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APRIL 2007

April 30, 2007
" A teacher is just like the light of a watchtower that guides us through to the right path."
Written in 2007 by Ashish D., Age 16 --- IndiaApril 30, 2007
" When we accept tough jobs as a challenge to our ability and wade into them with joy and enthusiasm, miracles can happen."
Arland GilbertApril 30, 2007
" Formal education is but an incident in the lifetime of an individual. Most of us who have given the subject any study have come to realize that education is a continuous process ending only when ambition comes to a halt."
R. I. ReesApril 25, 2007
" Education is the mother of leadership."
Wendell L. WillkieApril 25, 2007
" Empowerment is all about letting go so that others can get going."
Kenneth BlanchardApril 25, 2007
" You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere."
Lee IacoccaApril 23, 2007
" No institution can possibly survive if it needs geniuses or supermen to manage it. It must be organized in such a way as to be able to get along under a leadership composed of average human beings."
Peter DruckerApril 23, 2007
" Teaching is not new, it has been learnt somewhere else: Learn to teach."
Written in 2007 by Mani Vellan ---India
This proverb came into my mind when one of my faculty said, "Every teacher doesn't teach something which is created by them, even we learn from someone."April 23, 2007
" If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
John Quincy AdamsApril 18, 2007
" A great idea is usually original to more than one discoverer. Great ideas come when the world needs them. Great ideas surround the world's ignorance and press for admission."
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps April 18, 2007
" He who has learned to disagree without being disagreeable has discovered the most valuable secret of a diplomat."
Robert EstabrookApril 18, 2007
" Failure after long perseverance is much grander than never to have a striving good enough to be called a failure."
George EliotApril 16, 2007
" Whoever coined the phrase, "You're the wind beneath my wings", must have been referring to a special teacher."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by Meaghan W., Age 16 --- North Carolina
This is a great quote because it describes my favorite teacher, Mrs. Doggendorf. I love this quote and it will stay with me forever.April 16, 2007
" Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich."
Tao Te ChingApril 16, 2007
" The years teach what the days never know."
Ralph Waldo EmersonApril 11, 2007
" It is a fine thing to have ability, but the ability to discover ability in others is the true test."
Elbert HubbardApril 11, 2007
" Whether outwardly or inwardly, whether in space or time, the farther we penetrate the unknown, the vaster and more marvelous it becomes."
Charles LindberghApril 11, 2007
" Understanding human needs is half the job of meeting them."
Adlai StevensonApril 9, 2007
" The power of applying an attention, steady and undissipated, to a single object, is the sure mark of a superior genius."
Lord ChesterfieldApril 9, 2007
" When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than my talent for absorbing knowledge."
Albert EinsteinApril 9, 2007
" But if you ask what is the good of education in general, the answer is easy: that education makes good men, and that good men act nobly."
PlatoApril 4, 2007
" An inventor is simply a person who doesn't take his education too seriously. He tries and fails maybe a 1000 times. If he succeeds once, then he's in."
Charles KetteringApril 4, 2007
" Continuous effort - not strength or intelligence - is the key to unlocking our potential."
Winston ChurchillApril 4, 2007
" An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest."
Benjamin FranklinApril 2, 2007
" Not perfection as a final goal, but the ever-enduring process of perfecting, maturing, refining is the aim of living."
John DeweyApril 2, 2007
" The definition of education: education occurs when what has been learned is forgotten."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by NS Mazibuko --- South Africa
Some people yearn for education; some reject it without understanding the true meaning of the word. So pay attention and get educated.April 2, 2007
" Every man who rises above the common level has received two educations: the first from his teachers; the second, more personal and important, from himself."
Edward Gibbon

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