When the evening light fades and the first particle of the moon nudges the distant stars and sprinkles it's dust on the earth, I ponder why I don't recall seeing this scene before. I've looked at the moon, I've seen the evening shade gently cover the sky, but this day, it took me by surprise. Should I be prepared for miracle moments like this or am I too busy trudging through life to notice?

God tells me: "Rest my child and take in all the wonders that I have created for you. You are on my earth for such a short time. Slow down and enjoy what time you have left. When I call you to come to me, I would hope you will have enjoyed, not endured, life. Take each day that you are given. It's my gift to you because I love you. I have a plan for you, but I cannot reveal what it is at this time, you are not prepared. Keep your spirits high and learn to recognize my miracles, there are many meant just for you."

"Be sure to keep in touch with me every day, for I will give you all that you ask for, when it's time. I have never let you down, but allowed you to make mistakes so that you can learn. A child that has everything done for him is a child that will not survive on his own. Please tell others about me. Let them know that I will give them everything their hearts desire, if they ask and when it's time."

Copyright © 1998 Jerry Franzen --- Minnesota

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