MAY 2000

    May 31, 2000
    "You have to allow yourself to mess up
    Before you can allow yourself to succeed."
    My Horn Teacher --- Submitted by Chele D., Age 16 --- Oregon
    May 31, 2000
    "Velvet clouds devour darkness if you surround your heart with sky."
    Copyright © 2000 Leigh Whitten
    May 31, 2000
    "Friends are like television.
    Some are like PBS and are always asking for money;
    Others are like the news with sad tales to tell everyday;
    Some are like that one channel, with the foreign language,
    Because you don't understand a word of it but you watch and listen anyway;
    And then there are the ones like commercials:
    Always changing, ever so annoying
    And only seem to be there when you are bored.

    But every once in a while you meet someone
    Who's like a really good movie of the week
    Or that TV show you hardly ever get to see anymore
    Because you're so busy.

    My point is: hold on to the friends that you care about
    And since we don't have a remote control
    To mute someone or just change the channel,
    Choose your friends wisely."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mona R., Age 16 --- Ohio
    May 31, 2000
    "Do not hesitate to tell somebody today you love them,
    For tomorrow may never come.
    Take up your weapon and stand up,
    For there is no one to stand up for you except yourself!
    If you hate somebody, it means you hate yourself more!
    Love is F.O.C! (free of charge),
    So why not share it with someone special out there?"
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Lilian C., Age 18 --- Selangor, Malaysia
    May 31, 2000
    "The world is like a puzzle; everyone has a special place in it.
    They merely need to figure out where their piece of the puzzle goes."
    Copyright © 2000 Fern Thornwood
    May 29, 2000
    "Love is like a violin.
    The music stops now and then,
    But the strings remain forever."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jenn M., Age 18 --- Ohio
    May 29, 2000
    "Courage is giving up all you've ever known, and moving forward."
    Copyright © 2000 Sarah Ellsworth
    May 29, 2000
    "There are three types of people:
    Those who are immovable
    Those who can be moved
    And those who move."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by L.E., Age 14 --- Illinois
    May 29, 2000
    "Life is a hurricane - find the eye."
    Copyright © 2000 Eric Hoffman
    May 26, 2000
    "The more you sweat in training, the less you'll bleed in battle."
    Told to me by my basketball coach
    --- Submitted by Shae C., Age 15 --- Missouri

    May 26, 2000
    "Work at it, even if you feel like running for your life."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Erin J., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    May 26, 2000
    "When a bird breaks both it's wings,
    When a singer can not sing,
    When lovers fail to love again,
    And broken hearts just cannot mend.
    When time stands still to make us think,
    But no one will
    Because we're in too deep.
    When you feel like nothing is there but pain and hurt and great despair,
    That is when we know we need to not give up,
    Whatever it is we're going through."
    Megan M., Age 16 --- Nova Scotia, Canada
    May 26, 2000
    "The sun shines on those who don't stand in the shade."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Matt W., Age 15 --- Idaho
    May 26, 2000
    "People should live their life til the end
    Because you only get to live,
    Experience, feel all emotion, and live young once.
    Take the time to share feelings with anybody,
    It can be a stranger, or someone you truly love
    Because God had made us to realize our inner side in all of us."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Shine S., Age 13 --- California
    May 24, 2000
    "Maybe we'll be friends forever.
    Maybe we'll slowly drift apart.
    Maybe we'll stay the same next year,
    Maybe you won't even recognize me.
    But we'll always have the memories of childhood,
    Of laughter, of carefree days.
    And it is within each other that we shall truly be forever young."
    Copyright © 2000 Sara Bissonnette
    May 24, 2000
    "There's a word for people who think competition is bad:
    Suzanne Sugarbaker (Designing Women)
    --- Submitted by Sarah E., Age 14 --- Michigan

