MARCH 2002 - APRIL 2002

  • April 29, 2002
    " If you think education is expensive, try ignorance."
    Graffiti in the restroom in Far Eastern University
    --- Submitted by Jerome Lupisan --- Cavite, Philippines

  • April 24, 2002

    " Teacher is nothing but our future."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Helen H., Age 16 --- Utah
    This I understand. When I was in 11th grade, I just hated my English teacher and a lot of kids hated her, but a lot kids just loved her. But at the end of the year, the last class we had, everyone walked out with a tear on their face. Everyone misses her a lot. Now we all walk into her class and say, "You're the best". Everyone understands that she, our English teacher, wants us to teach the future and want us to become a better person. Thank you Mrs. Allred!!!!!! A lot!!!!
  • April 22, 2002
    " Education is the manifestation of the perfection already in man."
    Swami Vivekananda --- Submitted by Ramkumar YVS --- A.P., India
  • April 19, 2002
    " Each of us inevitable;
    Each of us limitless- each of us with his or her right upon the earth;
    Each of us allow'd the external purports of the earth;
    Each of us here as divinely as any is here."
    Walt Whitman --- Submitted by Selena Henderson --- Nova Scotia, Canada
    I teach students with special needs and I love to read this quote to them.
  • April 15, 2002
    " What gives light must endure burning."
    Viktor Frankl --- Submitted by Matt Wheeler --- Virginia
  • April 12, 2002
    " If you open up a book, it will not teach you,
    But if you open up the world, then you can teach yourself anything."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Chris V., Age 15 --- Arizona
  • April 10, 2002
    " In every school classroom, a student should be able to look around and see a model classroom where there are no safety or health hazards and where skilled instructors are protecting their safety and health by teaching them a professional skill on safe equipment and in a safe and healthful environment."
    Copyright © 1999 Jack Podojil
    In the State of Minnesota, as in other states, students were being injured on unsafe machinery. This state formed the first machine guarding committee of its kind in the United States to protect young people operating machinery found in metal shops, wood shops and auto shops located in our schools. The team has conducted training for over 800 teachers in the State of Minnesota on this issue and this quote was presented to each teacher to post in the classroom. Now, many schools in the State of Minnesota, California and Washington, with technical classrooms, have adopted this saying.
  • April 8, 2002
    " If it wasn't for teachers, where would we be today?"
    Adam J. Conklin --- Pennsylvania
  • April 5, 2002
    Ponder this:
    Would you rather mean a little for a lot or a lot for a little?
    Copyright © 2002 Mike Faulisi
  • April 3, 2002
    " Teachers are those who use themselves as bridges, over which they invite their students to cross, then having facilitated their crossing, joyfully collapse, encouraging them to create bridges of their own."
    Thanks to some special teachers- Ms.Mazzone, Pami
    Written by Jennifer B., Age 16 --- Connecticut
  • April 1, 2002
    " Children's minds are like JELL-O; you must mold them before someone else does!"
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Arika Clark --- Florida
  • March 27, 2002
    " Some teachers come and go
    Some touch you life forever
    And then, you are never, ever the same."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Vikestudent, Age 16 --- Utah
    I have a teacher. Her name is the Mrs. Anne Allred. She was, is and always will be the greatest teacher in whole world. She helped a LOT of students, and she helped me. And this help was everything to me. Thank you, Mrs. Allred.
  • March 25, 2002
    " If it weren't for teachers, where would we be today?"
    Sent in by Adam J. Conklin --- Pennsylvania
  • March 22, 2002
    " For those who absolutely hate school:

    Could you imagine growing up knowing nothing about how the world goes? No lessons about life? Take your average school bully. If you never get over the injuries by yourself, you aren't ever going to get tougher. "As the bamboo faces the wind, it will learn to bend." Keep that in mind."
    Written in 2001 by C.L., Age 14 --- Singapore
    This is one from my little book of quotes (1999-2001).
    They're just the little lessons I've learned in life.
  • March 20, 2002
    " Teachers don't impact for a year, but for a lifetime."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Arika Clark --- Florida
  • March 18, 2002
    " A error doesn't become a mistake till you refuse to correct it."
    Author Unknown--- Submitted by Aisling K., Age 15 --- Oklahoma
    --- Seen on on poster
  • March 15, 2002
    " Failing is better than quitting because when you fail,
    It shows that you've tried your hardest.
    But when you quit, it shows you don't even bother to try at all."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Mey A.,Age 15 --- California
  • March 13, 2002
    " Kindness is the language in which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."
    Mark Twain --- Submitted by Courtney S., Age 16 --- North Carolina
  • March 11, 2002
    " The truly desperate search for meaning in the meaningless;
    But those who seek are known as the greats of our day."
    Copyright © 2002 Kristi Sitton
  • March 8, 2002
    " The one lesson I have learned is that there is no substitution for paying attention."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by K.T. N., Age 17 --- South Carolina
  • March 6, 2002
    " To be a teacher means to learn twice, to accepts new truths day by day; and most of all, to have to desire and will to know the power of one."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brett K., Age 15 --- Michigan
  • March 4, 2002
    " If you can't fly, it's not because your wings are bad,
    It's just that you don't even know how to fly."
    Author Unknown --- Submitted by Brandon H., Age 15 --- Singapore
  • March 1, 2002
    " There are two main teachers in life; education and experience.
    Experience being the hardest teacher you'll ever have."
    My Teacher --- Submitted by Danielle W., Age 16 --- Tennessee