Your Attitude and Well Being Are Yours

Life, Evolution And Your Well Being

Life is a process. Day by day we all go though it, without exception. During all the years we all have to live, we have satisfactions and dissatisfactions, happiness and sadness, failures and rewards that are normal and part of everybody's journey.

Even though they are part of each one of us, all these good and bad experiences are the result of the way we think. Yep!! What you think is who you are; your personality. It is not what we say but the way we act and behave that shows who we really are and what put us in the situation and place where we are now - depressed, motivated, sad, happy, failure, successful….

Even though I encourage you to see it for yourself, to me, it is a fact that we bring to our lives that which we focus on the most. Just see how you feel and the relation with the kind of thoughts you are constantly having, in a specific moment. Or see how the world is becoming because of the relation of the negative way of thinking and how most people are focused only on what is wrong.

There is a direct relation between thought, feelings and actions. We cannot bring peace when our mind is focusing on war, enmity, jealousy, envy, or greed. We cannot bring happiness when our mind is full of worries, fears, sadness, resentment, critic, complains or condemnations.

Life is a process and evolution. As we are growing, we are adapting to the environment. In life, we evolve and reach the thoughts that shape and control our lives. It is true that people can affect our environment. We all interrelate with each other and there is not a way of not being influenced by what other people think and do. Nevertheless, the owner and creator of the thoughts that create your life is you.

You and nobody else are responsible for how you think and feel. Between human beings there is a line called respect. Inside our boundaries we have control of it; we can create a hell or heaven from it. Only you, and nobody else, can control how good or bad it will be. The only problem is that many people don't even meditate on what there is inside or how their thoughts are influencing their lives and blame others for their mistakes and their misery.

Remember, you not only have control of your thoughts but also you are responsible for not crossing the line of others or letting somebody cross yours. Only you and nobody else can determine who will cross it. Since whoever angers you controls you, be cool, undemanding and accept people the way they are. Nothing or nobody can make happy or unhappy unless you allow it.

The good news is that regardless of any circumstance, we can be as happy, successful, satisfied, and peaceful as we want. It is just about making the serious decision and being seriously committed to do what it takes and constantly doing our best to do it.

Again, it is important to understand that we can only control our thoughts and therefore our feelings and actions. Only you are responsible for yourself and nobody else. What other people do is up to them and at the end, everybody will have what he or she deserves. Your attitude and well being are yours!

Everything is mental, so be a loving person. Motivate yourself, cheer up the spirit, be happy, believe blindly in yourself, be clear on what you want and where are you going. Have a burning desire to accomplish your dreams and goals. Be persistent; love what you do and do what you love. Focus only on what you want and be patient.

Regardless, whatever is happening in your life, it will be over. There is, always, a light at the end of the tunnel and all the experiences we are having are for good. Either we will grow, we will evolve to become better human beings or/and we will be happier.

The past cannot be changed. The future is yet in your power. Change it with a new mindset.

With the best wishes,


Copyright © 2010 Eduardo Dominguez

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