August 27, 2008
" We should always hope for the best but at the same time we should be prepared for the worst."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Chandni T., Age 16 --- India
This thought is very useful in our daily life. I hope it will also be useful to you.
August 27, 2008
" Every teen must be saying that the hardest thing is a challenge or any competition, but the toughest thing in this universe is to accept your mistakes."
Written in 2008 by Raj B., Age 15 --- India
I wrote this to say that the person who accepts his mistakes cannot be defeated.
August 27, 2008
" One kind word can warm a person's heart for three winter months."
Chinese Proverb --- Submitted by Prathima K., Age 14 --- Indiana
August 27, 2008
" Happiness is a road travelled, not a destination."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Chloe B., Age 14 --- United Kingdom

August 25, 2008
" Nothing is impossible until you decide to stop trying."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Teo L., Age 18 --- Malaysia
August 25, 2008
" What could I have done but to suffer the pain? What could I have done but to suffer the grief? You asked me for light to break through the darkness... What could I have burned but myself? "
An old Hindi quote, translated --- Submitted by Destiny R., Age 14 --- India
This quote is for those students who are not devoted. This quotes says that when your soul asks you to do something, to bring light, to achieve a dream, forget everything else; forget all bodily pain. This is the devotion you require to succeed.
August 25, 2008
" There are really only two plays... Romeo and Juliet and Put the Darn Ball in that Basket!"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by R.F., Age 14 --- Michigan
When you think about it... in life there are only two choices: wrong and right. You can either pass the ball around and around or you can take charge and put the darn ball in the basket!
August 20, 2008
" You can do anything, for you are the king of yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Athi R., Age 17 --- India
August 20, 2008
" The longer the bad, the better the good."
Written in 2008 by Leo K., Age 15 --- Maryland
When I was writing this I had in mind this, "Bad things may be bad, but if we focus on the bad then the good will never come."
August 20, 2008
" A broken heart is like a broken mirror. You can still fix it with all the tiny pieces."
Zaphia --- Submitted by Maria D., Age 13 --- California
August 18, 2008
" My goal is not to succeed, but to prosper."
Written in 2008 by Britney Boulard
August 18, 2008
" Failure is the path of least persistence."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Divya M., Age 15 --- India
August 18, 2008
" Do not anticipate trouble, or worry about what may never happen."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by G.C., Age 15 --- Virginia
I found this quote on the internet and it really made spoke to me. I had constantly been worried and stressed over small things that ended up not happening and I realized I wasted a week of my life upset when I could have been enjoying myself.
August 13, 2008
" The most important thing in life is not to care what anyone thinks, if they call you crazy, say it's impossible, or even HATE you for what you think, because at the end of every single day for the rest of your life, when you're lying in bed in those few moments before you fall asleep, it's YOUR mind that you are left with. So do what you want, what YOU care about, and you'll have no problems falling asleep at night."
Written in 2008 by Katie W., Age 15 --- Iowa
It's my favorite quote on my Inspirational poster I made.
August 13, 2008
" To be nobody but yourself, in a world which is doing its best to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting."
e. e. cummings
August 13, 2008
" When you take charge of your life, there is no longer a need to ask permission of other people or society at large. When you ask permission, you give someone veto power over your life."
Geoffrey F. Abert
August 11, 2008
I wait in your heart
I wait for you to see
You look outside
You search desperately for me

I wait for the day you will look inside your heart
To find me, for I am stuck there like a dart
I will never go away, I wait patiently for the day
When you find that the inspiration you seek may
Has been hidden right inside you.
Then you will find me, and I will find you.
And then you'll be truly unconquerable, for no one
Can fight with us, your every task will be done

The greatest dawn is after the darkest night
When no one feels able to conquer darkness's might
People who are separated one day are united
People become friends who once fought
All you need is to look into your soul
And then you'll find me, in the deepest hole
Written in 2008 by Destiny R., Age 14 --- India
August 6, 2008
" We all have choices, we all have hopes and dreams, to achieve either you have to have ambition."
Written in 2008 by Kyle Stoddard
August 6, 2008
" Live life to the fullest and have no regrets, because you only have only one life."
Written in 2008 by Anthony V., Age 15 --- Texas
I have many regrets, but I know that I got to move on with life, and keep on living.
August 6, 2008
" Setting goals that you may never accomplish seems like a waste of time but really it is a way for you to keep moving forward in life."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dylan H., Age 16 --- Canada
August 4, 2008
" I believe that grudges and regrets serve no purpose and the only thing worth remembering is to live in the moment. Fight for what you can change but more importantly, for what you can't because when you achieve the impossible, is when you know you're alive."
Written in 2008 by Ashley S., Age 16 --- Washington
August 4, 2008
" Live today for yesterday's dreams of tomorrow."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Kelsey S., Age 17 --- South Africa
At some point in our life, everything just seems to come crashing down on us. When I read this quote it made me realize that we can only take life one day at a time. We may not know what tomorrow has in store for us, but that doesn't mean we can't dream that it will be something great. For all the teens out there, don't underestimate the power of your heart. You will be amazed at the rewards you receive if you just believe.
August 4, 2008
" The purpose of life is to discover one's own purpose."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Ben S., Age 18 --- Australia

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