    May 24, 2000
    "Be realistic; Plan for a miracle."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by A.G., Age 16 --- QLD, Australia
    May 24, 2000
    "Things do not change;
    We change."
    Henry David Thoreau --- Submitted by Ashley J., Age 15 --- Alabama
    May 24, 2000
    "For the persistent,
    No road is impossible"
    J.D.C. --- Submitted by Janet M., Age 15 --- South Carolina
    May 22, 2000
    "Remember the losses for they will make you strong,
    And treasure the victories for they will make you smile."
    Lovelyn -- California
    May 22, 2000
    "You are today where your thoughts have brought you;
    You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you."
    James Allen --- Submitted by L. K., Age 18 --- Ohio
    May 22, 2000
    "Life is a book of many chapters,
    You are the author of your life, Be creative!
    For each chapter finished, a new one is about to unfold.
    You have the power to guide your own destiny.
    Don't limit yourself, for those who limit themselves
    Will find in the end that they could have been something
    But didn't try hard enough.
    Don't become one of those people.
    The sky is not your limit...you have no limits!"
    Copyright © 1999 Alicia Garcia
    May 22, 2000
    "Pain is bitter; thus it makes victory sweet.
    Accomplish and overcome and thou will achieve.
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Blake S., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
    May 22, 2000
    "In order to be a true athlete one must love every sport.
    You cannot hate a single sport and call yourself an athlete.
    It does not work that way."
    Copyright © 2000 Molly Loesche
    May 19, 2000
    "It is the lives that we change that makes us great."
    Copyright © 2000 Stephen J. Froman
    May 19, 2000
    "Remember, some things you will get,
    Others might take time to understand.
    In the end you will be a little bit wiser. Only time will tell."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Rosalyn R., Age 18 --- North Carolina
    May 19, 2000
    "Life is not about the number of breaths you take in a moment.
    It's about the number of moments in life that take your breath away."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Sarah E., Age 14 --- Michigan
    May 19, 2000
    "Peace can't be kept by force.
    It can only be achieved by understanding."
    Albert Einstein --- Sent in by Andy B., Age 12 --- Indiana
    May 19, 2000
    "If the light is green, by all means proceed.
    If the light is red, never in a billion years think about going."
    Danny -- Sent in by Liz and Danny, Ages 15 and 14 --- Ohio
    May 17, 2000
    "Set a goal, do everything you can to reach it,
    Expect nothing in return, and you will have achieved."
    Copyright © 2000 Janis Hui
    May 17, 2000
    "There is usually someone, who's better than you are at something,
    But you are always better at something else."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Adrian S., Age 16 --- Manitoba, Canada
    May 17, 2000
    "The reason most people fail instead of succeed is
    They trade what they want most for what they want at the moment."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Jared M., Age 16 --- Utah
    May 17, 2000
    "There are no problems, only opportunities."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Emily A., Age 12 --- Ohio
    May 17, 2000
    "You write to me that it's impossible; the word is not French."
    Napoleon Bonaparte --- Sent in by Ginger K., Age 16 --- Alabama
    May 15, 2000
    "The grand essentials to happiness in this life are :
    Something to do,
    Something to love,
    And something to hope for."
    Joseph Addison --- Sent in by Kristina Y., Age 17 --- Florida
    May 15, 2000
    "With so many spectacular colors in the world,
    It's a shame to make everything black and white."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Misty, Age 18 --- Hawaii
    May 15, 2000
    "If you want to kiss the sky, you got to learn how to kneel."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Katie, Age 17 --- New Jersey
    May 15, 2000
    "If you don't think every day is a good day, just try missing one."
    Cavett Robert --- Sent in by Amy V., Age 15 --- Michigan
    May 12, 2000

    Life is a gamble,
    You win and you lose.
    You fall and you stumble,
    You'll get bumps and a bruise.

    The goings not easy, sometimes it's tough,
    But keep your head up high,
    Try to remember this stuff...

    If you feel like your lost, and at the end of your rope
    Hold your head up high,
    And don't give up hope.

    The better will come,
    But it may take awhile.
    So, turn to a friend,
    And give them a smile.

    Tell them your secrets, your fears, and your wishes
    Make them seal their lips,
    And throw the key to the fishes.

