In life there are many things that depart,
The ones that have the most pain and grief are dearest to the heart.
The world is filled with curved and winding paths,
The ones that are straight and narrow will never last.

You are God's child, virtuous and true,
The greatest tribute he will ever give is you.
His lessons are taught in different ways,
Your ability to learn and overcome will brighten your following days.

You and you alone are the key to grace,
Although your heart is heavy the answers are in it's place.
Times of failure and disappointment you shall wish to hide,
But never silence the beauty you have inside.

Trust the majesty of the essence within yourself,
For all your dreams and aspirations will come in wealth.
You are the Lord's gift to the Earth,
With gentle power and a strong self-worth.

Passion and wisdom as pure as gold,
Sheer and unbounded strength which you will eternity hold.
Always have love be your guide,
For it is the root of all and shall never leave your side.

Embrace life and the elegance of who you want to be,
Let the splendor of it shine for all to see.

Copyright © 1998 Paul M. David