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September 30, 2009
" Our Life is perhaps like a song. It has its high and low notes, but it all fits into a beautiful melody."
Written in 2009 by Saurabh Agarwal --- India
I think it strikes a chord of truth with all of us.September 30, 2009
" In the hardest times of life, keep your head high and remember that your everyday actions will affect you in the way you live your life and raise your family. If you love your family, that's a sacrifice. It isn't just about you any more; it's you and your family. Love is a gift not an obligation. To find out if you really love your family think about this: Have you really sacrificed yourself for your family? If so, you're doing the right thing."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Manuel A., Age 15 --- TexasSeptember 30, 2009
" When all sciences fail, prayers work."
Written in 2009 by Sarthak T., Age 15 --- India
Personal experience: When my uncle had an accident and the doctors had declared that he was a guest for only a few minutes, it was our prayers and good wishes that turned impossible into possible. You believe? He survived!

September 28, 2009
" Sometimes we need to stop analyzing the past, stop planning the future, stop trying to figure out precisely how we feel, and sometimes we just have to say, 'whatever happens, happens'."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by E. White --- Age 15 --- U.K.September 28, 2009
" Feel happy for others. This world is full of selfish people. Each one is concerned just about his own self. He that is a common man just prays for himself, just for getting his own wish fulfilled. He feels his problem is the biggest. He wants himself to be happy and have the best life no matter how the others live. But guys, just think for a moment. Is it right to be so self centered? Just give some time thinking about others, helping them with their problems, feel happy in their happiness instead of getting jealous. Come out of your self-obsessed world. You'll have a great satisfaction when you see someone has smiled because of you. You'll feel like wow! Not only this, you'll also get that person's blessings. Believe in brotherhood and life will be good to you."
Copyright © 2009 Sanya Aneja September 28, 2009
" Keep your head up; you can't see the world with eyes on the ground."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Lexi F., Age 17 --- Nevada
You can't just go through the motions, never looking for anything but the usual. Change can be scary, but it can be positive, too. If you don't look up to see the world, you'll never see change. September 23, 2009
" Think doubt and fail. Think victory and succeed."
David J. Schwartz --- Submitted by Purna P., Age 14 --- India September 23, 2009
" Do what you want to do, even if it is something crazy. Do it just because you wanted it. Live your life without any regrets."
Written inn 2009 by Nishita A., Age 19 --- India
Close to my heart!!September 23, 2009
" Every song has an ending. There is no reason not to enjoy the music."
Written in 2009 by P.S., Age 17 --- Turkey September 21, 2009
" Learn from the mistakes of others; you can't live long enough to make them all yourself. Success is not final; failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that actually counts for everything."
Written in 2009 by Sarthak T., Age 15 --- India
I think this quote has that ability that could inspire the downtrodden soul that is lying dead, somewhere in you.September 21, 2009
" When you believe 'I can do it', then how to do it develops."
David J. Schwartz --- Submitted by Purna P., Age 14 --- India September 21, 2009
" If you are born poor, that's not your mistake. But if you are dying poor, that's really your mistake."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Rahul P., Age 18 --- India
It is the most motivating thought for the teenagers, I think. September 14, 2009
" Don't waste your time on yesterday's mistakes. After all, today is a new day."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Melly Y., Age 13 --- IndianaSeptember 14, 2009
" The biggest fool in this world is one who considers others fools."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Jitesh S., Age 18 --- India September 14, 2009
" School is like a fountain where some come to drink, some come to sip, some come to gargle."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brahm M., Age 16 --- IndiaSeptember 9, 2009
" Keep your head up ladies because there's ALWAYS going to be other people looking at you and in your business. Show them you're better than that."
Written in 2009 by Katie, Age 15 --- Florida
Just made this up. Honestly, I'm sick of people in my business and living in a small town, it's hard to get away from. Keep your head up because you only have one life to live, so live it. September 9, 2009
" Knowledge is power so I never have problems. Acquire new skills and try new things. Experience is how you gain knowledge and how you form an opinion of new ideas and perspectives. Don't ever think that you know it all or don't need to improve because there is always room for improvement and you can always learn new things! It is good to learn and use your knowledge to your best advantage and to benefit people around you!"
Written in 2009 by Ethen Carrell --- California
I believe that everyone needs knowledge and everyone has knowledge; it's just how we choose to use the skills that we acquire that effect the people around us and our current situations! Don't be afraid to learn new things!September 9, 2009
" You never get what you want, you never want what you get, you never have what you like, you never like what you have; still you live, still you love, still you hope that's what life is."
Written in 2009 by Shaizi R., Age 16 --- India
This is what I think about life...September 2, 2009
" Success is that old ABC: Ability, Breaks, Courage."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Daniel J., Age 16 --- IndiaSeptember 2, 2009
" If you are losing someone, the fight isn't over. You have the power, you have a voice, speak what you believe and the end result could depend on your opinion! Let the world hear you and what you think, no matter what the size, age or color!"
Written in 2009 by Samantha G., Age 13 --- Missouri
I wrote this when I was helping my best friend through a really tough time. Her only brother was going to live with his father in Washington D.C. where she would never see him again. I was looking for something to tell her to make her feel better - then I thought of this on my own! September 2, 2009
" Never make a man a priority in your life if you're just an option in his."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brittany L., Age 17 --- Ohio
I think that this is a great quote because it has to do with females that make men their life and world and their everything revolves around him; and for him, you are just sometimes convenient.


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