    But, never give up, you must always try
    And remember this...
    It is ok to cry.
    Copyright © 2000 Steph J.--- Sent in by Alison, Age 16 --- Pennsylvania
    May 12, 2000
    "People are like eggs.
    You have your brown ones and your white ones,
    But underneath they all have the same color yolk."
    Copyright © 2000 Jennifer Anastasio
    May 12, 2000
    "True love comes to those who need it most,
    Not necessarily to those who want it most."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Chuck Medley, Age 16 --- Texas
    May 12, 2000
    "He who cannot forgive breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Ashley, Age 16 --- Michigan
    May 10, 2000
    "The quickest way to receive love is to give love;
    The fastest way to lose love is to hold onto it tightly;
    And the best way to keep love is to give it wings."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Molly J., Age 15 --- Pennsylvania
    May 10, 2000
    "Happiness lies for those who cry,
    Those who hurt, those who have searched,
    And those who have tried, for only they can appreciate
    The importance of people who have touched their lives."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Nicci T., Age 17 --- Ohio
    May 10, 2000
    "Striving for success without hard work
    Is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted."
    David Bly --- Submitted by Don G., Age 18 --- Washington
    May 10, 2000
    "If you don't move on you'll have nothing to look back on."
    Copyright 2000 Emma Victoria --- New Zealand
    May 10, 2000
    "If you died today,
    Would you like what everyone would say about you,
    Or would you be ashamed of it?"
    Daniel Hines --- Sent in by Cody, Age 16 --- Texas
    May 8, 2000
    "You are capable of being what you want.
    It maybe easy, it maybe hard; but it is possible.
    If you're willing to try, you're on the right track to making it happen!!!"
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Jessica A. --- South Carolina
    May 8, 2000
    "Life is not measured by the breaths we take
    But by the moments that take our breath away."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Gina S., Age 13 --- Wisconsin
    May 8, 2000
    "Kiss: the quotation mark of Love."
    S.R., Age 17 --- Pennsylvania
    May 8, 2000
    "The greatest battles of life
    Are fought within the confines of the human soul."
    David O McKay --- Sent in by Trevor B., Age 18 --- Arizona
    May 8, 2000
    "It's the extra that you did,
    That you didn't have to do,
    That got you where you are now."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Laura M.
    May 5, 2000
    "This is the true joy in life, the being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one; the being of a force of nature instead of a feverish, selfish little clod of aliments and grievances complaining that the world will not devote itself to making you happy.

    I am of the opinion that my life belongs to the whole community, and as long as I live it is my privilege to do for it whatever I can.

    I want to be thoroughly used up when I die, for the harder I work the more I live. I rejoice in life for its own sake. Life is no 'brief candle' for me. It is a sort of splendid torch which I have hold of for the moment, and I want to make it burn as brightly as possible before handing it on to future generations."
    George Bernard Shaw --- Sent in by Paul S., Age 17--- Sydney, Australia
    May 5, 2000
    "A true friend is someone who is always there to lend a shoulder when you cry, and she will be the sole person who will never say good-bye."
    Copyright © 2000 Jessica Poss
    May 5, 2000
    "You can never forget the people who change your life. You become a different person, and everything you do is slightly altered by what they taught you."
    Copyright © 2000 Lyanna Porter
    May 5, 2000
    "You only get to be Cinderella once."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Heather W., Age 17 --- Florida
    May 1, 2000
    "Dance, when you're broken open.
    Dance, if you've torn the bandage off.
    Dance in the middle of the fighting.
    Dance in your blood.
    Dance, when you're perfectly free."
    Rumi --- Sent in by Jennifer P. --- Pennsylvania
    May 1, 2000
    "Only do what your heart tells you."
    Princess Diana --- Sent in by Kari L., Age 16 --- California
    May 1, 2000
    "Don't say you don't have enough time.
    You have exactly the same number of hours per day
    That were given to Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michelangelo,
    Mother Teresa, Leonardo Da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson, and Albert Einstein."
    H. Jackson Brown --- Sent in by Josh W., Age 15 --- Virginia
    May 1, 2000
    "Love is the condition in which the happiness of another person
    Is essential to your own."
    Robert H. Heinlein --- Sent in by Liz, Age 14 --- Ohio

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