November 22, 2002
    "You don't have to win to succeed."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by C.B., Age 15 --- Queensland, Australia
    November 22, 2002
    "People never know how special someone is until they leave, but maybe sometimes it's important to leave so they are given the chance to see how special that someone really is."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kendra W., Age 15 --- Ohio
    November 22, 2002
    "Tears are just salty water, but feelings are something inside you. Sometimes those tears express them, but other times you just know, you know how you feel."
    Jill H.--- Submitted by Lindsay M., Age 16 --- Minnesota
    November 22, 2002
    "Don't leave this world without giving it your all."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Blaine T., Age 16 --- Texas
    November 22, 2002
    "The hardest thing in this world is to live in it. Be brave. Live."
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer --- Submitted by Julie K., Age 17 --- Michigan
    This quote probably holds the most meaning to me. I keep it in mind when things are bad and I want to give up.
    November 20, 2002
    "Life is like ice cream; enjoy it before it melts."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Diana R., Age 13 --- Florida
    November 20, 2002
    "Sometimes you have to step away from your own altar, even if there are flowers on it."
    Written in 2002 by Lisa H., Age 14 --- Texas
    This quote is a constant reminder to myself that even if I do possess a talent in something, I must refrain from using it to make others feel inferior.
    November 20, 2002
    "In stronger winds, stand the stronger trees."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Melanie H., Age 15 --- Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
    November 20, 2002
    "The key to life is to understand without having to know. Understand that there is and is not, and everything else is simply what you believe about it. After you understand that, the universe is at your fingertips. Void is spawned only from existence, and vice versa. You cannot have one without the other. The human mind however, will never know its origin."
    Copyright © 2002 Ky Jensen-Stewart
    November 20, 2002
    I see there is more to life than what the eye sees
    I believe that everything around me is apart of my world
    I know that I have to conquer my fears
    I know that I have to follow my dreams

    I know now that there is more to me than I can see
    I know others treat me differently because of that
    Just because I am a person with different feelings of life
    Just because I deal with different personal problems
    Just because I am not a follower of what everyone else does

    I am my own person
    I am one myself
    I do not follow the trends
    Even though I see everyone else doing the same

