• February 28, 2000
    " It's not who you are that holds you back,
    It's who you think you're not."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Jennifer Yontz --- Florida
  • February 25, 2000
    " There is divine beauty in learning, just as there is human beauty in tolerance. To learn means to accept the postulate that life did not begin at my birth. Others have been here before me, and I walk in their footsteps. The books I have read were composed by generations of fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, teachers and disciples. I am the sum total of their experiences, their quests. And so are you."
    Elie(zer) Wiesel (b. 1928) --- Romanian-born writer, lecturer, survivor Nazi camps
    --- Sent in by Sharon Ogden --- Kentucky

  • February 23, 2000
    " People don't care how much you know,
    Until they know how much you care!"
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Mike Chambless --- Oregon
  • February 21, 2000
    " We should all become advocates of Building Children, NOT Jails.
    Practice opening the door of opportunity to a child's imagination
    And watch the prisons begin to starve from their non-show appearances."
    Copyright © 2000 --- Ty Howard --- Maryland
  • February 18, 2000
    " Who so neglects learning in his youth,
    Loses the past and is dead to the future."
  • February 16, 2000
    " Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.
    Anyone who keeps learning stays young."
    Henry Ford
  • February 14, 2000
    " Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler."
    Albert Einstein
  • February 11, 2000
    " the children
    learning and growing
    in the warmth of our thoughts
    shall give what they are given"
    Copyright © 1982 E.Thomas Michlich --- Pennsylvania
  • February 9, 2000
    " To all the teachers throughout this land, please take a bow each time you stand. Though sometimes your efforts and sacrifice may appear to be an endless win. Today, stop… stand… and think... of that one student where your efforts sunk in. We applaud you."
    Copyright © 2000 --- Ty Howard --- Maryland
  • February 7, 2000
    " An apple lasts a short time in the hands of a teacher.
    A bit of wisdom lasts a lifetime in the mind of a child."
    Author Unknown --- Sent in by Laura-Gries Elpers --- Indiana
  • February 4, 2000
    " The only time you should ever use the word 'quit'
    Is when the word 'never' precedes it!"
    Copyright © 1999 Brian G. Jett
  • February 2, 2000
    Teaching Uniqueness

    " Each second we live in a new and unique moment of the universe, a moment that never was before and will never be again. And what do we teach our children in school? We teach them that two and two make four, and that Paris is the capital of France. When will we also teach them what they are? You should say to each of them: Do you know what you are? You are unique. In all the world there is no other child exactly like you. In the millions of years that have passed there has never been a child like you. And look at your body-what a wonder it is! Your legs, your arms, your cunning fingers, the way you move! You may be a Shakespeare, a Michelangelo, a Beethoven. You have the capacity for anything. Yes, you are a marvel."
    Pablo Casals
  • January 31, 2000
    " I cannot teach anybody anything, I can only make them think."
  • January 28, 2000
    " Education is a weapon whose effect depends on
    Who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed."
    Joseph Stalin --- Sent in by Jennifer Yontz --- Florida
  • January 26, 2000
    " The highest result of education is tolerance."
    Helen Keller
  • January 24, 2000
    " The moment you stop learning, you stop leading."
    Rick Warren --- Sent in by Jennifer Yontz --- Florida
  • January 21, 2000
    " Experience is a hard teacher.
    She gives the test first and the lesson afterwards."
    Vernon Law --- Sent in by Stephanie, Age 14 --- New York
  • January 19, 2000
    " Most people are mirrors,
    Reflecting the moods and emotions of the times;
    Few are windows,
    Bringing light to bear on the dark corners where troubles fester.
    The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."
    Sydney J. Harris --- Sent in by Jennifer Yontz --- Florida
  • January 17, 2000
    " We teach best that which we most need to learn."
    Richard Bach --- Sent in by Fred Leonard
  • January 14, 2000
    " The object of teaching a child
    Is to enable them to get along without their teacher."
    Elbert Hubbard
  • January 12, 2000
    " He who opens a school door, closes a prison."
    Victor Hugo
  • January 10, 2000
    " Education is what survives
    When what has been learned has been forgotten."
    B. F. Skinner--- Sent in Anonymously
  • January 7, 2000
    " It's okay to make mistakes.
    Mistakes are our teachers -- they help us to learn."
    John Bradshaw --- Sent in Anonymously
  • January 5, 2000
    " Teaching is a rigorous act of faith."
    Susan Ohanian --- Sent in by Nora Magnus --- Singapore
  • January 3, 2000
    " The highest rated school of learning I have found is free to attend, accepts everyone, has no age limit, and it's main entrance qualifications are two; common sense and an open mind. It is the school of Life."
    Copyright © 1999 Mary Blu --- New York