December 20, 2010
" The only person you can truly trust and rely on is yourself, because one day you'll turn around and you'll be by yourself and you won't know what to do."
Written in 2010 by Hannah-Rose, Age 16 --- United Kingdom
When my boyfriend and I split up, this is what I realized happened.
December 20, 2010
" Live life and don't let it live you."
Written in 2010 by Ashley L., Age 13 --- Alabama
I wrote this because if you let life live you, then it will take over and destroy you! The life is yours and you are the one who has to live it, so why let it live you?
December 20, 2010
" Never say never for we are yet to see how the future unfolds."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Caitlin M., Age 13 --- South Carolina

December 15, 2010
" The world may not be full of Rainbows and Butterflies, but they still exist."
Written in 2010 by I.W., Age 15 --- Iowa
December 15, 2010
" In every turn of happiness and turmoil, remember, our first and last love is our SELF-love!"
Kid Cudi --- Submitted by S. R., Age 18 --- Colorado
I'm going through a lot just now turning into a single mother with a lot happening all at once in my life.
December 15, 2010
" Fear has its fears - Be one of them :)"
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Renny F., Age 16 --- United Kingdom
You should not let whatever scares you keep you from excelling in life. In other words, don't be afraid of anything.
December 13, 2010
" Change is inevitable; the reaction you have to it is your own decision."
Written in 2010 by J.R., Age 15 --- Canada
December 13, 2010
" Trying is all that anyone should ask from you."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brittani S., Age 16 --- Georgia
This is the one that I always use with my best friend and it gets her a long way.
December 13, 2010
" Never let a guy determine your happiness, he'll always disappoint you."
Written in 2010 by E.A., Age 16 --- China
I wrote this because guys never know what's in your head unless you tell them. Some of us are too just too shy to tell them.
December 8, 2010
" You can't judge somebody by their appearance - you never know what they're going through."
Written in 2009 by Olivia
December 8, 2010
" Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by N.W., Age 16 --- Indiana
We cannot change the past but we can change tomorrow.
December 8, 2010
" Life gives chance to every one, just have wait for our turn."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Vaishnavi J., Age 17 --- India
December 6, 2010
" Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right - meaning believe in what you think is right for you and don't doubt yourself."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Dakota B., Age 16 --- Tennessee
This has always helped me get through things with my parents never supporting me in my choices in high school and career.
December 6, 2010
" I see that beautiful light at the end of this dark depressing tunnel, but I still don't know how to get there."
Written in 2010 by Rachel K., Age 15 --- South Dakota
December 6, 2010
" Nothing's ever so bad that it can't get worse."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mary C., Age 17 --- Texas
I was going though a hard time in my life several years ago, saw this quote in a book. Ever since then, when I think "nothing could be worse then this" I just think of this quote and how true it really is.
December 1, 2010
" Never think you are better then someone else... karma hurts."
Written in 2010 by Nicholas B., Age 14 --- Kansas
December 1, 2010
" Always remember you're never alone. There's always someone that is there for you, whether you believe it or not. Life is too short to be upset, so put on an amazing smile and I'm sure you will uplift many peoples' day."
Written in 2010 by Tiffany S., Age 15 --- Indiana
I wrote this because I believe every teen goes through emotional times, and everyone needs someone to be there for them and motivate them to do the right thing!
December 1, 2010
" So today somebody asked me what I was going to school for. I told him music. He shook his head and said, "There's no money in it man." I just smiled. You poor, dreamless bas*ard."
Kyle G. --- Submitted by M.G., Age 17 --- Florida
My cousin has been involved with music all his life. And that's how it's still going to be, no matter who tries to stop him.