrenaline to be here to play on this court with this team. But, you know nothing unless you've played volleyball."
Written in 2006 by Rachel A., Age 15 --- Minnesota
Everyone I know who hasn't played volleyball before thinks it's a sport for pansies. The only reason they think that is because they have no idea and they're not about to find out.
April 17, 2006
"If you ever feel like there is no one there and like you have no friends, you are wrong! There will always be people there for you who are your best friends forever and ever. Those people are your family and they are the best friends you could ever have."
Written in 2006 by Cami D., Age 14 --- Utah
This is so true you guys! I've had so many experiences where I have felt alone, only to realize that I will never be alone and my family will always be there for me.
April 12, 2006
"You are responsible for your actions and your actions depend on how you perceive things. So don't let anyone get to you. Be brave and face any situation at any time. You are your own creator or destroyer."
Written in 2006 by Sam B., Age 19 --- New York
It's my own vision.
April 12, 2006
"Don't be afraid to make mistakes, to stumble, or fall because most of the time, the greatest rewards come from doing the things that scare you the most."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Bryce S., Age 16 --- Oklahoma
This is such a great quote because it is so true.
April 12, 2006
"When you have worked this hard to get this far, don't let up because you finally got here. Finish with your heart and fulfill this moment the way you have dreamt of it for so long."
Written in 2005 by Kristen K., Age 14 --- Alaska
This was what I told myself when I made it to State for Cross-Country running. I was the only person who made it from my school and I was (am) a freshman.
April 12, 2006
"Put one foot in front of the other; each step brings you closer to your goal!"
Written in 2006 by Robert C., Age 16 --- Texas
Every goal I have ever wanted to accomplish in life I have --- by taking steps forward, never backwards.
April 12, 2006
"All dreams have the potential to become realities. So... never give up on your dreams or you will miss out on realities."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lainey C., Age 14 --- Texas
April 10, 2006
"If you go through live trying to make everyone accept you, you are never going to be able to accept yourself. Life is too short to live it for someone else!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.R., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania
April 10, 2006
"A life well lived is one that you would live over again and live exactly the same."
Written in 2006 by Nancy S., Age 16 --- Texas
April 10, 2006
"If a woman has the ability to believe in herself, then she's beautiful."
Paris Hilton --- Submitted by Karina K., Age 14 --- Maryland
I would have probably been a very self-cautious person if I hadn't read this quote.
April 10, 2006
"Let the world be around you. Don't copy someone's style, speaking etc., but make your own image so that people know you throughout the entire universe."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Nitika S., Age 13 --- United Kingdom
This quote is inspirational because in today's world, people are trying to copy each other rather than making their own mark and showing the world what they themselves are.
April 10, 2006
"The only difference between success and failure is success is when you get up, from your failure."
Casey Combden --- Submitted by Brandon C., Age 14 --- Canada
When things get rough, remember this... it is life changing.
April 5, 2006
"Everything is beautiful; life is about love and people. Live your life solely to impact others and have others impact you."
Written in 2006 by Laura R., Age 17 --- Connecticut
April 5, 2006
"Let go of what kills you and hold on to what's allowing you to breathe."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jarysel G., Age 19 --- New Jersey
April 5, 2006
"Positive thinking won't necessarily get you anywhere but it will definitely get you further than negative thinking!!!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by P.M., Age 14 --- United Kingdom
April 5, 2006
"Sometimes the imperfections are what make something better."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lauren W., Age 15 --- Michigan
April 5, 2006
"Never look back when you're running, looking back slows you down."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by T.B., Age 16 --- Mississippi
April 3, 2006
"Don't be ordinary! Why not go the extra mile to change the world, if you already have to do the work? I think every person has a place in the world, and whether it be a trash man or a doctor, we can all give that little extra to make us extraordinary."
Written in 2006 by B.C., Age 16 --- South Carolina
April 3, 2006
"Winners climb hills but Champions climb mountains."
Author Unknown Submitted by Joey F., Age 13 --- Ontario, Canada
April 3, 2006
"By being different, you're being just like others. By being yourself, you're being something that no one else can ever be."
Written in 2006 by Melissa B., Age 13 --- Ontario, Canada
This just inspires me not to fall into the flow of people, just to be myself, which sometimes is quite a relief.
April 3, 2006
"If you let the opinions of others run your life, then you will never be able to walk to the beat of your own drum."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Amber J., Age 17 --- Idaho
April 3, 2006
"Your Motivation comes from the mind...your throw comes from your heart."
Written in 2006 by Victoria B., Age 14 --- Wisconsin
My best friend does shot and discus. We came up with this one day during track warm up. Too bad I'm a sprinter.

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