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What Is Life?

January 27, 2012



There are great moments and bad moments
Do the right thing sometimes, make mistakes other times.
You LOVE and CRY and HOPE before you DIE
One minute you're lucky, the next you lose
You see what you never thought possible,
Other times see what you never thought you'd live to see
Some are short, some are tall
Hot, cold
Up and down but never in between or all around

You're happy then you're mad or sad...

These are the laws of duality that secure opposites alive. Our egos play parts of a grand illusionist! It wants incessantly, giving the least possible. You can be calm then someone pushes every button to jump start frustrations; an egotistical game of instigation towards the goal of pain.

You are at peace, then you're at war
You are in love, then you're in hate

We're confident before we're scared
We dare before we balk.
One minute you're here, the next disappear
It's cloudy then it's sunny
Every plane flies before it lands

This is life - it starts before it ends...

Ah, but is this "THE END?"

Our bodies die yet our spirits fly...

So who is connected to whom?

We all are - the gigantic big bang, the matter that got us here

Eventually illusions will shrink as reality expands...

So, it is, through the sands of time, which, too, is an illusion. The present is all that's available and real. Yesterday is gone - it didn't happen. Obsessing about the future guarantees the far out and untouchable.

What is eternity? NOW! What is life - NOW!

--- Copyright © 2011 Sarah Hongerloot

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