    I will do whatever I want to do
    I will do what I please to do
    Not what others think I should do
    I will be treated differently because of this
    I will be my own person because of this
    I am myself
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Hayley J., Age 12 --- California
    November 18, 2002
    "Paths are there because people walked there before. Run into the wild and your trail will be an inspiration for all to follow."
    Copyright © 2002 Pete Finch
    November 18, 2002
    "An instant's satisfaction can lead to an age of regret."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.G., Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
    November 18, 2002
    "It's ok to lose yourself once and awhile.....just don't forget to take time to find yourself."
    Copyright © 2002 Ali Sims
    November 18, 2002
    "The greatest things to learn from life are to learn and to live."
    Copyright © 2002 Alison Ling
    November 18, 2002
    "Taking chances is the only way to prove that you really lived your life to the fullest. If you go around saying, "Oh yeah, I am living my life to the fullest," when you're not doing anything, that's just pathetic. But some chances should never be taken, such as trying to take your own or someone elses life. But don't just sit there doing nothing, get up and live teens. But don't try anything stupid because this is not one big game where you can press reset; you only have one chance to live so don't ruin it. It's your choice."
    Copyright © 2002 Ryan Marble
    November 15, 2002
    "Love is the feeling that everything in your life is all right and you lose total consciousness of your surroundings. You forget all your troubles and only feel the love that you have for another."
    Written in 2002 by Tim A., Age 13 --- British Columbia, Canada
    November 15, 2002
    "If you want to be popular then be yourself, not who your friends want you to be."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jaclyn R., Age 13 --- Ohio
    November 15, 2002
    "Some of life's best lessons come from the hardest situations."
    Coach Criscuolo --- Submitted by R.D., Age 14 --- Pennsylvania
    November 15, 2002
    "If you don't let go, you can't fall off."
    Jerry Moffit --- Submitted by Danielle S., Age 15 --- Indiana
    Never fear climbing higher.
    November 15, 2002
    It's not what you can do,
    It's not what you will do,
    It's what you do do.
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Megan F., Age 17 --- Minnesota
    November 13, 2002
    "When you're young the decisions that you make seem so important at the time. But when you get older you realize that those decisions were really quite minuscule and half the time your parents made them for you anyways. Then we learn as "adults" that most of the decisions we make now can be life altering and it is assumed as life goes on the decision making process will become even more difficult and mind-boggling. Does anything ever come easy anymore? Will making a choice ever be simple? But I guess that's the point, if decisions were so easy to make we would learn nothing from them and life wouldn't be as interesting!"
    Copyright © 2002 Brigid Moran
    November 13, 2002
    "An open hand moves faster than a closed fist, the same is true with a mind."
    Rick Tew --- Submitted by Tim Y., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    November 13, 2002
    "Running will keep you in shape, but love will keep you running."
    M. Arsenault --- Submitted by Isaman A., Age 18 --- Prince Edward Island, Canada
    November 13, 2002
    "I am not in this world to live up to other people's expectations,
    Nor do I feel that the world must live up to mine."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by B.R., Age 14 --- Illinois
    November 13, 2002
    "A smile always makes someone's day, and makes someone else smile.....you just smiled."
    Greg M. --- Submitted by J.G., Age 17 --- Ontario, Canada
    Greg said this to me at school in the halls. He was just smiling away, when I asked why he was so happy. He replied with the above quote. It's true, a smile always makes someone's day. You should always smile, because you never know who you could make smile. It always brightens someone's day, and this sure brightened mine.
    November 11, 2002
    "As a teenager, the 2 most valuable traits you can have are self-respect and self-control. If you can't respect yourself, no one else will, and if you don't have self-control, others will surely take advantage of you!"
    Written in 2002 by N.M., Age 16 --- Oklahoma
    November 11, 2002
    "To live is to dream, but to love is to risk. If one dreams high, then one must take the risk of falling, but always rise and look ahead for life is hard without love in ourselves. We must learn to dream and love ourselves before we ask another to do so upon us."
    Copyright © 2002 Cathy Ponce
    Be true to yourself and never give up; for those that smile and dream will always rise, even if they've failed, those that are strong with love within oneself will always lead.
    November 11, 2002
    Where is north?
    Where is south?
    Where is east?
    Where is west?
    Where are you?
    You are the center of your universe. Make it count.
    Coach --- Submitted by Kelli D., Age 16 --- Indiana
    November 11, 2002
    "If you ever feel alone, in a darkened tunnel, pull your friend out and enjoy the light together."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ashley W., Age 16 --- Washington
    Helping someone else always puts more light in their life, as it does yours.
    November 11, 2002
    "Try to get what you like or you will be forced to like what you get.
    Success is never sure and failure is never permanent."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Deepti G., Age 17 --- Doon, India
    November 8, 2002
    Every day I think of it as a new day
    But when I can't go on
    I ask myself for what I have
    And not what I want.
    Written in 2002 by Paul B., Age 13 --- Missouri
    This poem is for B.G.
    November 8, 2002
    "A Woman: take her or leave her, but don't take her and then leave her."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Christine E., Age 17 --- Minnesota
    November 8, 2002
    "Once your eyes are open, your ears are listening and your mind thinking...everything is going as you are perceiving."
    Forrastari --- Submitted by Dia F., Age 17 --- Grenada, West Indies
    November 8, 2002
    Look up, look down, you can look all around...
    But you won't find what's coming,
    When you're here on this ground.
    If it hurts you that much to make you cry,
    Ask yourself the reason why.
    If you need to change, then do it fast,
    Cause if it's me, it'll never last.
    Written in 2002 by Catie T., Age 16 --- Michigan
    November 8, 2002
    "Individuals wishing they could, are certain to be passed by those thinking they can."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Blaine T., Age 16 --- Texas
    November 6, 2002
    "For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart.
    It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kendra W., Age 15 --- Ohio
    November 6, 2002
    "I never thought it was okay to cry until someone that I love told me it was."
    Caity M. --- Submitted by Chris H., Age 15 --- Texas
    After we didn't qualify for state, my girlfriend was really upset and I told her it was okay to cry. The next day I was upset because now, that it was all over, I wouldn't get to be with her as much and she told me this. It really meant a lot to me and I just want to say that I love her and I always will.
    November 6, 2002
    "In a multiple choice world, a friend is not A, B, or C,
    But D, all of the above."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Charlotte S., Age 12 --- Virginia
    November 6, 2002
    "Friendship: key word FRIEND!!!
    So be a true friend, don't tell people negative things, tell them positive things."
    Yonkers --- Submitted by Natasha Y., Age 14 --- Ohio
    November 6, 2002
    "Life is about risk and requires us to jump."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Molly O., Age 17 --- Ohio
    November 4, 2002
    "Why would you try so hard to 'fit in' if you can be yourself without any effort?"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lindsey, Age 14 --- Indiana
    This is TOTALLY true!! Nowadays it's all about conformity... you get shunned if you wear the wrong kind of clothes!! It's ridiculous and people shouldn't wear clothes and do things just because "everyone else" is doing it!! Just be ....an individual- it feels good!
    November 4, 2002
    "Life's great... there are just some hills and valleys that get in your way... but after all that you'll come to a nice flat plateau... which is like... total enlightenment."
    Michael Spiegel --- Submitted by Gracie, Age 17 --- Michigan
    November 4, 2002
    "Each one of us was sent for a special destiny. No one was born by accident."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mary N. --- Singapore
    November 4, 2002
    "In order to succeed, we must not only dream, but act. Not only act, but believe."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Amanda S., Age 16 --- Illinois
    November 4, 2002
    "Do today what others won't, so that tomorrow you can do what others can't."
    Michael Hurley --- Submitted by C.B., Age 15 --- Queensland, Australia
    November 1, 2002
    "Live life to the fullest, dream to your imaginations limit, and don't be bothered by anyone who gets in your way."
    Written in 2002 by Cynthia R., Age 17 --- New York
    November 1, 2002
    "Be a fountain, not a drain."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by S.S., Age 17 --- North Carolina
    November 1, 2002
    "You can have 20/20 vision but not see who someone really is."
    Written in 2002 by Lee Z., Age 13 --- Florida
    November 1, 2002
    "When two kids argue, it's called bickering.
    When two adults do it, it's politics."
    Copyright © 2002 James Moffitt
    I argue with my siblings a lot and I always get in trouble for it. I found that adults can do it and not get in trouble by calling it politics.
    November 1, 2002
    "I've learned one thing from all of this...You can't give up on LOVE. At first I ran from anything that came close to being serious because I was scared of getting hurt. But now I realize I've been missing out on all the good stuff. If someone doesn't love me for who I am, then they're not worth it because I am who I am and I'm not changing. I'm sorry for all the mistakes I've made and for the people I've hurt along the way but I'm learning with every step I take! Life is pretty hard, but that's why I have God, my family, and my friends to help me through the rough times. Thank you! I'm moving on with my life and I'm going to find better things!"
    Copyright © 2002 Amanda Lopez

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